Teenage Love Episode 43


Nike approached Segun with anger written all over her face. “Why did you leave me alone on the dance floor?” she asked.

“The place has become over crowded.” he explained.

“And that made you leave without telling me?” she asked. Mercy returned with a bottle of wine and two glass cups. “Guess you guys have met yourselves.” Nike said.

“Yeah.” Segun replied.

“I think i should leave you guys to your discussion.” Mercy said taking her leave.

“What about the wine?” Segun asked.

“You two use it and step down.” mercy replied laughing.

“Naughty girl.” Nike said. Silence took over the atmosphere between them.

“Segun.” she called.

“Yes.” he replied.

“Do you know you suprised me today?” she asked.

“No i don’t. Why?” he replied.

“I never believed you’ll come.” she replied.

“Nothing can stop me from coming to your party.” he replied.

“I really appreciate your coming.” she said. Segun unhooked his bagpack and brought out a parcel wrapped with a gift wrapper. She collected it and opened it in his presence.

“Wow! This is beautiful.” she said smilling. In her hand is a wristwatch and a necklace. She held his hands in hers and looked into his eyes tears dropped from her eyes. Segun was suprised seeing her cry. She quickly removed her hands.

“Am sorry.” she said wiping the tears with her hands. They continued their chit-chat until Segun announced he wanted to leave.

“How i wish you don’t leave.” she said sadly.

“Me too. But i have no choice.” he replied.

“Come and inform daddy that you are going.” she advised. They both stood up and headed to the main house. They entered the sitting room and found her parents watching a news programme on a channels.

“Daddy, am leaving..” he said.

“So soon?” her mother asked.

“Yes ma, i have some things to attend to.” he explained.

“Okay.” she replied.

“Let me call someone to drive you home.” her father said.

“I’ll sort my self out sir.” Segun replied.

“Nike go and get him a take away.” her mum commanded.

“Don’t bother ma.” segun replied.

They both walked out of the house into the street heading towards the bus/stop. Some minutes later, Nike’s phone rang and checking the caller, she discovered it was Emmanuel.

–to be continued