Teenage Love Episode 41


Segun came out of his room dressed in a sky blue long sleeves shirt with a black jacket on a black varsace pant trouser and a black paul smith pimpsole shoe. He was looking cute and handsome with his sunshade. He got out into the compound looked at himself in the side mirror of the Nissan Murano parked outside, feeling satisfied with his looks he walked out of the gate and headed towards the junction of his street.

He boarded a bus towards Agodi GRA. He dropped in the bus-stop and walked towards the GRA. He got outside the gate and dialled Nike’s number.

“Hello,where are you?.” she said from the other end.

“Am at the gate.” he informed. Segun could hear her scream and telling some people that he is around. The gate opened and she stepped out.

“Happy birthday.” he said.

“Thanks.” she replied smilling.

They both walked in with Segun carrying a bagpack. They walked towards the garden behind the house where tables and chairs were arranged. She took Segun to a section of the garden where some guys and girls were seated. She introduced them as her classmates in school.

She took him to another part where her cousins and distant family members were seated before they rounded up the introduction spree at the section where her neighbours were seated.

She led him through the pathway between the lawns walking towards the main house. They entered the sitting room where her parents and some other elders were seated.

“Good afternoon sir.” he greeted postrating.

“Segun, i thought you wouldn’t come. How are you?”

“Am fine sir.” he replied. Nike led him back into the garden. He sat down on an empty seat while Nike quickly ordered refreshments for him. Nike left him occassionally to welcome her guests. At exactly 12pm the party was declared opened by Ambrose (Nike’s big bro).

The party continued until when the celebrant was called upon to cut the cake in company of two best friend of hers. Nike got up and walked towards the stage. She collected the microphone and called on Segun and Matilda (her cousin) .

The cake was cut and photographs were taken. The dj began showing his skills by playing varieties of party nigerian hip- hop music. Everyone present was tempted to dance. Nike’s dad beckoned on Segun to come to his table. He asked him personal questions like his family background and future ambition before the man dropped the bomb by asking Segun a life and direct question which requires a quick answer.

–to be continued–