Teenage Love Episode 45


*FLASHBACK* Mr Akinola was walking on the street very close to the secretariat. He walked past a black Nissan Altima.

“Akin.” Rose the occupant of the Nissan altima called.

“please i don’t know you.” he replied.

“It’s me Rose Bolakale.” she explained.

“Oh! Now i remember. Rose, Magaret’s sister.” he stressed.

“Yes.” She opened the door to the passenger side for him and drove off. She discovered that the man who helped her pass her exams is in dire need. So she fixed him up a capital to start his own business in partnership with her husband’s business. Akinola thrived and made a name in the business.

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Rose was on the sickbed with Beatrice by her side.

“Beatrice, can you do me a favour?” Rose asked.

“Anything for you my sister.” Beatrice replied.

“I want you to unite your family with mine.” Rose replied.

“We are already united.” Beatrice replied.

“Let’s become inlaw. Let your son Segun and my only daughter Jummy be made one.” Rose said.

“Consider it done but first you have to get well.” Beatrice advised her friend.

“Beatrice. The only way you can repay my kindness to your family is by doing what i asked for. I’ll forever be unhappy with you if my desire is not made possibe.” Rose explained and gave up the ghost.

“Doctor….doctor….doc….d..d.” Beatrice called on the doctor.


“You can now see why i am concerned about you dating Jummy.” she said.

“But mum why couldn’t you tell me all these before.” Segun said sadly.

“I never knew you will meet so soon and moreso, she was adopted by a family member when her mum died because she was still a baby then.” she explained.

“So what do you want me to do now?” Segun asked.

“Break up with whatever girl you are dating now and stick with your wife.” she advised.

“That’s not possible.” he countered.

“Make it possible son.” she begged.

“Okay i’ll think about it.” he said and left his mother in the sitting room. He got back into his room and sat down on the bed with his face buried in his palms.

“What sort of promise is this. I can’t afford to loose Olanike after all i had gone through. But come to think of it i can’t disobey my mother but i don’t love Jummy.” he thought.

“Then there must be a solution somewhere.” he concluded before laying down on his bed to sleep round two.

To be continued.