Teenage Love Episode 30


Segun got home and took a shower. He laid down to sleep when his phone beeped. It was a message from Odunayo(one of the girls in his class) requesting him to join them in Titilayo’s(the school’s head/senior girl) house. He hurriedly changed his clothed to a blue long sleeves shirt over a black versace pant trouser and a black vickers. He picked his wrapped gift and kept it inside a fancy polythene back. He got out of the house, put on his sunshade and off he left for titi’s house.

He got to the front gate and saw an inscription


He went inside and saw all members of his class chilling and having fun. Pamilerin(the social prefect) was the M.C.

“Now let us welcome our brother, the disciplinarian and the sportman, Shegzy.” pamilerin said. Everybody present stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

Segun felt on top of the world. He went to the designated stage where he shook hands with the m.c and went to the high table where the celebrant and the vips were seated. He hugged Titilayo and he took a snapshot with her. He sat down on the high table where all other prefects were seated. They enjoyed themselves till late in the evening when everyone started going home.

Segun went to present his gift to the celebrant when he saw Emma and his guys taking photographs with Titilayo.

“Segun. Meet my cousin Emmanuel. Emmanuel meet my friend Segun.” she introduced. Emma moved forward and Segun moved towards him. Hatred clearly written on their faces.

“We can’t fight here. But we’ll see ourselves in a more isolated area where no one will separate us.” Emma said in a clear whisper.

“Oh! Yeah.” segun replied. Segun dropped the gift and left leaving a suprised Titilayo staring at him as he left.

–to be continued–

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