Teenage Love Episode 3


Segun got down at the junction leading to his house and started walking along the untarred road that led to his house.


He knocked on the big black iron gate at the entrance of his father’s house. His junior sister Mary opened the gate for him.

“Welcome bro Segun.” She greeted bending her knees.

“Thank you.” He answered.

“Bring your bag.” She requested. Giving it to her.

“Is Daddy at home?” he asked.

“No.” she replied.

“What of mummy?”

“She’s not back from the shop.” she answered.

He entered into the sitting room, climbed the stairs and went straight to his room to change and take a shower. He came down some minutes later and asked for his food. He was served a plate of rice and fried plantain and fish. He ate the food hungrily and went into his room to take a nap.

He woke up two hours later and he discovered that the PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) had restored the light. He scrambled out of bed to plug his phone to charge. Then he settle down to read for his next paper, Agricultural Science which was scheduled to take place the following monday.

He read for the next on hour before he went to the dining to have his dinner. He got there and found mary in the living room watching T.v. He finished his food and rose up to go to bed.

“Won’t you go and sleep?” he asked.

“I will. But i want to finish this move. She answered.

“Okay, but kindly reduce the volume so that you won’t disturb dad and mum. He requested. She picked up the remote control and reduced the volume. “Goodnight.” He said

“Goodnight.” She replied.

Immediately he got into his room, he unplugged his phone and logged in to a popular chat application known as ‘2go’. He was suprised to see a pending friend request from a strange user ‘jummy77’. He accepted the request and he discovered that the user was online. His phone beeped. A new message.

Jummy77: Hi.

Shegzy: Hello.

Jummy77: How are you?

Shegzy: Am good and you?….please do i know you?

Jummy77: Am fine. Jummy77: This is Jummy, Omolayo’s friend .

Shegzy: Oh! Its you. How was your day.

Jummy77: It was good.

Shegzy: That’s good to hear.

Jummy77: How is your girlfriend. [smile>big grin]

He chatted with a few more friends before exiting the application. He picked up his essential Agrictultural science textbook and started reading. He slept around 2am the following morning which was a sunday.

–to be continue–