Teenage Love Episode 29


After the paper Segun waited for Jummy outside the exam hall. Nike hurriedly came out and walked towards Segun. She handed him an envelope and waited for his reaction. Segun opened it and discovered it was an invitation card to her birthday party on the 4th of October.

“Will you come?” She asked.

“Yes, i will.” he replied.

“I’ll really appreciate it.” she said. Jummy came outside and joined them.

“Baby let’s go.” she said.

“I’ll be with you shortly.” he said.

“See you later.” she said.

“Alright.” Segun said and walked to where Jummy was standing.

“What’s that?” Jummy asked.

“Invitation card.” he replied.

“For what?” she asked.

“Birthday party.” he replied.

“do you plan on attending?”

“Yes, i will.” segun answered.

“But what is so special in that girl.” Jummy asked.

“There is nothing special in her, She is my friend and i have to support her on her birthday.”

“Let go on a date on that day.” Jummy said.

“No problem, provided you’ll follow me to her birthday.” he said.

“No way, am i going to her birthday.” she replied.

“Then we go on no date.” he said.

“I knew you love that girl.” she said angrily.

Segun was suprised at her sudden outburst. Jummy walked away angrily, leaving Segun behind. Segun didn’t bother going after her.

“Segun, what’s the matter?” Nike asked from behind.

“Nothing. Its just a little misunderstanding.” segun replied.

“Hope its not about my invitation. Because i can hear you talk about going somewhere.” She said.

“Its not about your invitation.” segun said. They continued walking towards the main road.

“So, how was your paper?” segun asked expertly changing the topic.

“It was good.” she replied. They got to the bus-stop where they will go their seperate ways.

“See you tomorrow.” she said.

“yeah, Biology practicals right?” he asked.

“Yes.” Segun hopped into a commercial bus and Nike crossed the road.

“Oh my God! See maturity. She didn’t feel jealous at all.” he said to himself.

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to be continued–