Teenage Love Episode 28


Emma move towards but segun was fast enough to knock him out of the way. He told Jummy to run. He moved to the second guy and knocked him out in a simillar manner thanks to ‘ray mysterio’s’ smack downs. He was overpowered by the third guy who hit him with a stick on his head. He fell down and felt like passing out but gathered enough strength as he stood up and ran for his dear life.

The guys pursued him as they ran towards the exam hall. Segun sensed the danger in running into the exam hall because that was where Jummy ran to quickly diverged in his tracks and ran towards the School chapel. He jumped a flower lawn and climed the stairs and descended through the other side, he was in the junior school.

Emma and his guys turned back when they discovered they has lost him. Segun adjusted his clothes and walked back to the examination hall. He found Jummy on the stairs.

“Jummy.” he called. She stood up and hugged him happily.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes i am.” he replied.

“Hope they didn’t hurt you? Oh my God, your head is swollen. She was massaging the swollen part with her hands. Nike ascended the stairs and found the two of them standing. She made to walk past them.

“Nike. Good morning.” Segun greeted.

“Good morning.” she greeted dryly and left them in their embrace. Jummy hissed loud enough for her to hear.

“Why did you do that?” Segun asked.

“I hate that girl.” Jummy replied.

“But why?” Segun asked.

“She is a devil. Look at what she has used her waywardness to inflict on you.” Jummy said pointing to his wounds.

“They are bound to happen.” Segun defended.

“Just be careful.” she advised.

“Okay darling.” Segun said as they both walked into the examination hall.

to be continued