Teenage Love Episode 18


Another member usman removed a dagger from his pocket and showed segun. Segun was scared.

“Guys please, we can settle this peacefully.” he pleaded.

“Who are your guys?” Usman barked moving towards him but he moved back. All this while Nike was pleading with them and telling Segun to obey them. To which they all paid less attention to.

Segun studied the guys properly, they were all dressed in red T- shirts and black jean. Segun sensed cultism. Segun discovered they had attracted onlookers.

“Okay please lets leave this open space.” Segun said. Immediately usman tried hitting him with the dagger but segun was fast enough to hold him as he head butted him on the chest as he reeled in pain backwards. The rest of the squad excluding Emmanuel attacked him as they pushed him to the ground and started hitting him. Olanike was begging Emmanuel not minding the onlookers.

“What’s going on there?” Micheal asked.

“Who are you?” Tony yelled.

“You dey craze. What are you doing to the boy?” Akin a well built boy with thick voice asked angrily.(he was also Segun’s friend). Then the battle began, the two squads faced each other, within a short period of time, it seems like Segun’s team are leading because Emma’s team boys are begging for their lives before the school security men disengaged them.

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Emma and his guys left in annoyance but not after promising Segun a rematch. Segun sustained a number of injuries as he was bleeding. Having watched the whole drama Omolayo and Jummy pushed their way out of the crowd as they came to segun’s aid by applying some first aid drugs on the wounds.

“Segun. Are you alright?” Omolayo asked.

“Yeah. Am okay.” segun replied.

“Let me help you with water.” Nike said as she tried removing a bottled water from her school bag.

“No, don’t bother yourself.” Omolayo said and looked at her murdrously before she hissed.

Segun and his friends walked round the school, leaving Olanike, Jummy and Omolayo behind. By the time they arrived Olanike was nowhere to be found. Segun dialled her number but his calls were rejected. He left ikolaba and went back to his centre only to see Olanike alight from a bike. He ran to her but she walked into the school compound. There he met Caleb, his seatmate.

“Hey, shegzy.” Caleb greeted.

“How far.” he replied.

“What happened to you in Ikolaba?” Caleb asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” Segun told him as he ran past him in chase of Olanike.

“Bad news spread faster than good news.” he thought to himself.