Teenage Love Episode 17


so where should we go?” she asked. “Ikolaba grammar school.” segun suggested.

“Do you have friends there?” she asked.

“Yeah.” he replied.

“But, am afraid o.” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Emma is writing his exams there.” she warned.

“Forget about him, nothing will go wrong.” he assured.

“Okay.” she replied.

They got to the main road and boarded a bike and off they went to Ikolaba. They got to the front gate of the school and segun brought out his phone and called Mike.

“Hello.” segun said immediately Mike picked the call.

“Hello. Where are you?” Mike asked.

“I’m in front of the gate.” segun answered.

“Okay. Am coming. What are you wearing?” Mike asked.

“You might not notice me but am with a girl dressed in a yellow gown top and a black leggings.” segun described.

“Nike abi?” Mike asked.

“Yeah.” Segun answered. Segun dropped the call and turned to Nike.

“He’ll soon be here.”

“Okay.” Nike replied.

“Let’s go somewhere he could easily pick us.” Segun said.

They both walked towards a big tree opposite the gate, when they both sighted Emmanuel and six other guys coming towards them.

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“Let get out of here.” Nike said fearfully.

“We are not going anywhere.” Segun said.

“Segun please don’t fight them.” she advised.

“I won’t. You know am outnumbered.” Segun said. Emma and his boys Joined them in no time.

“Hey boy.” Emma greeted.

“How far.” Segun replied.

“What are you doing with the girl.” A member of the gang Tony asked.

“Which girl?” Segun asked.

“My girlfriend.” Emma said.

“Your girlfriend.” Segun asked irritatedly.

“Go down on your knees.” Tony commanded.

“Go down for what?” segun asked.

–to be continued–