Teenage Love Episode 16


“I’ll sit with you and nothing will go wrong.” he said assuringly.

“Okay. But firsty explain probability to me.” she said.

He opened his textbook and started the explanation. Within 15minutes, she had known the rudiments and likely questions on probability.

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The invigillator distributed the question papers and the answer booklet for the theory section. They were asked to answer nine questions out of fifteen. Segun started working the the questions and within the first one hour he was able to answer six questions while his temporary seatmate, Olanike was able to answer three on her own. Segun did the last three questions including the construction and he allowed her to copy his answers. She didn’t bother copying the construction because it is very difficult to copy succesfully. She succesfully answered eight questions while segun answered the required nine. Which guaranteed them of passing the paper.


The invigillator collected the answer booklet and gave them a three hours break as stipulated in the timetable. Segun and Olanike got out of the hall at the same time and they went to a nearby snacks shop where they bought a meat pie each and a can malt each. The bill settled by Segun. Nike kept on thanking him for the snacks and most especially the mathematics paper he helped her with.

They walked aimlessly around the school compound for some time before segun suggested they go to a nearby centre where his friends are writing their exams.

-to be continued–