Teenage Love Episode 15


how was your exams?” he asked.

“It was good.” segun replied.

“Success.” he prayed.

“Amen. How was school?” segun asked.

“school dey o.” he replied.

“that’s good to hear.” segun said.

“How are your girlfriends?” he asked jokingly.

“Girlfriend ke?” he said laughing out loud as he ran up the stairs.

He finished eating and went into his brother’s room directly opposite his and they began gisting. They gisted about so many things ranging from school life, sports, cars, girls and their favourites music. They both slept around 11:30pm.

“Thank God i have a big and experienced bro when it comes to girls. I’ll seek his advice based on the issue at hand.” he thought before he laid down to sleep.

The next day he hung out with his brother as the both visited old friends before they called it a day at his brother’s girlfriend’s place. By the time he got home, he was so tired that he didn’t bother about his dinner before he slept off.

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Segun woke up very early on saturday and got prepared for the day’s paper, mathematics. He took his bath and dressed in a black long sleeves fitted shirt on a brown chinos trouser and a black snickers. At exactly 8:05AM he got to his centre’s bus-stop. Instead of walking the remaining distance, he decided to take a bike. He got there five minutes later and settled down inside the hall. As he tried putting finishing touches to the aspect of construction.

“Hey.” Olanike greeted.

“Hi.” he replied.

“How are you?” she asked.

“Am good.” he replied.

“The mathematician.” she said laughing. He chuckled a little then said.

“It is a lie o.”

“How far with your preparation?” she asked.

“It has been superb. Let them bring anything, they are gone.” he bragged.

“That’s nice.”

“What’s the matter?” segun asked immediately he noticed the change in her countenance.

“Nothing. It’s just that i don’t know what to write in this paper.” she said.

“Why. Didn’t you prepare?” he asked.

“No, am not that good in mathematics and am unsure of my abilities in this particular paper.” she said.

“Don’t worry, i know what to do.” he assured her.

“How do you intend doing that?” she asked.

“I’ll sit beside you during the paper.” he said.

“Segun. Am not in support of it. That’s malpractice.” she opposed.

“But you said you are not good in it. Do you plan failing the paper?” he asked.

“No, but………” she was saying before he cut in.

“I’ll sit beside you today nd nothing will go wrong.” he assured her.

–to be continued–