Tear Drop" Episode 7


Love they say happens in mysterious ways.
Its can’t be calculated or
planned, it is very difficult to predict. Love just happens.
Elton never thought of being in relationship.
He saw it as time consuming and could even divide his attention from his job. Little did he know that he cant change the fate of love.
He was now so much into her, that his feelings were beginning to affect his decision making.
However he kept on investigating, and came out with his findings, with the help of the damaged tape recorder.
This was enough to prove Sandra’s innocence, He thought.
It was only 3 days to the court date when Elton went to visit to Sandra in jail.
They had a long chat and Elton updated her on the progress of
the investigation.
He even went further to assure her that she will be granted bail taking into consideration all the evidence he had gathered.
Elton hired one of the best lawyer for Sandra.
For the first time in a long while, Sandra had hope and reason to smile.
The day of the hearing came and Sandra was lead to the court by the police.
Elton and the Lawyer was there already before they arrived.
The hearing begun, the Lawyer tender all the exhibit which proved
Sandra’s innocence. The lawyer was convincing and influential.
Judgement again was scheduled for a later date but Sandra was granted bail.
Happiness filled her heart. She has been granted bail, thanks to Elton.
Before they left the court to proceed on finalizing the paperwork of the bail, right at the entrance of the court, Elton surprisingly held Sandra by her hand and went to a quiet place where they can be alone.
Sandra wondered what Elton had in mind but She had grown into trusting him over this few days.
Out of know where, Elton popped up with an unexpected proposal
“I know this must be awkward for you, but its real, Sandra, I love you and want to marry you?” Elton proposed.
The obvious answer would have been a positive one but Sandra didn’t accept his proposal.
You could see the disappointment on Elton’s face. Sandra thought Elton loved her out of pity. If she needed love, that love should be without a reason.
The major thing is, She honestly had no feelings for him. Elton thought she needed to give Sandra sometime to think things through.
Fortunately they were able to finalize the bail and Sandra was ready to go home.
Elton drove her home. Upon reaching her house Sandra apologized.
“Elton, am really sorry but this is rather sudden, I ……” Elton interrupted.
“I understand, you need more time. Lets focus on your Mum’s burial”
Elton suggested.
All of a sudden, Sandra felt a sharp pain in her abdomen, eventually it
became severe and painful. Elton noticed it and asked her what was wrong.
“I don’t know, I don’t know, my abdomen…..” She answered
Suddenly she started bleeding, Elton rushed her to the hospital and immediately she was taken into the Emergency ward. For several hours, Elton waited whiles she was been attended to.
Finally the Doctor came out and asked Elton to see him at his office.
“Sir, are you related some way to the lady? The Doctor asked.
“Not really, but am the only one she has now” Elton replied
“Her condition is very critical and we need to run some tests on her
which requires your approval” Said the Doc
Without any delay, Elton signed the approval document to proceed on the medical text.
“But Doc, can you tell me whats wrong with her? Elton asked.
“Well, she just had miscourage and has lost a lot of blood. ” The Doc
Elton stood there, stunned by the news. He was in total shock.
Having said this, the Doctor left and to proceed on the test.
About 2hrs later the Doctor came in with a discouraging look on his
“What is it Doc? Elton asked the Doctor.
“Hmm, its rather unfortunate that, I had to break this news to you, Don’t tell her yet, our counseling team will handle that.” Said the Doctor.
“What news are you talking about, can you just tell me” Elton said.
“Hmmm, after running several test on her, she tested positive for HIV.”
To be continued @ 8pm
Mr Pobs