Tarasha Season 2 Episode 72


With a bandage tied around his forehead and a short one around his wrist, Dave drove in his car. It was still more than an hour to resumption time at the NSCC but he decided to visit some of the scenes of the day before’s encounter of the police with the motorist suspected to be Samantha Osman. He had stopped at the turn where some officers were killed in the accident and was now on his way to the place where Samantha Osman was reported to have snatched another car and dropped hers, this he had confirmed from the pictures and video shots taken by the press.
As he approached the main spot, he could see someone at the place the motorist’s car was parked the day before, searching the ground with something like a torchlight.

He drove past silently and from observation, he could tell that it was Agent Dakolo.

Hurriedly, he drove his car forward to a suitable distance and parked. He stepped out of the car and returned to the spot walking.

Inspector Dakolo could see someone approaching as he rose up to his feet and turned off the torchlight but he ignored, thinking it was just a passerby. He walked towards the drain and switched on the torch again, looking carefully inside. Then he looked back as he heard the footsteps approaching him.

‘Good morning Agent Dakolo,’ the man surprised him by calling his name.

‘Good morning sir,’ Inspector Dakolo answered, switching off his torchlight as he peered at the man’s face. He noticed the bandage on the head and wrist and wondered who the wounded man was. With the little revealed by the sky whose dark clouds were already giving way, he didn’t think he had ever seen the face anywhere before.
‘I’m Agent Dave sir,’ he introduced with a smile. ‘An Agent of the Security cameras commission, I once ran into you at our headquarters.’
Dakolo stared at the face for a while. He couldn’t still recognize but he could remember that once a young man had almost collided into him at the NSCC headquarters, he couldn’t remember the face of the young NSCC official.
‘Agent Dave,’ Dakolo faked on a smile and offered him a handshake, still wondering what he wanted.

‘I actually stay around this area and I was driving by, I was surprised to see you here at this early hour. It seemed like you were looking for something important and I don’t know if I could be of help to you,’ Dave offered.

‘Oh! Thanks, that was thoughtful of you,’ Dakolo said with a sincere smile even though he didn’t see Dave’s car drive by. Dave’s face did not look like someone who could be of help to him, the bandage on his head even made him look like one who needed help. ‘ I’ll rather prefer you don’t bother yourself, I think you should just be on your way to where you were headed.’ Dakolo refused with a polite smile. The smile suddenly disappeared from his face and he looked serious and concerned, ‘By the way, what happened to you? Did you have an accident or what?’

‘Yes sir, a car accident.’ Dave replied, touching his forehead with his fingers.

‘Oh! Sorry about that, I hope you’re feeling better now.’

‘Yes sir, I am. Thank you,’ Dave replied briefly, uncomfortable that the man had drifted and made him the subject.

‘I heard that Samantha Osman’s car was dumped here yesterday,’ Dave said, trying to get back on course.

‘Yes, it was all over the news and that’s why I’m here to check out for evidences. ‘Samantha Osman was cunning as usual and didn’t snatch any car on the major roads where the NSCC cameras could capture it and she also drugged the car user also to prevent him from describing her to anyone.’

‘But why are you still on this case? I thought it was already transferred to Agent Tim,’ Dave said accusingly.
Dakolo got caught unawares by Dave’s words and appeared visibly shocked. He looked around quickly as if to check if there was anyone else listening before he kept his gaze on Dave’s face.

‘Where did you get this information from?’ Dakolo asked him in hushed tones.

‘I’m an NSCC official, we are always informed about officers in charge of top cases,’ Dave replied.

‘Oh! Yes,’ Dakolo smiled sheepishly. ‘I just had to come and check for somethings so I can add to my final report before submitting to the new team.’

‘Hmm,’ Dave stared at him with a raised eyebrow, finding it hard to believe the man’s explanation.

‘Let’s move away from here,’ Dakolo said and began to walk away slowly. Dave refused to move. ‘Where’s your car?’ Dakolo turned to ask when he noticed that he wasn’t being followed. There, his attention got caught by something at the major road behind, he saw a car he recognized driving pass and then one of the extra police cars following it. ‘Oh! I’ve got to go now,’ he said running to his own car which was parked at the curb off the major road.

Dave watched as he ran off. He folded his arms and thought for some seconds before turning back to his car. He was determined to see what Dakolo was up to.

Rex gently pushed away the unclad girl on his body and turned on the bedside light. He rolled off the bed and located his ringing phone. He checked the screen to see the caller as soon as he got the phone. He licked his lower lip gently on seeing it was Chief Elvis and rolled back into the bed, placing his head on the pillow as he answered the call. The unclad girl rolled back onto his body and they began to cuddle.

‘Good morning Rex,’ the Vice President’s voice sounded so active over the phone.

‘Good morning Chief,’ Rex replied, taking care not to mention the man’s name because of the girl with him.

‘Thank you for a job well done,’ the Vice President started. ‘You showed your competency and efficiency.’

‘Well, I don’t think I should be thanked for it. It’s my job and you paid me to deliver,’ Rex replied unthankful.

‘Anyway, thank you for doing the job well.’ the man said and cleared his throat. ‘Your message was delivered to me in full and I recognize that we have to sign another agreement to begin the new job. But I have a very small one for you now, I don’t know if you can do it,’ he said in a questioning manner.

‘What job is…’ Rex stopped suddenly to grab the hand of the girl which had moved down from his chest to his belly and was now entering his lower region. He gently rolled away and sat at the edge of the bed to avoid more distractions from her. ‘What small job are you talking about?’

‘Can you make her talk? I mean can you make Samantha Osman give away the name of her sponsors?’

Rex stopped for a minute to think about the answer to give. He wondered why Chief Elvis had not left him to do that before. The girl had come to him again. She pressed her breasts against his uncovered back and curled her hands around his chest.

‘Yes, although it may take us sometime and she may not give straight answers but we will eventually get the information from her.’ Rex finally said as he tried to stop the girl from tickling him.

‘How long will it take?’

‘It usually takes four hours to do so. But if it’s done now that she’s weak, it shouldn’t take more two hours to get her talk.’ Rex answered.

‘Oh! That’s a good one,’ the Vice President’s voice sounded excited at the sound of hope. ‘So can you start coming right away?’

‘You mean come and meet you where you are?’

‘I’m at the place she is but you won’t meet me when you come, I have to go for a meeting with some foreign investors by seven this morning but Chief Rikau will wait for you.’

‘Okay, I should be ready in the next twenty minutes.’ Rex said and got up from the bed. He spoke some more words before ending the call.

‘Where are you going?’ the girl walk up to him and curled her arms round his body again, trying to get him back to the bed.

He pulled her placed her back against the wall near the table in the room. He searched for with his hand for something on the table as he smooched her and cupped one of her breasts. Soon she was down to the floor unconscious. He lifted her body into his arms and dropped her in the bed before going to clean and dress to go out.

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Cole moved slowly, still eyeing the men as he got close to the gate, one man by his side leading him in through the gate.

‘This way,’ the man said as he entered with Cole, another man following before they closed the gate. Cole stopped to stare at the building like a village man, he was conscious of and still kept an eye on the men behind him.

Suddenly one of the men tried to pull him by the neck from behind but he grabbed the man by the palm and twisted the fingers. The other sprang into action immediately and launched a blow but Cole dodged and gave the man a jab in the belly. He twisted the first man’s hand and made two-360 turns, taking out one of his arms from the sleeves of the oversized plumpy jacket. He covered the man’s face with the jacket and inserted a pin which he took from under his sleeve into the man’s neck. The man fell to the floor unconscious.

The other man pulled out a gun but Cole was quick to throw the jacket on his face before he could raise the gun. He followed it up with a kick on the man’s chest and the man staggered backwards. He followed up and quickly hit the man’s back head with the butt of his gun. The man fell to the floor, he bent down and inserted a pin into the man’s arm. He looked back towards the gate and there was nobody there. He hoped that the other men would think from the sounds they heard that it was their men dealing with him and not the other way round. That way, they would not bother to check what was happening until he had gone far inside.

He picked the plump jacket from the man’s face and as he looked up, his eyes met with the Inspector General’s car which had been used to carry out Tarasha after the fight with Rex. He proceeded towards the building, unsure of where to go as he couldn’t locate the entrance but then a man peeped out from a door to see what was going on outside. The man went back in quickly, probably to tell the others about what he saw.

Cole rushed towards the door with the jacket now hung around his neck and two guns in his hands. The man who had peeped returned with a gun and tried to shoot but Cole’s bullet got into his chest before he could. Cole kicked in the door and was about to rush in but stepped back outside quickly he saw a gun pointed in that direction. Two bullets were released in that direction that moment but Cole was already hidden behind the wall.

He quickly tapped the button on his wristwatch, hoping that Henry would get the message and would be able to carry out the instructions. His eyes met with someone at the gate as he looked towards the place, the hefty man who had wanted to bounce on him. The man rushed back outside and Cole knew the task was getting harder, the men outside would soon join the fight against him.


Same time, in the building.
‘IG,’ the Vice President called unto Chief Rikau as they both walked down a corridor. Three men followed behind them. ‘Do you think she was saying the truth when she said that guy was only a cook to her?’

‘Sir, it sounds like the most reasonable thing to believe. Most of the young ones taken that night did not survive. And even if any one of them had survived then, it would be impossible to trace his or her roots to Nigeria talk more of even locating a brother.’ Chief Rikau replied.

‘So in short, you think she was saying the truth?’

‘Ermm… I really believe that the person sponsoring her must be related to the Danjumas.’

‘Well, I’m thinking the person is related to Gabriel or Onwuli.’ Chief Elvis countered. ‘Anyone it is, Rex will get out the information from her when he arrives. Please make sure you’re here with him.’

‘Yes, I will be…’ the men were suddenly thrown into panic as they heard the loud sound of a gunshot. It was obvious that the gun was shot in the building. As they froze to listen for more, they heard the sounds of more gunshots which sounded farther than the firsts.

‘Sirs, I think you should stay here first.’ one of the men said, gesturing for them to walk back into a room they had walked past in the corridor. Another man behind ran to open the door to the room for the Chiefs while the third man hurried out to find out where the gunshot was from.

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The vibration on Henry’s wrist startled him and he sprung to action immediately. He peeped towards the gate from behind the truck and saw the activities in front of the gate. He returned to pick the bag and then squatted beside the back tyre as he took out the sniper rifle and set it up quickly like Cole had instructed. He knelt and peered with one eye closed into the sniperscope to adjust the focus of the rifle properly. He set the focus to the middle of the gate, where none of the men were at that time. He looked up again and saw a man at the entrance of the gate. He quickly returned to the rifle and took four shots, getting two right as they went in direction of the gate while the last two went totally off target due to the tension in his heart and inexperience in the use of the weapon.

Unsure of what he did, he quickly readjusted the sniperscope to check the gate. He saw one man grabbing his shoulder which had taken a bullet and another one sprawling on the floor, he could see two others who did not know where the gunshot came from hiding behind the cars. His bullets had hit two people contrary to his plan of only diverting their attention by shooting at the gate. He sent two more shots to the gate before getting up with the weapon.


‘How close are you now?’ Cole could hear a man’s voice as he entered into the building. He quickly hid himself behind a wooden chair at the left side of the room and tried to locate the direction the voice came from. ‘We have an intruder here, I want all of you to come over here at once.’ the man stepped out with a phone on his ear from a passage at Cole’s right side, into the place Cole was and their eyes met.

Cole quickly sent two shots but the man was fast enough to move back and hide behind the wall. Cole rolled away from his hiding spot just in time. The person he shot at replied with two shots directed to the chair.
Cole continued to shoot at the wall beside the corridor to prevent the man from stepping out to shoot again as he searched for something in the sweater hung around his neck. He took out a small ball from the sweater and removed a tiny cap on it, the ball began to emit blue smoke. He stopped shooting as he waited for the emmision to become faster, he then threw it into the passage where the man was hiding.

The man had popped out his head and gun from behind the wall to shoot but ran back when saw the ball coming. In less than five seconds, Cole began to hear two people coughing from the direction of the passage. He took out a wet handkerchief from his back pocket and tied it on his nose before making his way towards the passage.

He met the man who was shooting at him coughing uncontrollably with his gun on the floor and another man at end of the passage coughing too. He dragged the first man out of the passage.

‘Where’s she?’ he asked, placing his gun on the man’s head. The man could not stop coughing but described the direction where he could find her with his hands. Cole pierced him with a needle before running back into the passage. He shot the other man on the end before entering into the place according to the description he got from the first man. It was the room which had bottles on the floor and few wooden chairs.


‘This way sir,’ the Vice President’s Chief Security officer said, leading his boss through the backdoor out of the building. The Vice President was holding a gun and following behind them.

‘Where are we going to?’ the Vice President asked with stammering lips.

‘We have to get you out of here sir,’ Chief Rikau spoke before the security officer could answer. ‘You go out through this gate with him, we’ve called for another car to pick you there.’ he explained, pointing to a smaller gate leading out of the compound through the fence at the left side fence.

‘But Samantha Osman must not be rescued,’ the Vice President stammered unwilling to leave but his Chief Security officer was almost applying force to get him moving.

To be continued