Tarasha Season 2 Episode 67


Chief Elvis tried Rex’s number for the fourth time in a row and it rang again like the previous times without being answered. He clenched his fists with the phone in his palm in anger. After some minutes of pacing about the place with his walking stick, he dialed another number and the call was answered immediately.

‘Good afternoon your Excellency,’ Chief Rikau’s voice sounded through the phone’s speaker.

‘Chief Rikau, Good afternoon.’ the Vice President replied impatiently. ‘Rex called me few minutes ago and claimed to be around my office, he said he wanted to receive and kill Samantha Osman in my building but I have asked him to do it in that mini computer village undergoing renovation. That’s thirty five minutes ago but I’ve been trying his number since then and he’s not been answering, I sent him a text message which has been marked delivered and read but he hasn’t replied me still. I want you to find a way to pass my message to him, so that he wouldn’t use not receiving the message as an excuse and I also want you to ensure he does not use my building.’

‘Okay, how do you suggest I do that sir, should I call him on phone first or just go there with my men?’

‘No, he’s not answering his calls but you can still try anyway. However, I’ll prefer that you go there to meet him without involving your men, that could disrupt his job. I also believe he’ll respect the message if it’s from you and not just anybody else or via text.’

‘Respect, sir? That guy is an arrogant fellow, I don’t think he will show me respect for anything.’ Chief Rikau retorted.

‘Yes, I know he’s arrogant and what I said is that he’ll respect the message if it’s from you, that’s why I’m not sending the message through another person.’

‘Okay sir,’ Chief Rikau heaved a sigh which showed his reluctance but Chief Elvis understood him and the reason for his reluctance. Chief Elvis knew how Rex always acted disrespectfully to Chief Rikau but he had no choice, Chief Rikau was the only person that could handle what was to be done.

‘What’s the message?’ Chief Rikau asked.


Stainless read the last line of the text sent to him over and over again, trying to make meaning out of it and the present situation. ‘Be watchful, Tarasha would join you on the road soon, take Cole out of her vehicle once she parks the car and walks out of sight.’

It was twenty five minutes after he had gotten to the place and he had not seen anything like Tarasha arriving. He had also not seen any signs of Rex in the area and that kept wondering if he heard rightly that he was supposed to be at the road off the Vice President’s office.

Unknown to himself, he had focused on the Vice President’s office alone and paid very little attention to the surroundings. Since his mind was on the office, he was expecting that Tarasha’s car would be parked close to the place. He didn’t see when she drove into the road and did not even suspect when he saw the car later on.


It took them both up to eight metres to walk to the middle of the facility. They stood on a straight line opposite each other, leaving a distance of more than five metres between themselves.

Their eyes locked from behind the masks and the two assasins could see the fury in each other’s eyes. They were sure in their hearts that someone was going to have the last breath that day.

Tarasha scrutinized his body with her eyes, he was someone she didn’t remember ever seeing anywhere. His mask carried a sign at the top which looked familiar but she couldn’t remember because of the tensed mood. However, she knew from his confidence and body language that he must be representing a very deadly organization.

The breeze blew crazily around the dead silent place, raising some dusts on the assasins but neither of them shook nor did any care to stop the dust from entering into their eyes. They began to move slowly in an anticlockwise direction and at the same time closing the distance between each other.

Rex’s fist tightened in anticipation, his blood boiling with his thirst for her blood. He had sized up Tarasha with his eyes, she was of good heights but had a smaller body from a closer view. He mocked himself in his heart amazed that it was someone as little as her that had been giving him problems for months. He classified as a toy. The fight was going to be fun, just like an unserious training session.

He had read Vice President’s Elvis text and the man had given an instruction which would change his plans but it was none of his business. He was sure that his contract will be fully executed in some minutes and his business in Nigeria would end after presenting Tarasha to Chief Elvis that night.

For Tarasha, the major purpose of the fight was for Henry and then to also prove that the Nefary Clan was bigger than whatever organization he was from. To Rex, it wasn’t considered as a fight, it was just something he had to do to make himself free from Chief Elvis and and free to leave Nigeria and to also prove that the Nefary Clan always remained junior to the Villary Clan.

Both were less than two metres closer now. They could almost hear the sound of each other’s heartbeat. The distance was closing in and the peering into each other’s eyes was getting deeper and intense.

Tarasha was the first to launch an attack which didn’t catch Rex unawares, he swerved to the side, making her blow which she targeted at his face run in the air. She was quick to follow up with another blow with her left hand to his right chin but her fist met his wrist and her knuckles cracked hard. She took a step back as she tried to absorb the pain on her knuckles, she looked at Rex’s face and the lines formed on the mask was an evidence of an evil smile underneath.

He launched the next attack, sending a blow to her face but she had her hand crossed diagonally stopped his fist. He was quick with his follow up as he leapt and turned round in the air, sending her a well calculated kick with the back of his foot. But he landed without his leg touching her face. She had been quick to see it coming and had bent backwards down, extending her palms to the ground with which she supported herself and flipped backwards.

Both stood three metres away from each other now. Each one’s legs slightly apart and fist raised in the air as their eyes remained on each other’s faces.

Tarasha took two steps backwards and released the straps of the bag at her back and Rex followed her example. Both took off their backpacks and threw it behind them some metres away from the battle space they had drawn.

She straightened her cloth and clenched her fists and Rex did likewise. The bags which had served as the only restriction to both of them were now away. Both moved closer to each other tactically, the same way they did the first time.

As soon as she got closer enough, Tarasha threw a blow directed to his chest but Rex didn’t only dodge it this time but had her fist stuck in between his elbow. He twisted her arm with his and tried to reach for her other arm but she bent and wriggled out of his grip with a muffled groan. He had held her by the shoulders before she recovered and sent a headbutt directly to her face making her land with her butt to the floor.

Her vision was blur for the first three seconds and then she saw him clearly, standing a metre before her, still waiting for her to rise as he rubbed his forehead with a finger.

Tarasha straightened her nose with her fingers as she rose to her feet and placed her legs widely apart to ease the pain she felt from landing on her butt. Rex was ready for her again and was halfway in the air, turning to her with a kick. The adrenaline rush in her system relieved her temporarily of the pain as she leaped away from the direction of his kick and met his thigh with a heavy kick sending him to the floor unexpectedly. He landed on his back heavily but he was up again in three seconds. His eyes were on her as he straightened his neck by bending it sidewards and clenched his fists again.

Tarasha rushed towards him targeting a kick to his chest but he held her foot in his palm and tried to fling her away but she had wrapped her second leg around his neck and both of them landed on the floor Tarasha on the side with Rex’s head in between her leg and his knees on the floor.

Rex was first to recover from the fall and he sent her a blow in the butt immediately, making her release her grip on his neck. He climbed over her immediately, pinning her thighs to the floor with her knees and sent her two blows on the face, she stopped the third one and pushed him away from her body.

He was up again before her and he rushed back to her while she still tried to recover from the pains on her knee and face. He grabbed her two hands and pulled it to her back while she was still on her knees trying to get up. He held her hands to her back in one of his and tried to press her from the shoulder down backwards, with the aim of bending her into two by forcing the back of her shoulder to the back of her foot but Tarasha did not allow him go far with that. She was able to struggle off her hands from his grip and fall sideways, pushing him away with a kick to his chest.

She was still with her back on the floor when Rex rose up again. He pulled up with his hands below her chin and sent her a headbutt again. This time she didn’t fall but only staggered backwards a bit. He rushed towards her and tried to pull her by the shoulder but she grabbed his fists in hers and twisted it, sending him a kick in the groin simultaneously. He staggered back and stumbled but he was up again immediately. She rushed towards him and sent a kick with the soles of her feet to his chest before he could make any move, sending him back to the floor with a thud.

Rex took more than four seconds to recover this time and that also gave Tarasha enough time to ease some of the pains she felt, she also found a blunt shovel on the floor and charged towards him with it. He rolled away as she struck the first time with the shovel, making it land on the bare ground. He was up with a knee to the ground and the other foot halfway up when she swung the shovel towards his face but he stopped it with his hand, just below the palm. The shovel made a clang sound as it touched his hand and bounced back, making it evident that Rex had a metal object hidden under his sleeves.

She raised the shovel up and moved for the middle of his head but he held the part of the instrument just before the blade with a hand first and added the other hand. The struggle for the shovel began as Rex pushed it up as he rose up slowly while Tarasha pushed it firmly towards his body.

Rex gained upper hand as he turned the shovel in his hands and Tarasha lost grip of it. He turned it and held it by the handle but before he could do anything with it, Tarasha had given him a headbutt in his chest, making him stagger backwards and following it with blows until the shovel dropped from his hand. She jumped and finally sent him to the floor with a kick to the side of his head.

He fell down heavily but followed with a backward roll which made him stop partially squatting. Tarasha followed with a kick to his face with her two legs and it sent Rex crashing to the floor heavily.

Tarasha stood and watched as he groaned slightly, twisting on the floor. He ran his fingers under the mask and touched his face to soothe the pain from the kick. Tarasha took a glance at the car as she remembered Henry. She was on top of the situation and was very sure that they would be on their way to the base very soon.

Rex was up in few seconds, it seemed the impact on the kick to his face had given him more strength instead of weakening him. He could see Tarasha peering at his face as he opened the mask halfway, rubbing his lips which Tarasha had kicked. He felt some liquid on his fingers and raised it to his eyes to see, the liquid was dark red.

His blood boiled in anger at the sight of his blood and his eyes shone with fury. He wiped his lips with the sleeve of his shirt and pulled down the mask to cover back the opened area. The introduction play he had with her was over and now, he was going to show her what it meant to be from the Villary Clan.


Cole felt his head heavily pounding as he twisted and turned at the backseat of the car. His face and body was covered with sweat. He rose up to look out through the car window and stared at the passers-by who didn’t seem to notice him. It was then he remembered his encounter with Tarasha, he couldn’t remember anything that happened after she raised her gun but he knew he must have been sedated. He looked around inside the car, wondering if it was Tarasha that kept him there. If she was the one, he would have no problem staying there till she returned but then, he searched around for anything that could suggest the owner of the car and found nothing.

Not that he was expecting to find anything though, he had learnt from Tarasha not to leave anything that could be used traced to you anywhere you visited and not even in your personal car.

He struggled for a minute to open the door but it was firmly locked. He had no choice than to wait till passers-by close to the car were less and broke the glass with his feet. He used the soles of his shoe to break some part of the glass edges which still remained.

He looked around again, more carefully this time before he squeezed himself out carefully through the space. He wondered what Tarasha had brought him there to do if she was really the one who brought him. She should be going after Rex and not on this street. He began to walk away slowly from the car, searching around with his eyes to make sure he wasn’t being watched by anyone around.


The traffic was heavier and road was totally blocked. An helicopter was hovering above the vehicle while three police vehicles surrounded it on the ground. The officers were out of their cars and pointing their guns at the car.

Dakolo moved closer to the car slowly, holding his gun firmly and fully alert. He turned round the car looking in through the windows. Two other officers joined him. There was a man laying face down at the backseat of the car, he looked lifeless with the manner at which he laid. Dakolo opened the door of the backseat at his side while the other officer at the other side opened the door there, both pointing their guns at the man and ready for any surprises.

The other officer leaned into the car and searched the body of the man, he turned the body over from his side while Dakolo helped him at the other side. Both stopped to look at the man for a moment, unsure of his state, then Dakolo leaned in again and touched the man’s neck and also placed his palm over the man’s chest.

‘He’s alive,’ Dakolo announced to the other officer as he rose out of the car. ‘Let’s put a call through to the medicals,’ he said and turned back.

‘Sir, the man’s car was snatched by the girl.’ an officer who had gone to make enquires from those around reported to Dakolo.

‘I know,’ Dakolo replied. What else could be the explanation for finding a harmless man in the car.

‘So, we lost her?’ Dakolo could hear an officer ask. The question didn’t get a vocal reply from anyone except for the brief glances those closer to the car gave.

‘Officer Tracy,’ Dakolo called on to the lady Inspector.

‘Sir,’ she answered in a firm voice.

‘You know the next instruction to give them,’ Dakolo stated as he stared at the hovering helicopter.

‘Yes sir,’ officer Tracy answered. Dakolo’s words were more than a statement but an order.

Dakolo took a glance back at the car as he walked back to his own vehicle. His phone rang as he opened the door.

‘Officer,’ he said into the phone as he answered, one of his legs already in the car while the other stood outside.

‘Inspector sir, I just made a check for the private Investigation Firm and I didn’t find any firm with their name in the records.’

‘Are you sure you conducted the search properly?’ Dakolo questioned.

‘Yes, I did and even repeated several times.’

‘Okay then, also search for the full names of that NSCC visitor to see if his name exists amongst the registered private investigators.’

‘Alright sir,’ the call ended. Dakolo entered into the car and closed the door.


The blow that landed on her face sent her staggering backwards and almost falling. Rex was at her front before she knew it again. He pulled her by the head and intended to give her an uppercut but she twisted the hand on her head and sent him a jab in the belly. The jab seemed to have only a little effect on him as he turned back to her almost immediately. She sent him a blow but he held her fists in his hands firmly. She followed up directing another blow to his chin but he caught her by the wrist before the blow to touched his face. She tried to wriggle her hands off but his hands were strong and unmoving. He began to push her backwards, forcing the weight on her legs as she tried to resist him. She tried to send a kick with her knee but he was faster, he stopped it with his foot and then landed a kick on her chest and also released his grip on her. She staggered backwards but he followed immediately, rushing her with three blows on her face. She tried to return the blow but he caught her hand with his again and thrusted his feet onto her chest making her stagger uncontrollably backwards. He followed her, giving no time for her to recover. Another kick dug into her belly and she landed painfully on the floor with her butt and muffled in a groan.

Rex followed her. He dragged her up with the head and dealt her blows on her face and chest. She stopped one of the blows and sent one which was delivered close to his eyes, she tried to send another but he swerved and caught her by the upper arm. He pulled her by the arm and turned to her back as he delivered a kick to her butt, making her fall forward and land on one palm. He paused for a moment as he heard her give a scream.

He watched as she tried to recover while he took some casual steps, stretching his arms and legs to continue the fight. He pulled up his mask partially again and rubbed his lips while she was still trying to get up.

Tarasha got up to her feet feeling pains all over. She tried to stretch her arms and legs but the pains at the upper part didn’t get any lesser. It was coming from behind and having it’s effect all over her shoulders. The incompletely healed bullet wound at her back was beginning to open up . She stretched her shoulders and tried to ignore the pain as she watch him cover his face again.

They drew closer to each other slowly, each one watchful of the other’s steps. Tarasha sent a kick to him first but he bent low, making her leg hover past his head. She responded with a kick from the other leg as he rose up even before the first leg touched the ground. The kick was directed to his head but it met with the bone between his wrist and elbow. He moved back a little and she rushed him with a blow in the belly. She didn’t miss his belly but Rex gripped her by the upper arm again. She tried to make him release her as she sent blows with the other hand to the side of his belly but he held her firmly and twisted her arm backwards.

She screamed as she felt excruciating pains all over but Rex grabbed the other arm and pulled both to their opposite sides, making the pain more unbearable. She screamed louder.

The torture continued.


Cole after turning to the other side of the road, hid himself and watched from a bus stop, waiting for Tarasha or whoever kept him there to return. He was there for close to fifteen minutes when he saw a car that looked familiar approaching from the lane closer to the bus stop.

‘Where you dey go Oga?’ a bus conductor asked him as he walked past the danfo. He ignored and walked to the front, hiding behind another vehicle to see the coming car properly.

There were three people seated in the car, two men in front and another at the back. The third man at the backseat was Inspector General Rikau.

Cole came out of hiding as the car drove past. His eyes followed them far off until the vehicle approached a turn before the flyover and moved to the return carriageway. They had to be going to the Vice President’s office, he thought in his mind.

Another thought popped up in his mind that minute. He wished he had the necessary weapon and car. He had learnt enough from Tarasha to be able to take out the three men. He would have followed them and carried out the execution of his boss’ enemy.

His eyes continued to follow the car.


Rex finally released her and watched as she ran to the ground. She was strong, he could tell. But not stronger than he was. It shouldn’t have taken him so much time to defeat her if he hadn’t underrated her from the beginning of the fight. He also had just noticed that she felt more pain when he did something which had effect on her upper back and decided to inflict more pains in that direction.

He charged towards her before she could recover and turned her face to him. He lifted her up with one hand on her neck, the other holding her belt behind and slammed her with her back to the ground. He was satisfied at the scream she let out as she wriggled all over the floor in pain.

He dragged her up again to repeat the process. She struggled harder this time, but her struggle wasn’t enough to help her as Rex slammed her to the ground again, this time the back of her head and her back hit the floor together.

Rex stared at her for a second and then picked her up again. He slammed her to the ground again without any struggle from her. She laid on the ground, without any movement just like a lifeless steel.

Rex took a step backwards and stared at her body. It was time to finish off his business in Nigeria.

To be continued