Tarasha Season 2 Episode 37


The two guys were caught totally unawares, they actually expected the lady to engage them in a longer conversation but Tarasha wasn’t ready for that. Before they could process the image they were seeing in front of them she had sent in two tranquilizing pins into their bodies from the launcher.

The men’s strength rapidly weakened, the weapons on their hands fell off first. The one with the rod fell on his knees before he fell face flat but the guy with the gun fell half sideways, hitting his head on the wall.

Tarasha picked up her gun and walked slowly and carefully, over them and to the end of the corridor. She opened the door to the fourth room which was at the end, there was nothing and nobody in it except for some empty packets of cigarettes and lighters. She closed the door gently and proceeded back to the third door, she pushed it open and found another frightened couple seated on wooden chairs. There were two dirty student sized mattresses laid carefully on the floor.

Her phone began to ring as she closed back the door, she took it out and saw the Henry’s name displayed as the caller’s ID. She silenced it and returned back to the tranquilized bodies of the two men lying on the floor in the corridor.


Several hours had gone and the message Henry was expecting from Omotara had not yet arrived. He had slept off, sitting on a chair and placing his head on the table in the computer room.

He rubbed his eyes, yawned and stretched as he rose up from his seat. He tapped the keyboard in front of him to turn on the desktop screen, the software was still running and there was nothing unusual about the monitoring. He yawned again, as he wondered if Tarasha had given him a false alarm and why she didn’t send the message she promised to send. Or maybe she was the one in trouble, another thought flashed through his mind.

He searched the table for his phone and found it behind the flat screen desktop, he picked it up and dialed her number. It rang but wasn’t answered, he tried three more times before taking a pause. He fell back on the chair shakily, afraid of what could have happened to her.

He remembered the last night occurrence where the enemy was already approaching her to kill her before he showed up. He wondered if she was in that kind of danger, who would be there to help her? He asked himself. But then he remembered her words when they had a little argument after that, she had said to him that she would have definitely found a way out without his help.

His phone beeped twice, distracting him from his scary thought. The cure to his fear was what arrived, a text message from Tarasha. It read, ‘I’m quite busy now and I’ll call you later. You’re safe, just enter after unlocking the first block. These men already think you’re in Lagos.’

Henry heaved a sigh of relief after reading the message, he laid back his head to rest on the table immediately but the noise made in his stomach reminded him that he had not taken dinner.


Aisha froze in fear as she watched the figure move around the room, the darkness did not allow her see the person’s face but she knew it was a man. He moved around with a little but bright source of light which was held in his right hand, he kept searching for some minutes before he stopped in front of a shelf which was only few centimetres far from Aisha’s hiding spot. She was under a table which was small compared to the other ones in the room, but it was still large enough to allow her body under it.

The figure placed the source of light on a table beside the shelf making the light point towards the ceiling. He heard some noises from outside the room and quickly covered the light with his hand and looked back towards the other side.

After a minute, the noise faded away and he removed his hand from the light. He then took off his shirt and changed into another which was of a bigger size. Then he stopped to look around again for a second, then he fixed his stare towards Aisha’s direction and then gradually began to proceed there slowly.

Aisha cringe in fear as he drew nearer, she made sure her legs were well hidden under the table. He got to her table and stopped there. For a minute, she held her breath, not wanting to be discovered by anyone and even if she was discovered by this man, she was ready to give a fight in order not to be handed over to the security men. She only hoped that her strength would be enough to tackle the man.

Her thoughts drifted to Tarasha and Henry while the man continued with what he was doing at the table, she could see his legs move occasionally but did not know what he was doing above. She wondered what Tarasha would be doing now and what instructions she must have given to Henry whom she sent to help. Her mind drifted again to the possibility of her being discovered by the Bolevian staffs, it would mean that she’ll be handed over to the police from their security officials. But she still preferred the option of being discovered by the Bolevian staffs than Don discovering her, she could still get saved by Henry or Tarasha before she gets to the police but she was very sure that Don was going to kill her immediately he sets his eyes on her.

She regained consciousness of her environment again as something dropped to the floor from above and rolled under the table, a bow tie. Her heartbeat increased in speed as the light was pointed to the floor. The man stepped back a little to check for the tie. The light revealed his shoe and she automatically recognize that the man was Don. She began to fidget all over as the man bent his knees gradually.


‘Look here dummy,’ Tarasha accompanied her words with a blow to the man’s face again.

He closed his eyes back and shook his head vigorously as he tried to balance his vision, at that point, he was seeing more than stars. He was one of the men whom Tarasha had tranquilized at the corridor. She had removed the pin from his body and injected him with a substance to revive him, so as to extract some information.

Even after opening his eyes, his vision was not still clear enough and the throbbing headache contributed to his pains. ‘Where am I?’ he muttered as his eyes met with a young lady’s face.

‘You’re in your kingdom,’ Tarasha answered in mockery. She placed her palms on the arm rests of the chair and stared into his eyes.

‘Where’s the other guy your gang captured with Aisha Bello?’

‘I don’t know what…’ he tried to reply but Tarasha cut him short as the butt of her gun hit his lips. He winced in pain and rubbed his lips with his palm as it bled.

The hit seemed to reset his brain to default settings and cleared his blurred eye vision as he could now see Tarasha’s face clearly.

‘I don’t have much time here, answer me now.’ Tarasha barked at him, cocking her gun to show her seriousness.

‘Ermm… Baba Stainless and the other guy took him to our other lodge behind our mini campus ‘ he said shakily.

‘How do I locate the place?’ she asked, pressing the tip of the gun against his already bleeding lips.

‘Ermm… It’s behind our school’s mini campus,’ he said, stammering.

‘Which mini campus are you talking about?’

‘Uhmn…’ the guy continued to stammer, not knowing what to say.

‘You know what? You’re taking me there,’ Tarasha pulled him up by the collar and pushed him to the front.

‘Oh no…’ he tried to refuse.

‘The other option you have is to die,’ Tarasha said with a tone of seriousness, pointing her gun towards him as she stepped back slowly to the last room in the building. ‘Don’t try anything foolish,’ she said and kicked the room door open, she entered and switched on the light. ‘I have to get you out now, get up and follow me,’ she said to the couple and turned back.

The couple seemed to consider first, they stared at each other in silence and then finally stood up and walked towards the door slowly.

‘Are you looking for these?’ Tarasha said as she stepped back into the corridor, she was waving a long gun and a rod at the guy she left in the corridor. He had searched his unconscious colleague’s body for weapons and found none and began to search around the place for the long gun he was holding before they were knocked out.

She threw the both weapons to the floor and they both dropped close to him. ‘You want to use them right? Pick them up and use,’ she said to him and began to proceed forward. The couple at the last room had already appeared behind her, holding each other’s hands. They looked frail in their dirty clothes.

The guy stood frozen as Tarasha got closer to him, he was too shocked and afraid to pick up any of the weapons. She walked past him to the first room where the first old couples were and entered. She beckoned on them to come outside and stepped out of the room. The other couple were still standing by the wall at the far end while the tortured guy was facing them, still without picking the gun. ‘Come on, let’s go.’ Tarasha summoned them. They began to walk up to Tarasha weakly, they paused in fear when they got closer to the unconscious body and the standing guy at the middle of the corridor. ‘Come, that dummy can’t do anything to you.’ she said, knowing that they had paused in fear of the guy standing.

‘Hey! What’s the address of that place?’ she said, proceeding back to the guy.

’14/16, Ejiro Street, behind Rael University Campus.’ he replied almost immediately as if he was expecting the question. He turned to Tarasha slowly.

Tarasha smiled and bit her lips slightly as she noticed the sweat on his forehead. She reconsidered her decision for him to lead her to where Cole was on remembering that she also had to pick Stephanie. ‘You don’t have to follow me anymore, I want you to deliver a message to your boss in case I don’t come back before him. Tell him Samantha Osman was here, ‘ with that, she inserted a pin into his neck where it would be seen easily, he collapsed to the ground immediately.

‘Follow me,’ she turned swiftly and led the couples out of the corridor.

They entered into the main room where Tarasha passed before entering the corridor. She walked to the door and opened to peep outside, she closed back and turned to look at the couples. They were walking to catch up with her as fast as they could but their weak bodies didn’t let them match quarter of Tarasha’s speed, coupled with the fear they experienced on meeting dead bodies lying around.

‘I have to check if the way is clear first,’ Tarasha turned back and said to them. ‘You guys should remain in here and I’ll be back in few minutes,’ she said to them. She could see the fear on their faces, especially the ladies as they stared around the place seeing the dead bodies laying everywhere.



For the fourth time, Chief Rikau kept hearing the singing of birds disturb his sleep. He dipped his index fingers into his ears to reduce the sound but it didn’t help matters because it came sounding the fifth time. It was at the fifth time, he opened his eyes and sat up in the bed, wondering what could be the source of the disturbance. His eyes drifted towards the blinking light from the footstool beside the head side of the bed, his phone was the noise maker and the source of the bird’s song.

He blamed himself for bringing his phone into the room as he reached out for it, the caller’s ID was unknown. He wondered who could be calling him at such time of the night with an unknown number. Late night calls was not something strange to him though, the only strange thing was the hidden status of the number at that time of the night. He answered the call and listened in silence.

‘Where have you been Chief Rikau? And why have you not been answering my calls?’ a male’s voice from the other end sounded. Chief Rikau remained silent, trying to identify the speaker. ‘Can’t you talk?’ the voice came rudely again. Chief Rikau paused to check the caller’s ID again. There was only one person who was always acting rude to him like that, Rex.

‘Is this Rex?’ he said in a low voice.

‘Oh! You’re finally awake, now sit up properly, I want to ask you some questions.’ Rex said with command in his intonation.

‘Rex, why are you calling at such an ungodly hour?’ Chief Rikau replied, his voice still clouded with sleep.

‘Who made the hour ungodly? No hour is unreasonable when there’s something important and urgent to do,’ Rex replied.

‘Okay, what do you want me to do for you?’

‘Before I stay, sit down properly.’ Rex insisted.

Chief Rikau dragged himself up and rested his back against the headboard, wondering in his heart how Rex knew he wasn’t lying down and why he insisted that he sat upright. ‘I’m sitting up now,’ he said.

‘Okay, I have five minutes for this call before the network provider’s system start recording the conversation. We’ve used two minutes already, so don’t waste my time in answering whatever I ask you.’ Rex said and took a brief pause, Chief Rikau only heaved a sigh in response.

‘Where has the police kept the mother of Henry E.G?’

There was silence for a couple of seconds.

‘Damn you Rex! That’s confidential and shouldn’t be let out by any officer…’

‘Give me a quick answer man, I don’t have time to waste on this.’ Rex cut in.

‘What do you want to do with her? Even though her son is wanted, she’s under our care and nothing bad must happen to her.’

‘Okay, thank you. All I need to confirm is that she’s with you, if you don’t tell me where she is exactly, I can find out myself.’ Rex said and the line went off immediately.

Chief Rikau froze for some minutes, trying to study the situation. Rex would never stop bringing surprises and he wondered what he was up to now.


Rex flung the phone to the bed and continued to pace around the room, his heavy but slow breathing was loud enough for deaf to hear in the silent room. His anger towards Tarasha was rising everyday, reason being that she was given him tougher time than other assasins he had previously brought down. In fact, this was his area of specialization in the job and he had always excelled easily. Being an assassin who was brought to the Villary Clan at a very young age, it was easier for the masters to brainwash him and fill his head with their theories than the older ones.

He and others who had started the training at the same age with grew up with the mindset of the Clan being their only home, they were made to forget that they had an existence outside the Clan. Therefore, they were more committed to the Clan and had less chances of betraying their masters than those who began the training at older ages.

Most of the jobs done by Rex was bringing down other assasins who betrayed their masters. He always did this with all his might as he believed in loyalty to the Clan and strongly hated betrayals. Although, the job to kill Tarasha was quiet different, he still had more experience in killing other assasins. What frustrated him the most was his seemingly unpredictability of Tarasha.

He had been successful in predicting some of her steps before but never got it completely. He had correctly predicted that she would plan attacking the Inspector General but he never thought she would come with a back up which showed later. Right now, he couldn’t even predict her next step. But he knew one thing; the man who had come to back her up must have been her very close assistant and another top Assasin to know her plans and whereabouts, if he could capture that assassin, he could get Tarasha.

He had been able to study about Henry from the information Don had sent to him and concluded that Henry must have learnt his hacking skills from another top Assasin organization. Now, he was going to get Henry and at the same time keeping tabs on Tarasha.

To be continued