Tarasha Season 2 Episode 214


Madam Henrietta eyes popped up finally after a time of troubled sleep. All through the night she had struggled to sleep but couldn’t as she couldn’t get her mind off Samantha’s words. It had come as a big shock to her and Samantha had not even given her time to assimilate her words before leaving her alone in the room.

She rolled out of the bed and looked towards the window. The brightness and reflection of sun rays which she could see through the window made her realize that she had slept for not less than an hour and half. She reached for her phone on the table and checked the time, it was some minutes to eight. She slid her legs into the slippers and quickly rushed out of the room with the phone.

She rushed into the living room and met no one there. She looked back into the hallway wondering which of the rooms she would find Tarasha. She walked back into the hallway slowly considering each of the rooms one after the other. She remembered the first room as the medical room where she was treated. she wasn’t sure of what was being done in the second room but she had seen not just a person go into the room. She was still standing confused when the doctor appeared at the other end of the hallway.

‘Good morning Madam Henrietta,’ the doctor greeted with smiles as he walked towards her. He stopped at her front and raised his brows at her on seeing the confused look on her face. ‘What’s wrong Madam?’

‘Good morning, please where is Samantha?’ she asked, holding the man by his shoulder.

‘She went out already,’ the man replied. ‘Is there any problem?”

‘Do you know when she would be back?’

‘No, I don’t have an idea,’ the doctor replied and held the woman’s hand which was on his shoulder. He took it off gently and wrapped his fingers around hers. He stared at the woman’s face for a moment. She was looking down but the expression on her face made it obvious that she was carrying a load in heart which seemed too heavy for her to bare alone. ‘Can you share your challenge with me? I may be of help,’ he offered.

‘No, thanks. I will wait for her,’ she said and tried to walk past the doctor to her room but the man held on to her.

‘She dropped a message for you,’ the Doctor said, making Madam Henrietta turn to her instantly.

‘What did she say?’

The doctor blinked and swallowed in gently, he knew he wasn’t about to say what she expected.

‘She said she could be out for a long time and asked that she could help in the kitchen,’ the doctor said.

The woman looked down for a while, she was quiet.

‘It’s okay if you can’t do it, she arranged for an alternative,’ the Doctor quickly added on seeing her response.

‘I will,’ she said softly, raising up her head. ‘Where’s the way to the kitchen?’

‘Over here,’ Dr Ekwueme pointed the way.’

Madam Henrietta turned and took two steps in the direction before stopping. She turned to look at the man’s face again, ‘Is Chief Gabriel still here?’

The doctor stared at her face for a while, wondering if he was supposed to answer her truthfully. After some seconds of deep thinking, he nodded in response.

‘I would like to see him,’ the woman said.

‘Now?’ the doctor asked.

She thought for a moment. ‘No,’ she shook her head and turned back. ‘After I leave the kitchen.’

The man waited for some seconds and then followed her.


Location: Unspecified.


‘You should be able to find your way from here pal, I think it’s time to get down.’ Rex said to the Immigrations officer, twenty minutes after they took the documents from the immigrations office.

‘What? The agreement was that I’ll go with you until he leaves succesfully through the border,’ Mr Paul protested, he took a quick look at the Vice President for support.

‘The agreement changed,’ Rex replied in harsh tones.

‘How can the agreement change without my knowledge?’ Mr Paul argued.

‘Sorry man, that’s just the way it has to be,’ Rex said with a concluding tone, not looking at the man who was staring fixedly at him.

Mr Paul waited some seconds for Elvis Richards to say something in his defence but the man did not. He realized the man agreed to whatever Rex was doing.

‘But will I still get my payment in full?’

‘You would get it in full,’ Rex replied.

Mr Paul heaved a sigh of relief and slowly turned his face to the front. Rex began to speak again before he could rest his back.

‘You would also get your penalty in full the day you decide to talk about this deal to anyone, including the police,’ he heard Rex say to him. He turned back slowly and saw Rex showing him something on the screen of his andriod phone. He squinted and stretched out his hand to take the phone but Rex brought the screen closer to his face instead. He saw the picture of his wife and two kids. Then Rex swiped to the left and he saw a picture showing his full profile. Rex swiped again and his mother’s picture was seen. ‘You’d lose all this people first and then you’d die after, that is your penalty.’

Paul turned back to the front silently and solemnly as Rex withdrew the phone from his face. He thought of Rex’s threats and considered if it was possible for Rex to do all the things he mentioned. The driver soon pulled over and he opened the door and stepped out.

Elvis Richards began to feel awakward at the absence of the immigrations officer. He was now all alone with Rex and the driver. Several thoughts ran through his mind. What if Rex had met with Tarasha at any point in time and they had both agreed to kill him or bring him to them? He asked himself. He began to be suspicious of Rex’s intentions towards him.

Rex had stylishly dropped Ayo his PA first and then the immigrations officer, those are the people who could have helped him if Rex tried to hurt him. Could it be that purposely eliminated them so as to give him the free space to do anything he wanted. To make matter worse, Rex had not said any other thing concerning the plans to him and was not answering James call.

The awkward thoughts were still running through his mind when Rex interrupted with words.

‘We are not using the tickets he got for us, I booked other tickets already.’ Rex said, looking at Elvis Richard’s face.

‘Oh!’ Elvis Richards raised his brows in surprise, Rex was beginning to confirm his suspicions.

‘See this,’ Rex added, handing his phone to the man.

‘What’s that?’ the Chief mumbled under his breath as he took the phone. Rex was on the Youngicee Online News Portal.


Elvis Richards’ heartbeat increased immediately after he read the headline. He closed his eyes and took in a long breath, hoping that the headline would have changed when he opened them but it was still the same. He released his breath and shook his head in pity – more of self pity than pity for the Inspector General. Samantha Osman had succeeded in terminating the life of the Inspector General, was it possible for him to escape her judgement?

He glanced at Rex. Yes, it is possible, he answered the question in his mind. If Rex was truly with him, it would be possible to escape Samantha Osman. He knew that Rex may find it difficult to kill Samantha but he was sure Rex was able to stop her from coming to him.

He handed the phone back to Rex without reading the content of the article.

Rex collected the phone knowing the man did not read the content, he decided not to talk about it. He tapped on the screen of the phone and then scrolled to the bottom of the news article to check the related news. He clicked on the arrow leading to the next news article. The new article loaded in less than five seconds. The headline was ‘SSS confirms the absence of the Vice President at his residence’.

He didn’t bother to read further. He picked up his phone and dialled Agent James number. Agent James answered the call immediately.

‘Hey, why have you not been answering your calls? I’ve been so worried and my Dad’s number has not been connecting too,’ James said in a distressed tone from the other end.

‘I was busy man and your father’s phone was switched off,’ Rex replied.

‘What of my Dad, is he okay?’

‘Yes, he is well. He’s with me here.’

‘Okay, I wanted to find out how far you’ve gone. The SSS has searched the Vice President’s Quarters for him this morning and confirmed that he is no longer there,’ James said.

‘Yeah, I know. We’d soon be on our way out of Lagos,’ Rex replied.

‘Are you sure there would be no problems?’ James sounded doubtful.

‘No problems man, your Dad is in safe hands.’ Rex reassured. The Vice President had told him the day before that his job was to make sure he gets out of the country safe without being caught on the way by the police or any other agency. James had already made plans to get him out of the country and lacked how to ensure he wasn’t stopped on the way.

‘I’ll call again, please keep in touch.’

Rex ended the call without replying James. He wasn’t going to keep in touch like James wanted because he was carrying the job all out in his own way and not according to James’ plans. He could not trust James plans to be safe enough.

He brought out an earpiece and his second mobile phone after keeping the first one. He plugged the earpiece into the phone and then switched to his meesaging application. He opened the conversation between him and Nicholas and read through again. He paused when he got to the audio file sent. He read the message above the audio file again. Nicholas had mentioned in the previous messages that Tarasha had brought in Chief Gabriel and was interrogating him. In the message above the audio file, Nicholas explained how he was sent by Tarasha to tie up the man and how he had fixed a recorder under the chair of the man. Rex had listened to the audio before, he played it again. This time to listen carefully and pick out the details.

He forwarded the audio to the point he began to hear Tarasha’s voice, he had taken note of the minutes before. He could hear Tarasha speaking to the man. There was silence for about three minutes and then she continued again, asking him about someone he raped in the past. He heard the man’s voice trying to explain and deny. There was silence for some minutes again until a loud sound of a creaking door. Tarasha asked if the man recognized a woman but the man denied until she spoke some more words, the man admitted knowing her and then began to apologize and then mentioned that he regretted all that he did.

Rex did not need anyone to tell him that the woman was Madam Henrietta, even though Nicholas still mentioned it in the chat after the audio. Nicholas had already told him that Stephanie George and Madam Atinuke were out of the house. The audio made Rex realized that Madam Henrietta was truly important and that was why Tarasha had taken the troubles to come rescue her. He had been wondering about it for a long time. Now, he could deduce from the audio that Madam Henrietta was the person raped by Chief Gabriel. What he did not know was how the issue was a source of concern to Tarasha.

‘You were friends with Chief Gabriel several years ago,’ he turned to Elvis Richards and asked.

‘Yes,’ Elvis Richards replied in soft tones and nodded.

‘Do you know when he once slept with a woman forcefully?’ Rex asked.

Elvis Richards squnited. ‘Gabriel was a lecturer, he slept with several women and girls. I can’t number them.’

‘A particular one he slept with and refused to take her child when accused,’ Rex specified.

Elvis Richards eyebrows gathered together. He turned his face forward and thought for a while. ‘Yes, I knew when he was accused. I was one of those who insisted that he should never accept the baby.’

‘And what relevance does that incident have today?’ Rex asked.

Elvis Richards was surprised at his line of questions. ‘What relevance? it has no relevance today.’

‘Do you know who the girl he slept with was?’

‘Yes, I do. Her name was Adunni Olasunkanmi.’

Rex squinted. He was expecting the man to mention Henrietta. He stared at the man’s face for a while as the man also stared at him. He decided it was best he carried out a detailed research on Madam Henrietta’s profile before asking further questions from Elvis Richards.
Location: Unspecified

‘Good morning sir,’ Dakolo said into the phone mouthpiece.
‘Inspector Dakolo, have you made any progress?’ the IGP’s voice sounded from the other end.
‘Yes Sir, I’ve been making some progress but right now it seems there’s been a full stop.’
‘Full stop? How?’
‘I tracked them to their first stop point, and it appears they only swapped their vehicles at the first stop. The NSCC footage cannot be fetched and no useful data is coming from my source,’ Dakolo replied.
‘You have to find a way to work it out inspector, I believe you can do this. We searched everywhere around and can’t find Elvis Richards, I think he may be trying to escape from the country.’
‘I think so too, that’s the only explanation for him to leave his residence disguised as someone else.’ Dakolo put in.
‘I’ve given instructions already for security to be tightened at all airports, so he can’t escape by flight. And I’ve also asked all officers at checkpoints especially on federal roads to watch out for him.’

…to be continued