Tarasha Season 2 Episode 131




‘What’s up Dave? You seem to be in a hurry this morning,’ Dan said with a questioning look as he walked to his office table beside Dave’s.

‘Nothing really, did I tell you that my girlfriend was in the hospital?’ Dave replied and continued to search for what he was looking for on his table.

‘I remember you mentioned something like that,’ Dan said, placing his hands on both sides of his waist.

‘Yea, that’s the only little problem right now. They need some money urgently to continue her treatment.’

‘So what are you planning to do?’

Dave paused for a moment and stared blankly at Dan, he had no specific answer to the question. ‘I don’t know, but I just have to get out now and do something quick.’ he finally replied, after taking some time to think.

‘How much does she need?’ Dan asked.

Dave paused again, he didn’t expect Dan to ask such a question. ‘Well, about 1.5 million naira,’ Dave inflated the amount in an attempt to scare him off.

‘Do you really like this girl?’ Dan sat and asked with a raised eyebrow. He wondered in his heart why Dave was so concerned about the girl but still visited brothels frequently.

‘Yes, of course.’ Dave replied. ‘Don’t worry about me, I’ll get the money,’ he said and got up to his feet, hoping that Dan would not offer to help.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I am.’ Dave replied. He had finished arranging his table. ‘I’ll be back as soon as I can,’ Dave said as he picked his phone and car key from the table.

‘Okay,’ Dan put his chin on his palm and watched as Dave walked out through the door. He knew something was fishy. He opened the drawer and took out his pistol. Then he got up from his seat and tucked the gun into his pocket.

Dave was on the way to his car when his phone began to ring. He stopped just after stepping into the garage and took the phone out of his pocket.

‘Steph!’ Dave mentioned under his breath before answering his call. ‘Hello.’

‘Hello Mr Dave, Good morning,’ Stephanie George replied from the other end. Dave could feel the smile in her voice.

‘Good morning Steph, it’s nice to hear from you again.’

‘Yes, it is nice to hear from you too.’

‘How have you been?’

‘I’ve been fine, how about you?’

‘I’m doing great. How is school?’

‘Fine, I’m on break now.’

‘Good. I guess you have something good to tell me this morning.’

‘Ermm… I’m actually in Abuja and I found out from your profile online that you’re also based in Abuja. I don’t know if you’re in town now, I’ll like for us to see.’

‘Yes, I’m in town. I hope there’s no problem.’

‘No, there’s no problem but it’s kind of urgent that we see.’

‘Okay, where are you right now?’

‘I’m in Maitama.’

‘Should we make it evening today?’

‘Yes, evening time is fair enough.’



‘Six men?’


Tarasha stared at Cole’s face blankly for a moment, wondering if he could be saying the truth and how the men found them if he was saying the truth.

‘Get Dr Ekwueme to safety,’ she said to Cole before turning back into her room.


Rex watched Stainless direct his men to the sides of the building. He adjusted the mask on his face before firing a shot at the lock of the entrance door. He entered into the living room slowly and carefully, holding his gun up. There was no one in the living room but the TV was on. He proceeded slowly and met no one on the way. He continued towards the passage and stepped in carefully.


‘What’s wrong?’ Henry who was already out of bed asked.

‘We have some men who have come to attack us,’ she replied him as she walked straight to her wardrobe. She opened it and her eyes scanned through for a second, then she pulled down the zip of her gown and released the gown to the floor, leaving her bra and her short tight pant on. She took out a pair of shorts and an armless Kevlar. She stripped them on in less than thirty seconds. She pulled out three pistols from under the bed. She inserted two into the pockets of her shorts as she proceeded to the door. She slipped her foot into a sneakers by the door side before opening the door.


Rex stopped and held his breath as he heard a door open. He couldn’t see the entrance well from the angle he was standing but he knew it was the door close to the exit of the corridor that was opened. He placed his gaze at the floor in front of the door to observe any shadow formed there but couldn’t notice anything except the slight movement of the door.


Tarasha stopped partially behind the opened door. She had heard the sound of steps in the corridor and waited to listen more. She became more suspicious when she noticed the sound had stopped. There was supposed to be no stop in the sound if it wasn’t an intruder who was in the corridor.


Rex held his gun pointed at the entrance, waiting for the person standing there to come out. He kept his eyes dancing to and fro, staying alert for anything coming from behind.

He remained in the same position for more than thirty seconds, then he concluded that the person who opened the door was aware that he was in the passage. He began to take slow steps forward, trying his best to remain noiseless as possible.
She could now hear very low sounds of someone walking towards the place. She raised her gun and made a count of three in her mind before stepping forward.

Rex froze immediately as he saw the shadow of a gun in someone’s hand formed on the floor. He timed her in his mind and knew the exact second she would be out with the gun. He swerved to the left side, hitting his back against the wall as he fired his gun.

Tarasha stepped out in a squatting position, contrary to Rex’s expectation and his bullets flew far over but she also missed him because of his swift movement to the wall.

They fired several off target shots at each other before Tarasha rolled out through the exit. Rex followed immediately but stopped at the wall by the exit opening.

As Tarasha headed towards the room where the doctor was being treated, she heard sounds of gunshots being exchanged at the back of the house.

‘F*** it!’ she cursed in her mind as she knew Cole must have met some of the men at the back and must be having problems with them. It meant the men had penetrated so well before her team found out.


‘Where are you?’ Dave said into the the mouthpiece of his headset, looking around as he walked forward along the side of the road.

‘At TopMost salon, my car is parked in the compound.’ Lizzy’s voice sounded in reply.

‘Okay,’ Dave replied and cut the call. TopMost Salon was just some metres in front of him.

Dave walked into the salon compound and located her car. He joined her in the front seat.

‘Lizzy, why are we here?’ Dave asked, looking at her face. ‘And why have you asked that I arrange with a doctor in a hospital around here?’

Lizzy took off the dark shades on her eyes and dropped it on the dashboard.

‘I think Victor lives here,’ she replied without looking at his face.

‘Cole? You think?’

‘Yes, I’ve traced his location to this road side on more than two occasions and recently that of the girl who called to insult me.’

‘When last did you confirm this?’

‘Yesterday, with her number and with his number.’

‘So, it means they both live on this street? Could she be his wife?’

‘I don’t think so, I think they’re colleagues and lovers. I believe Samantha Osman recently moved their operation here and the whole gang has been here since yesterday.’

‘Huh? Are you sure of what you’re saying?’

‘Yes, I am. I’ve traced both of them here several times yesterday but I wasn’t able to locate the real building they are in, their location disappears when they pass this building.’

‘Oh! That means they’re in a secure building whose force field extends to this place.’

‘Yes, and as far as I’m concerned, Samantha Osman is the only one who has been able to build such secure fields recently. And you know what that means?’

‘What does it mean?’

‘You know what happened yesterday,’ she squeezed her face at him.

‘What happened yesterday?’ he widened his eyes in confusion.

‘Stop acting like a d***, Samantha Osman kidnapped the Inspector General and they also moved their base here yesterday, does it sound like a coincidence to you?’

‘Oh!’ he squinted his eyes and then widened them again. Her words were now beginning to make sense to him. ‘So you think they brought him here?’

‘Yes, isn’t that the logical conclusion to make?’

‘Yes, you’re right, but I still don’t really trust the media reports. I told you that they’ve been telling a lot of lies about her, didn’t I?’

‘Yes, you did but you also confirmed that she visited every of the victim they reported about, you only did not believe that she killed them.’ Lizzy said, staring at him with her side eyes and her lips folded in.

‘You don’t believe what I told you? You think she killed them?’ Dave said to her with a frown.

‘That’s not my point. My point is that if they were right about their report of her kidnapping the previous victim, they should be right about her kidnapping the Inspector General too. At least, they haven’t said she killed him yet and we can stop that from happening if we save the Inspector General before he’s killed, that way we would know who has been killing the victims Samantha Osman kidnaps.’

Dave heaved a sigh. ‘So, what’s your plan?’ he asked in low tones.

‘Have you made arrangements with a hospital already?’ she asked him.

‘Yes, one that’s not too far from here.’

‘Can we drive there now?’

‘Sure, it’s just about ten minutes away.’

‘Okay,’ Lizzy replied and put back her shades on. She turned and stretched to the backseat to pick her tablet device and her phone. ‘The tracking app is running on my tab,’ she said as she gave them to Dave and then pressed the ignition button of the car. She put on her seatbelt and Dave followed suit. ‘You call Victor with my phone to report that I’m sick and in the hospital, or tell him anything that’ll pull him out of the building, then we’d use the security cameras to pick the building he comes out from. We could also make him use his debit card in the hospital for a payment.’

‘Sounds like a nice plan, but we need to plan it better.’ Dave said thoughtfully.

‘You finish up the plan, but you should know we don’t have much time.’ Lizzy replied in an angry voice. She stopped at the gate and honked to get the attention of the gateman.

Just before the gateman opened the gate. The sounds of gunshots were heard from the surroundings. Dave and Lizzy flashed quick looks at themselves.


Henry was in his room when he heard the sounds of gunshots exchange from the corridor. He knew it must be between Tara and one of the intruders. He stood behind the door of his room, holding his pistol in his right hand. After some seconds, the gunshots ceased and he heard the sound of movements towards the exit of the corridor. He stayed for some more seconds before he decided to step out of the room.


Rex turned back swiftly as he heard the sound of a door. It was the door before the one Samantha’s room. It was being opened slowly. He turned back and pointed his gun towards the place.


Henry stepped out of the room slowly with the gun in his hand raised. He looked towards the right first and just as he turned to the left, his eyes met with the eyes of the man in the mask. He tried to shoot but it was too late, a bullet was already coming his way.

To be continued