Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 37


Just when they left, like a flash they were all in linshiel’s
favourite garden. He looked around seeing just spencer and isaiah.
Dashiel: were’s linshiel?
Isaiah: i have no idea! I think he’s……he wasnt done with his
statement when dashiel vanished.
Katherine: ethan!!! She screamed abit but he was gone already.
his army was divided in 2, one which was lead by a dark smoke and the
other which he lead himself. He was bent on destroying the city while
the rest of the army went in search of dashiel.
Just then someone stood in his path, masked in dark hoodies. Which
angered him the more.
Doza: who the hell are you he said stepping forward as his black robe
swept the floor.
Linshiel: linshiel sweizer he said with a smirk taking of the hood.
Doza: hmmm i must say you are really brave to have survived once. But
consider this a total act of foolishness showing yourself to me. Kill
Linshiel: just this time you are gonna pay doza! he said unshealthing
his swords as he was soon surrounded. He yelled angrily giving the
first man killing slash with the edge of the sword. That moment they
attacked relentlessly.
Doza carefully walked away, he had no business with linshiel, he
wanted dashiel and he was gonna get him.
he was back to the house to see a huge number of doza’s army turning to leave.
Dashiel: dumb assess!! He yelled as they halted. Looking for me??
He asked a question not expecting answer, as he stood there
smiling like a crazy person.
Smoke: hmm i see you survived, you wont be so lucky this time.
Dashiel: hahaha oops am so scared!! How are you even talking?? Eeeww!!
He said with a squeeze face like he was irritated.
Smoke: i’d kill you!! he thundered as he flew angrily toward him.
Tearing his stomach open as he fell. You are no match for me dashiel!
Dashiel: hahahaha he laughed excitedly sitting on top of the roof. I
should have know you were also blind dummy!!
His last words really angered the dark smoke as its tail region
turned into flames.
Dashiel: easy dude! Trust me you dont wanna do that. Am gonna make
this easy for you guys. Drop your weapons and am gonna spare your
lives!!!! He yelled angrily this time.
Smoke: attack!!! It yelled angrily.
Dashiel: your choice! He said landing in front of them, unshealthing
his sword as he ran in their midst his left arm burned in really hot
flame and the right weilded the sword. As he cut and burnt anyone who
came close enough.
katherine, spencer, trix and isaiah was still in the garden when they
heard distant cries.
Katherine: whats happening.
Trix: i’d go check it out just stay here she said.
Katherine: no you might get hurt.
Trix: i’ll be fine she said with a smile.
All anger, hate and resentment he held inside for years, he’s finally
got the opportunity to take them out on someone. It was a matter of
time before a whole army was destroyed by dashiel’s anger.
He turned slowly to the dark smoke, what it gonna be?? He said
with a smirk.
Smoke: it stared in shock! You grew stronger?
Dashiel: bow! He said with authority.
Smoke: it knew within itself dashiel was fully ready to absorb the
power of the crystal cave. You might be powerful dashiel! But we’d
always be one step ahead of you it said and then vanished.
He was taking a stroll when we a dark smoke appeared in front of him.
Smoke: my lord!! Dashiel is fully ready to absorb the power of the
crystal. We have to destroy it!
Doza: am gonna crush him to powder, he said with an evil grin.
Smoke: i’ll see the crystal cave is destroyed.
Doza: he killed my son, am not in hurry to kill him. That garden over
their. He said pointing at lin’s favourite garden.
Smoke: yes?.
Doza: i want everyone in it alive, i’ll kill them myself he said with
a grin and make him watch.
the last words of the dark smoke still echoed in his head. No matter
how hard he tried he was unable to comprehend.
Dashiel: the cystal cave!! He yelled abit as he vanished imediately.
Linshiel fought tirelessly but then something weird happened the men
were beginning to retreat. They teleported one after another. He knew
they were sumourned by doza, but why he thought, he decided to located
dashiel imediately when he realized they were up to something.