Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 36


he stood in his room staring out of the window, when he felt a really
strong sensation.
Dashiel: doza! He muttered angrily shutting his eyes and tighting his fist.
Katherine and trix walked into living room together, just then
ethan appeared behind them.
Dashiel: mum
katherine: she was shocked abit, holding her chest as she turned his
direction. Whats wrong son?
Dashiel: doza is on his way here he said calmly.
Katherine: she stared at trix for a while and then drifted her gaze
back to ethan. Doza? She asked in shock.
Dashiel: there’s no way am leaving you in here. He’s not alone, you
have to be safe mum.
Katherine: the seriousness in his voice erased all questions in her
head. We cant possibly run away without spencer.
Dashiel: i know just were you’d be safe come with me…
Katherine: and you?? Do you think am gonna be fine, when you are killed.
Dashiel: mum!! There is no time!! He yelled furiously.
Katherine: am not leaving! She yelled back. While trix just stared at
them quietly.
Dashiel: nothing he said seemed to work on her, either way he wasnt
gonna give up just soon.
It wasnt difficult finding linshiel, who seemed to be getting ready
for a battle.
Isaiah: whats going on?? He asked confusedly.
Lin: he stared at ethan’s dad. I know everything its turning out so
weird but now isnt the time for questions and answers.
Spencer: whats happening
Lin: doza is coming! Dashiel killed his only son, its only a matter of
time before he unleashes hell on earth. I’d advice you find yourself a
safe place to hide.
Spencer: he knew deep down within him self he could actually do
nothing but he wasnt gonna sit back.
Just then Isaiah exhaled really hard when he was caught up in
another trance.
Spencer: whats happening to you? He asked in horror when he saw his gold pupils.
Isaiah: they are here already, the house is being surrounded!
Spencer: what house!!
Lin: i have to go now.
I got into the cave to find some ancient scrolls well arranged beside
a rock. At this point i was left with my own instinct. I got closer
picking the first scroll, i found writtings like the one’s on the
scroll i had at home.
There was absolutely no way i could understand those write up.
The thought of being stuck in here and being alone forever made me so
angry!!! I tried so hard, pushing myself like never before, every
failed attempt made me angrier, knowing my chance of leaving this
place was thinner.
Once in a while i saw myself taking out my anger and fustration
on the walls of the cave as i kept on picking totally different
scrolls and keep getting same negative result. After exhausting almost
all my energies i sat still on the floor, giving up was not an option.
I tried relaxing by taking a really deep breath. Just when i
picked a scroll after another i found same matching strange letters
used interchangeably in each scroll.
I decided to take a walk around the cave. And then i got to a
point were i saw ancient writting on the wall. Sesian alphabet was
translated to english alphabet. Yes!!!! I yelled loudly! This is all
need! I ran back, grabbed the scrolls and then returned to that exact
spot. I carefully translated each words in english, it did took a
whole lot of time but i was becoming acquinted with those letters.
Just when i was done i realized it contained detailed tips on how
to use my abilities. Without wasting further time i began practicing
so hard. I could tell from this point the scroll at home thought me
Their slight arguement lasted for a while and they resulted to staring
at each other. Before anyone could fortell what exactly was going on,
the whole house was surrounded.
Katherine and trix stood their as they watched some strange men
walk in the house with strange weapons.
Dashiel: shhhh…… He said to them placing his hand on his lips.
That was quite a difficult thing to do, atleast not when some
armed men, who’s out to hurt you is coming your direction. He kept his
gaze fixed on them still gesturing dont move. Despite how hard it was
they stayed calm. They were totally suprised when the men walked
passed them, searching every corner of the house and then declared the
house empty!
Katherine and trix just stared at dashiel, looking totally shocked.