Silently Deep Episode 9


“You look sad Sir, is anything the matter?” Natalie asked as I sat silently in the couch.

That was a day Cleo was to be burried and even though i tried to hide how i really felt it was evident I was hurting inside.

Love can be crazy sometimes, here I was feeling sad for the woman that i knew so well was crazy in the head. In all honesty I had wished i caught her and place her in prison. This might sound crazy but I loved her that much. I hoped to be seeing her even from afar. Now that she was gone for good I couldn’t help but feel bad.

My suspicions of foul play were cleared as the DNA test comfimed the woman was Cleo, her mother was so devasted at the loss of her only child and all back ground Check pointed towards suicide.

Well, I figured it was time to let go of my obsession with her. I had loved her since high school and now I hoped to start leaving my life. Just maybe I would find happiness.

“Sir are you okey?” Natalie patted my hand shaking me off my sad thoughts.

“Yeah, am fine, am okey” I sighed.

“This person who died must be special to you huh?” She Asked her eyes with compassion.

“I lost a dear one once, I can relate to your pain. ” She added after a moment of silence from me.

“Hmm whom did you lose?” I asked her avoiding to answer her initial question.

“My father and of course my husband. It is quiet weired that after what he did to me I still feel sad about everything. ” She sighed sadly.

“Well, I got to go for that funeral now, are you done? Maybe can drop you at your house?” I asked standing up.

“That is very kind of you sir, let me just get my small bag” she smiled standing up.

Clad in a slim fitting cotton dress in black and some white pumps. Her dress code made me look at her twice. She seemed well dressed for a maid but I figured she was spending most of the money I used to pay her to buy herself clothes.

Like to answer my unasked questions, she looked at me as she sat in the front seat of my car.

“I started a little business at home. I have hired a boy to sell some fruits for me whilst I work around. I had to keep myself up headed you know” she smiled looking ahead the road.

“Natalie?” I called her looking at her side face as she kept on the road ahead.

“Sir?” Said turned to look at me and quickly looked away.

“Would you love to come stay with me?” I asked without thinking twice about my words. What I actually intended to say was that she was beautiful, but I don’t know where it came from I just found myself inviting her to stay with me.

“What?” She asked shocked herself.

“Oh, I mean can you become a full time worker and stay by my house, you know instead of you moving to and from every weekend. I just thought that maybe you would love to become, you know, full time…”

“I will be honoured sir” she cut my stammering short.

“I would really love to work a full time Job sir” she shly responded looking down her fingers.

“Well, thanks.” I smiled nodding my head.

“So when you are ready you can come over the house.” I added as I dropped her off some road in one of the shanty compounds in Lusaka.

“Theo, what are you doing? ” I hit my head a little bit as I drove away

I looked in the side mirror and saw her standing there waving sheepishly at me.

I hooted just to not make her feel awkward waving at a car.

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The burrial for Cleo attracted some social media guys and a few spectators who wanted to confirm The woman who killed her husband and friends was dead.

I walked to the side where her mother was seated with her friends and a few family members crying.

“Am sorry for your loss mam” I whispered.

She looked at me and wiped her tears with a soft hank.

“You should have saved my daughter Theo, you had the power to do so but you threw her away when she needed you the most” she shook her head at me.

“.sorry but what was I was supposed to do to help your daughter? She killed my friend and went into fugitive. Please do not put this on me her own guilty conscious killed her. ” I responded calmly.

“I hope you are happy now, I lost my only child and the man who could have helped save her life seems so at easy with everything” she whsipered back at me.

I didn’t want to pick up some argument with her so I slowly walked away from her and stood at a distance watching as they lowered Cleo’s body into the grave. I could not stay to hear or see the rest of the burial procession. I went back home and drunk myself to sleep.

The following morning i stayed in bed longer than usual. I just made a few calls to some guys and watched some documentaries.

The vibration on my phone made me turn around to pick the phone that I had plugged into the charger.

“Helo” I responded

“Helo Sir!” I heard her calm voice on the other end.

“Natalie” I sighed holding my head with my free hand.

“Yes Sir, I wanted to find out if I can come today.” She spoke.

“Yeah sure. In fact let me come pick you up, is that okey?” I asked trying to sound as mature as possible. I couldn’t have her thinking I was excited she was coming to live with me.


I walked to her house and saw her photos stil hanging on the wall. I needed to help her carry the bags and she invited me inside her two roomed house.

I saw her captured with a man, they were close enough I concluded that must have been her ex husband.

In another, was an elderly woman.

“My mom” she pointed at the frame seeing I was watching it.

“Oh I see” i smiled

“I assume this one is your husband?”

“My ex husband” she corrected me quickly.

“Yeah sure. So where is he now?” I asked walking away.

“I don’t really know but I heard he married another woman and they moved to Northen Province. Honesty I don’t like talking about him” she shrugged.

“It must really hurt I can’t imagine your pain since I have never married myself.” I remarked

“Hm. Really? Why not, I mean you Sir”

“Theodore, just call me Theodore or Theo as called by many” I smiled

She cleared her throat before continuing.

“I wanted to say you are a good looking man and doing fine too. I just wonder why you never married?” She giggled

I laughed out a bit shaking my head before responding.

“Lets just say i never found the right person to marry” I shrugged.

“Well, but you loved someone” she asked immediately looking at me.

“Am sorry am being too ….” She quickly added cutting herself short and went on packing her things.

“It’s alright, if we are going to stay together we need to get to know each other somehow” I smiled still standing this time close to the small window showing some house Behind with a woman washing clothes whilst some small boys played on.

“Yeah I did love someone ” I smiled looking away from the window to her face lifted up at me.

“You did huh?” She smiled blushing.

“Yeah, though it was never complete, she belonged to someone else. Let’s just say it was forbidden love and now it’s all over. ” I sighed my mind going back to thinking of Cleo.

“All over? You are giving up on love. My father used to say the only thing that endures forever is love. That it can never die no matter how painful it can be to love someone” she smiled lifting her bag and placing it by the door.

“Hm I guess he was right only that I can’t have her now. She is gone” I sighed.

“I mean she died” I added seeing she eyed me like confused with what I meant.

“Oh am so sorry Sir, sorry Theo” she quickly corrected herself.

“Yep can we go now?” I asked wanting to change the subject.

She nodded her head and told me she was going to just get her cloths and had out everything in one place so she would be visiting her house once in a while.

“This is my home and I know one day I might decide to come back here. ” She smiled.

“Yeah? Sweet home” I shrugged helping her with the bag as she locked the door with a moltice lock.

For some reason i thought the looks on the faces of the women from the neighbours seemed weird. They watched us till we were at the car.

“You not saying bye to any of them? They seem interested in what you are doing ” I remarked as I got inside.

“I already said bye. That’s how people behave here, am sure you and this car has amazed them and they want to watch” she laughed.

“You are a rare gem” she added and looked at her. Smiling to myself before starting the engine.

“Rare gem hm” I murmured inside my head.

Story continues…