Silently Deep Episode 7


“Theo!” Mwila called out running up the stairs I could hear his feet as he approached.

“Am here!” I responded fastening my zip which Cleo left open.

“What the Fu…..!” He sighs loudly seeing me cuffed to the side cabinet.

“How did this happen my friend?” He asked searching for the keys from his pockets.

“Can you just get this thing off my hands first?” I looked up at him.

“Whoo! Don’t tell me that crazy woman did this to you.” He giggled as he clicked the lock from the cuffs.

“Yeah, she is crazy for sure. She just confessed she murdered her husband. She is the killer we have been looking for” I explained rubbing my arm where the cuffs had left a mark.

“But how did you know? I figured it out after the IT guy told me the address where the pics came from” He asked seriously looking around the room seeing a bottle of wine with a little contents on the floor and a glass besides it.

“Hm” was all Mwila did.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked walking in front of him.

“Am just curious, how did a woman manage to get you from down the stairs upto her room. Cuffed you and sat down telling you all that? then I come here she is gone?” He raised his suspicious eyes at me.

“Um, well, I told you she hit me on the head and disarmed me somehow” I stammered realising how naive that sounded.

“Oh man, I couldn’t believe she was capable of murdering a human being. This whoe thing is disheartening” I remarked as we went on searching the house.

“Listen to me Theo, you are my partner and I really love you. This girl spolied your mind a long time ago and as much as you live with this oppsession towards her, you will never get justice for Cedrick. You cannot tell me a woman overpowered you and managed to disarm you, you have delt with far more dangerous criminals and never was there an incident you allowed someone get your gun man. You have to stay focused am sure the boss will fry you if he comes to know that you had the killer and let her go free.” He scolded me and i knew there was absolute truth to what he was saying.

“This will cost you your job Theo, just look at you, your belt is still open I will not ask how that happened since you were tied up” he shrugged shaking his head.

Realising my belt was still loose I quickly fastened it

“It’s not what you think man, Cleo has gone nuts and….”

“Dammit! Man, she has you in her grip and she knows that. Am going to tell the boss to get you off this case man, this is it. I will not tell him the details of today but I will ask he gives me another partner. I see you are not fit for this case Theo” he mentioned seriously.

“No, no, you can’t do that man please, just give me a chance to make things right Mwila. She manged to fool me this time but I won’t allow that again. I know her and I can help bring her in, please” I held my hands together pleading with him as we stood in the living room.

“No, if you recall so well I told you I suspected something was off with that woman and like always you defended her. You told me I was crazy for thinking she could have a hand in her husband’s death, here we are now” he pointed at me.

“Okay, please, I appreciate you won’t tell the boss about today but please, don’t push me off the case. I need to do this to clear my conscious and help get justice for the person I knew almost my whole life and those two women. You are my friend Mwila, come on don’t be too hard on me” I held his shoulder making him look at me.

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He sighed shaking his head.

“One silly mistake and am telling the boss everything man, am so damn serious” he warned.

“Now, where is the body?” He asked

“What body?” I asked quiet lost

“The body of the woman who was killed today, the photos?” He shook his head.

“Yeah, the body!” I let a shout realising I forgot the purpose of my going to see Cleo.

“You are so wasted you know that? You should look at yourself in the mirror and see how pathetic that woman makes you look” he snapped.

I could not agree with him more, he was right, I felt wasted, my mind was clouded with thoughts of Cleo, but I had to stay light headed for me to acomplish the mission of serving Justice.

We started walking and searching around the house trying to find the body of Tasila.

“I don’t think she had enough time to move the body from here ” I spoke after some time of searching in vain.

“I called the others, they should be on their way to get more information around the house. Meantime, let’s check outside too. You are right, she couldn’t have managed to move the body in such a short period especially her being a woman” Mwila responded.

“Tell me everything she said and what happened when you got here” he asked looking back at me as we walked outside.


“Am not telling it to anyone else, a have already agreed on telling a fake story to cover you up, but I need to know the entire truth if we will have to catch her” he stared at me.

“Yeah sure man, she…” I went on explaining all the details to him.

“Hey! Here! ” I called Mwila out after we split.

In the garrage I found Tasila’s body tied to a chair with lots of cuts on her body.

“God, she is a damn blood killer!” Mwila whistled seeing how mutilated the body was.

“What the hell was this woman doing to this poor lady?” Mwila asked no one in particular. I couldn’t say a word. Right that moment I realised I was a fool to feel sorry for Cleo, she had become a cold killer. I could see from the way the body before us was, tied to a chair with cuts all over. A sharp knife thrown down the floor.

“Cleo Cleo! What are you?” I whispered as we checked the area.

The guys from forensics and other departments were all over the scene as we explained the planned story of how I figured Cleo murdered her husband.

The media guys were all over too taking the photos and asking questions.

“Detective Theodore Simbule! Can you tell us more about this woman. We are meant to believe she was your best friend’s wife and your friend too.” A reporter asked me as they had the camera pointed at me.

I wanted to shove her away but then I realised I could use the media to communicate with Cleo. Knowing her, she was probably tuned in the media to watch what was going on.

“Yeah, you are right Cedrick was more than a friend to me, I regarded his wife as family and whatever happened for her to murder her husband and this woman was not the right thing to do. I will do anything within my powers to get justice. That is what I signed for in this job. I will find her, no matter how much she hides, I will find her” I added with a tone of certainty looking straight at the camera.