Silently Deep Episode 6


I attempted to stab him to death whilst he was asleep, seeing his calm face as he lay there made me withdraw. I wished he was always that calm. I sat beside him holding his face and crying myself out. For almost half an hour he slept peacefully and I kept smiling to myself at how cute he was.

He woke up later on with a start seeing me watch him in his sleep.

“What the hell!” he stunned sitting up.

“What do you think you are doing? You act so creepy the past days and I wonder if you are okey up your head” he yelled at me gulping his stinking beer breath to my face. I held my nose for a second and he crawled out of bed.

“I was telling your mother how pathetic you have become of late, she looks far much better than you “he remarked

“You were telling my mother? Since when do you two talk?” I stood up following him.

“Um… “he looked at me murmuring like someone who was caught doing something wrong.

“Yeah, I talked to her last week, I had to tell her what has been going on in this house, it was a stupid accident for crying out loud” he snapped walking away to the bathroom.

“A stupid accident that lost me my sons you b******!” I screamed following him still.

“You will regret this you know” I pointed at him and I was not bluffing, my insides knew I was being so damn serious.

“You know what your problem is?” he turned to face me.

“You lack self-confidence, you are so wasted you act desperate, you think I didn’t know about your stupid fantasy of having kids to lure me to yourself? Well, I got news for you, am so glad you lost the pregnancy, I didn’t ask you to give me kids, I already have one and you know that I never intended to have any more kids. Look at me, am the only child of mom and dad and am cool with it. I also wanted one child, but no, you were too naïve to get that through your dumb head! You disgust me!” he yelled and before he could move away, with all the strength in me pushed him to the wall. I wanted him to die right that minute.

Seeing he was slowly waking up from his unconsciousness, I quickly went over him pushing his head further to the wall again and again with my teeth gritted. If I say I didn’t have clear intent to kill I will lie to you Theo. I truly wanted him dead, I thought with his death would come my relief from all the horrible pains he had caused me.

Later on realizing he was not moving, I went out of my house and spend the night at my mother`s house. I called some guys to mess up the house for it to look like a robbery and they got away with his car and other valuable things from the house.

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I was speechless, I looked at her now guzzling the wine rapidly as though she was trying to drown the past down to her stomach.

“You killed him with pure hatred” I remarked lost of words.

“Yeah I did, and you know what? Even though I regret what I did a little bit, am glad the world is less a bad man. That fool had it coming, he lived his life like everything depended on him, so” she shrugged causally going to sit back on her bed

“so all these months you made me look for Cedrick`s killer knowing so well you did it?” I lowered my eyes asking her.

“Yeah I did, I wanted you to suffer too, you failed me too. I had to kill Lucy because she discovered the truth somehow, it slipped out of my mouth one time when I met her in town and she wanted to play smart with me.

“You will die like that b****** too” I had told her off and she started accusing me of murdering him. Telling me she was aware of how bizarre I acted towards my husband a few weeks before he died.

I planned for her death too and as for Tasila, that b**** had it coming the moment she started sleeping with my man” she chuckled seriously talking like it was all a game.

I couldn’t find anything to say. I just started recalling every event that came after Cedrick was discovered murdered.

“Theo!” Mwila had called me from the office.

“You have to come with me there has been an incident reported at Mr. Kalonde’s resident” he announced looking a bit sad.

“What happened? Is Cedrick and Cleo okey?’ I asked him closing back the file i was studying for some trafficking case.

“I think is best we go, so you see for yourself” Mwila sighed.

I was almost running to my car, speeding off, I rushed to the house and by the time I was getting there, other officers had the house flooded and busy doing their job getting pictures of the scene. I was told it was a robbery and the man was killed.

“the woman got saved cause she wasn’t home last night as this happened.” The officer who was explaining things to me added.

With force I pushed myself through the people around and my heart stopped seeing Cedrick in a downpour of blood his head almost torn into pieces, there was blood all over the bathroom tab.

descending back on the floor, I held my head.

“Oh God! “ I let a scream.

“Who did this?” I asked looking at our boss staring on too.

“I am made to understand he was your friend” he responded

“Yeah, this guy was more than that he was like a brother to me man, I will find whoever did this to him!” I yelled angrily.

“No, I will assign this to others it’s too personal for you and ”

He could not finish his sentence and I cut him short.

“Am the best person to do it Sir, please give me the chance to find the person who murdered my friend in cold blood” I pleaded standing closer to him.

At the moment my eyes caught a glimpse of Cleo sitting down next to her bed looking so devastated.

“Excuse me” I walked away and rushed to Cleo, upon seeing me she cried out loudly coming into my hold. I held her telling her how horrible it was and comforting her I would find the killer.

“I promise you I will find whoever did this, I know whoever did it is out there and as long as I live, I will hunt him or them till I catch them.” I looked at her wiping her tears.

“You have to find him please, my husband…. My husband is gone, how am I going to live without him.” She sobbed making me shed tears too.

It never crossed my mind to think she was the one who killed him. She always called me sometimes to stay with her. I knew she was finding comfort in me and somehow I felt obliged to be there for her. I vowed to take care of her. Now hearing her confess she killed him left me in shock I didn’t know what to think anymore.

“You really have let me down Cleo, am sorry you had to go through so much pain but it’s my duty to take you into custody” I looked up at her face.

“How are you going to do that given you are the one on cuffs right now.” She shrugged pulling her mouth on me.

“Mwila has obviously been looking for me, as we speak am sure he is on his way here. Come on, end this madness once and for all Cleopatra, you have no way out” I told her hoping she would listen to me.

“You love me still don’t you? You care what will happen to me cause you still have feelings for me” she responded instead moving closer to me.

“Will you stop already, am tired of this haa, just hand me the keys” I sharply spoke but she laughed slowly coming on to me.

In an instance I grabbed her leg and pulled her towards me.

“What now?” she laughed looking at me as I pinned her down with my legs.

“Give me the keys now Cleo!” I tried to yell

“Say the truth man, you want me this close just admit it” she smiled teasing my chest with her free hand.

“Hand me the keys Cleo. Am serious, does this look like a joke to you?”

She struggled to pull her other hand lose and when she did, she got the chance touching my most sensitive parts making me feel vulnerable. She took advantage of the fact that I still was attracted to her. During the investigations I realized I started becoming comfortable with her, if she had not told me that day she murdered Cedrick I could have lost myself to her. She was the kind of woman with that effect on me.

In years I failed to find a woman to marry, even though I never agreed with anyone pointing out I loved Cleo, I defended my actions to not finding the right woman.

Twisting the event from my advantage to grip her till she surrendered the keys, I found myself vulnerably kissing her back, the touch and feel of her wine tasting lips and soft moans as she worked her way through my body left me defenseless.

“yeah, I want you to never forget this moment my love, this body could have been yours, if only you gave me a chance, she leaned forward going down my mid legs and doing what I cannot put in words to my man. I was panting wanting more of her and whatever she was doing on me. I closed my eyes enjoying the moment when we heard a car pulling over from outside.

She quickly went to check who it was and I heard her curse as she grabbed a small bag she had packed from the closet.

“I am not going to jail Theo! Am not!” she looked at me and ran out leaving me panting like an idiot.

“Cleo! Cleopatra! Come back here dammit!” I shouted trying to pull myself loose.

“You are making things worse for yourself, come back I will help you!” I yelled the more but it was silent, she was gone.

Story continues…