Silently Deep Episode 12


It was almost a year with Natalie staying with me. We had started making out, not on any agreed terms but it just seemed like we both approved our attraction to one another. She had even moved to my bedroom.

“Theo!” she called me one evening as we lay in my bed her clinging to me with both her hands.

“Yes dear” I responded holding her fingers in mine.

“We have been together for a good number of months, I want to know what it is that you think about us” she sighed after finishing her statement.

“I don’t understand” I responded as a matter of fact. I know I felt drawn to her and was really falling in love, I just couldn’t get myself to propose marriage to her. I was not ready to take her to my parents as my wife. Somehow even though I hated Mwila`s guts, I always sat down to think through what he used to tell me about Natalie. He was right, I barely knew the woman I was holding in my hands, she told me a few things about herself and I somehow felt I needed more than her stories.

“What is with men? “She answered back making me look at her face as she was now seated her back on me.

“You have been saying you are happy with me and that you love me, I ask what your plans are with me. You act like you do not know what has been going on, well am a woman Theo, I deserve a man who would respect me and treat me with respect” she went on and I realise she was getting upset.

“come on honey, you cannot get mad over this, last time you asked I told you I am not yet ready to settle in marriage. For now am okey with this” I sighed telling her in all honesty.

“ it’s not like you are still a young girl and interested in marriage, you yourself told me you didn’t think you wanted marriage after what you went through” I tried to reason with her rubbing her back.

“I love you Theo, I swear I never knew at some point I would tell this to a man but I cannot avoid what I feel. You have made me realise that the world has better men, I wish I had met you earlier. I mean, am just a maid but you have shown me love in ways that I never imagined. In the past months I have hardly thought about my past. I was telling my mother last time I visited her that I have found love.” She pauses and smiles turning her face to look at me.

“She cautioned me though saying she doesn’t want me to be miserable again. You are not going to hurt me in the end are you?” she asked seriously.

I looked at her for a minute. She looked so sincere in her words I felt guilty. I didn’t want her to think I was taking advantage of her but yet again I didnt want to commit myself till I was sure.

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A week later I was with Mwila at work.

“So my friend, tell me how it is going with Natalie” he spoke playing with a pen in his hand as he leaned back his chair. I closed back the file in my hands and looked up at her.

“She demands more than what we have man, I don’t know …” I responded shaking my head.

“What don’t you know? That she wants to marry you or that you are not so sure about her?” he laughed staring at me.

“I don’t know man, it’s just that this is not how I imagined to meet my wife. Besides she has been married before so I don’t think…”

“What now? You don’t think she is the right person after sleeping with her for more than 6 months? Grow up Theo, grow up man. First it was an obsession with Cleopatra, now this maid. Hm. no my friend, put yourself together, you are 32 years old man you are not a little teenage boy anymore” he told me seriously.

“What am I going to do man, I have fallen in love with this girl even when my mind is not ready to accept her as anything more, and I still feel it in my heart that I love her. I don’t know, it’s the first time am actually getting to love someone and have them with me this close and for a long period. With Cleo it was different cause even though I loved her with all my heart, I could not have her” I tried to explain myself but Mwila didn’t seem to like the idea still.

“Well, like I always tell you it’s hard to advise the man who is in love. All I am saying this time around is that open your eyes my friend, open your eyes and see who that girl truly is.” He shrugged and stood up.

“We can go and check on that case now, am sure the Lab guys got something on those tests.” I stood up too and we both walked out talking about something else.


“Yes, I have not set my eyes on my wife for almost 2 years now, I just returned and she is nowhere to be seen.” I heard a man explaining to the officers at the registry.

“what`s going on here?’ I asked as we approached seeing a woman crying and a man standing next to her giving his statement to the police officer.

“this man`s wife ran away 2 years ago and this is the mother accusing him of having used her daughter in rituals” the officer looked up at us explaining.

I shook my head and walked on.

“There is drama in this place” I chuckled.

“Yeah, the world has gone crazy man, people behave weird it’s sad. That poor woman, she seemed devastated. “Mwila remarked too. We could hear the man explaining himself but we didn’t pay much attention and we had a case to solve.

Story continues…