Silently Deep Episode 10


My days became brighter with the coming of Natalie into my home, I would walk in from work to her smiles. Her warm welcome always made me look forward to going home. She made sure my house was in order, her cooking would catch my nose the moment I would enter the yard.

“hey!’ she called me out as I got down the car, waving at me cheerfully she seemed to have good news for me.

“Hey Natalie! How is it going here?, you look rather happy this afternoon” I smiled walking towards her.

“Yeah. I couldn’t wait for you to get home, I made something special for your birthday” she smiled carrying my work bag.

“My what?” I asked shocked she knew about my birthday. I barely remembered it myself, if not for the wishes from my friends on Facebook I wouldn’t have remembered it.

“How did you know, I almost forgot it myself till I saw it on Facebook” I asked following her inside.

She paused a little bit and sighed with a smile.

“Of course I saw it from Facebook too, I was browsing through just like you taught me and I came across the notification and saw it”

“I see” I chuckled as she casually held my hand leading me to the Kitchen.

She had made a beautiful cake with my names engraved on it, “happy birthday Theo.”

“Wow!” I was amazed honestly. I had not expected such a gesture. With Natalie it was like having a small package that every time you open you discover a little piece of treasure with her. She kept doing things that always left me wondering where she had been, she seemed right in all senses and I started developing some extra ordinary feelings for her.

“Come on, take a bite “she handed me a knife as I kept staring at her still wondering what I had done to deserve such favors.

“Thank you” I managed to say moving closer to the table and grabbing the knife from her. She smiled and moved to give me way to the cake.

“mmmmhm, so nice” I murmured my mouth full. She let a laugh at the way I was munching the cake my mouth full and I set my eyes at her teeth, her laughter making me draw to her I could not hesitate anymore.

“You welcome” she stopped smiling and looked at me now closing back her mouth and I kept reading them imagining how they would taste on my lips. Before I could talk myself out of the thoughts I pulled her closer to me and looked into her silent but deep eyes, every corner of them was calling out to me and I felt my heart race a little bit.

She was actually making me feel nervous in a good way.

“Theo …” she whispered but I didn’t allow her to speak, the attraction between us was so obvious I could see her wanting me too.

In a moment I was lost in her embrace and was kissing her passionately. There was something about her kiss, but I never paid attention so much as to figure out what it was. I let myself enjoy the moment with her.

She wrapped her hands around my neck and I held her waist pulling her closer to me.

There was no going back, I could feel the fire growing between us and her breath told me she was enjoying every bit as much as I was too. I lifted her up to the table and pushed back the cake making sure not to lose hold of her sweet lips my hands holding her tighter like I was afraid she would escape.

“I love you” I found myself whispering between kisses. She didn’t respond but the change of tone in her kiss made me realise she felt something similar. We were tangled getting to each other`s inside skin and breathing heavily like we were breathing our last when Mwila bashed in without knocking as was his habit.

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“Oh Sorry!” he held his mouth with his hands stopping amid his steps and looking at us.

“What the…!” I almost cursed pulling myself away from Natalie my heart beating like it would rush out my chest. Natalie smiled shyly looking down as she struggled to get down the table.

“Theo” Mwila indicated for me walking to my bedroom.

“What is going on here? I thought you said you are not into her man” he asked accusingly.

“I didn’t see it coming Mwila” I looked at him rather mad at him for snooping in at us.

“I mean, I think I love her” I shrugged

“You love your maid? Are you nuts?” he asked pushing me to the wall.

“Yeah I know what she is but I can’t help it. Besides you yourself have said how clever and sharp she seems to be a mare maid. I can’t hold it anymore, she made a cake for my birthday” I defended myself.

“She made a cake? Is that why you were almost banging her by the kitchen table? Cause she made a damn cake? You don’t even like cakes for crying out loud” he shook his head.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I finally find someone I get to like and here you are acting like a jealousy wife” I scolded him going to sit down.

“Listen to me Theo, I have heard of stories with these kind of people”

“What kind?” I cut him

“Maids, servants, whatever the hell you call them. Please go out there and find a decent educated girl that you will get to know better, her background and all, not some random maid you picked from the shanty” he remarked staring at me seriously.

“Am your friend Mwila and not your son, mind the way you utter your words at me, huh. What the hell is wrong with you?” I clicked my tongue getting angry with him.

“Anyway, I have said my peace Theo, I have said my own ohhh!” he added in a Nigerian tone.

“What do you want?” I asked him without wanting him to waste my time anymore, my thoughts were gone to the taste of Natalie`s lips and I couldn’t seem to get rid of her beautiful face filled with desire.

“I forgot to get my file from your car. I need to work on it and I must have left it this afternoon when we went to arrest that thief in town” he responded still shaking his head at me.

“Go get it then” I threw the keys at him.

He shrugged and walked out my room. I stood up pacing around waiting for him to return the keys.

“There you go, I hope you enjoy yourself since you already set your foot in the water” he laughed and left.

I watched him as he drove away thinking about what he just told me.

“I am sorry I caused you that embarrassment” I heard Natalie`s voice as she stood in the door way.

“Oh Natalie there is nothing to be sorry for, in fact I should apologize for coming on to you like that. I mean I shouldn’t have, you know, take advantage of you like that” I told her and her face fall down like she was not expecting me to be disappointed.

“Why not, because am just a simple Grade 12 and a maid?” she asked her tone sad.

“No, no, don’t even say that, what I mean is “ I paused not knowing what to say.

“I mean, I should have not done that out of the blues, we have stayed for over three months together and you have been so good to me and helps me a lot. But I had no right to jump on top of you and kissing you like that without saying anything to you first” I explained myself feeling like an idiot.

“I like you a lot too, am sorry I should have stopped you but I guess it’s a mistake that we both will not repeat” she remarked and before I could respond she walked away.

I raised my hand and opened my mouth to say something but I dropped my hand back sighing deeply.

“Theo!” I hit my forehead trying to think straight.

Story continues…