Shades Of Lust Episode 59 Final


Kelvin’s side of the story continues

22nd of December,

I woke up feeling very nervous and excited at the same time. The previous evening was my bachelor night party which really held all through the night and my friends almost drowned me with alcohol.

As I quickly dressed up for my wedding ceremony, my head slowly played back the fun I had the previous evening with my friends. I smiled as every part of the event played back in my mind.

‘’this is your last night as a bachelor. You got to drink and get drunk for the last time’’ my friends had encouraged me as we took one drink after another. Slowly my mind drifted to a familiar looking lady who wanted to talk to me as I staggered into my room after getting drunk.

Unfortunately I was unable to talk to her because I was drunk and I equally couldn’t recollect how I discharged her. With great effort I tried to picture the lady’s face and after few minutes of deep thinking, I was able to remember who she was. Yes the lady was Emmanuella, Jessica’s friend but just as I remembered who she was I equally got a bit worried over what she came to my party to tell me. Of course she was supposed to be at Jessica’s house that evening and not mine.

By 9am, I was at the church with my family and friends waiting for Jessica to show up with her entourage. I kept staring at my watch as if she was taking eternity to show up while my best man Joe, smiled confidently, calming me with his smile.

‘’they should be here any minute from now, just chill’’ he said softly while my heart pounded as fast as ever. The dream I had some nights back about Cynthia, slowly popped up in my head, putting great fear into my heart.

‘’dear Lord please allow this wedding to go very smoothly. Don’t embarrass me before my friends. Even if I must pay for my crimes, let it be another day’’ I prayed nervously.

As soon as I finished the prayer, Jessica and her entourage showed up, putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Her entrance really was a colorful moment. I breathed deeply in relief while Joe tapped my shoulder. But suddenly something unexpected happened to spoil the fun like I had feared all along.

Three police trucks which came with Jessica’s entourage surprisingly pulled up at the entrance of the church instead of stopping at the car park and as Jessica’s friends and family led her towards where I stood with my friends, about twenty policemen pounced in on everyone, disrupting the ceremony by arresting everyone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like a dream. It looked so unreal.

Shouts and screams soon rented the air while I almost pissed on my trouser as a policeman quickly handcuffed me. But the most painful part of it was seeing a policeman drag my poor father to one of the waiting vans. Tears of pain slowly fell from the eyes.

‘’you guys will pay for this. I will sue the inspector general of police. I will make sure you all lose your jobs’’ Jessica screamed while the whole church premises instantly got rowdy as onlookers and concerned citizens mobilized instantly to stop the police. I just couldn’t protest because I knew my hands were far from clean but what I didn’t know was the crime I was being arrested for. I didn’t have to wait long before knowing what led to my arrest.

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A black SUV soon pulled up and two good looking ladies jumped down smartly. The first lady was a high ranking uniformed police officer while the second lady putting on a black gown with dark sunglasses was no other person than Cynthia. I couldn’t believe it.

Sweat quickly drenched me as my eyes fell on her. Not only was I not expecting to see her alive, I equally never expected to see her so transformed and different. She just looked like a modern version of her old self. Though she was a bit thinner than she used to be but then she looked so elegant and sophisticated that I had a hard time believing it was really her .

She walked towards me and slapped me with great force.

‘’Yes you murdered me but I conquered death. I’m back to make you pay. I hope you enjoyed the party you had last night?, because you won’t be having any in a long time’’ she breathed, signaling to an officer who roughly grabbed and disgracefully threw me at the back of a waiting truck while Jessica who was too shocked and stunned to see Cynthia, collapsed and fainted.

I never thought my wedding day would only give me a straight ticket to hell.

The End of season one.

How much will Kelvin pay for his sins?

Will Jessica fight back?

Do you think Cynthia is capable of putting Jessica permanently in jail?

What of the mystery lady Emmanuella, what really is she up to?

Yes and how about Jude, Pamela and Tracy, how will it all end?

Who will be the last man standing??

Watch out for season 2 SHADES OF LUST NEXT WEEK MONDAY

Story By Valentine (coolvals)



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