Shades of Lust Episode 23


‘’and what gave you the impression that guys can’t survive without sex?’’ I asked, smiling faintly. She said nothing. ‘’what matters the most is what we feel for each other. I respect you. I adore you. I love you and that’s more than enough reason for me to abstain from sex till we get married’’ I answered, kissing her forehead. Her eyes brightened with tears of joy.

‘’that’s so sweet of you. You are such a gentleman. I really do pray nothing comes between us’’ she muttered softly, getting up from the bed. ‘’good night my love’’ she added, smiled and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts and conscience as Pamela’s image flashed through my mind.

I left Pamela in a rough condition and deep down I knew I was yet to see the end of her even though I did the best thing by ending our relationship before it got out hand.


Kelvin’s side of the story continues **

10am, Saturday With the help of Joe, I got some laborers who fixed my fence while I busied myself tidying up my house, especially my kitchen that was tampered with by the hoodlums. I equally used the opportunity to hide the briefcase I got from my late uncle’s apartment because it really was the only new thing I had in my apartment that could probably be the reason I was attacked in such daring manner.

Later in the day, Joe brought a young Fulani guy to my house. ‘’you need someone to watch over your property and this guy here is the man’’ he said to me with a smile as I assessed the innocent looking guy with my eyes.

‘’you have nothing to worry about him. I know him very well’’ he added with a smile while I nodded in gratitude.

‘’thanks Joe; you have shown what a great friend you are. I will be at your gym tomorrow morning to brief you on my date with Jessica’’ I said to him with a smile. He laughed and shook his head.

‘’of course if you come back alive’’ he joked, shook hands with me and left.


The rest of the afternoon was a bit uneventful. All I did was rehearse and reshape the plans I had for Jessica and prepare for the date ahead. Of course as a human being I was a bit nervous and scared. Just like my friend Joe insinuated, she could be behind the attack I had the previous night. She could be a wolf disguised as a sheep. She could be luring me to my death and I had to be prepared for anything.

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By 4:15pm, I was in front of Jessica’s house all nervous and vigilant. She soon appeared at her gate, smiling nicely like a beauty queen.

‘’thanks for coming on time’’ she muttered happily, drew close and surprised me with a hug which calmed my nerves. ‘’I guess you must be wondering what I’m up to?’’ she asked, smiling.

‘’yes of course’’ I replied, returning her gaze.

‘’you see every once in a while, I do take out my time to visit some orphanages and contribute my quota to their survival. It’s also something I always introduce my friends to. Something just struck me to involve you today. We can also use the opportunity to discuss and know each other very well as we drive round the town’’ she explained, smiling deeply and leaving me totally surprised, relived and stunned.

Yes I was totally relieved in one hand and a bit stunned by the reason she just gave. To me she was a high class lady, very charming and probably deceptive. I was all out to get her down but so far her behavior, her character and her heart showed nothing but innocence and purity. I honored her invitation, scared of what she was planning for me only to discover that all she wanted was for me to accompany her on a charity work.

‘’I hope you are not angry at me?’’ I heard her ask curiously.

‘’no of course not’’ I quickly replied. She smiled with relief and signaled to her gateman who quickly came out with some cartons of Indomie noodles, children clothes, provisions and toiletries. My car boot was soon filled up and all I could do was just to stare at her with great admiration. I used the moment to examine my life as I realized that I was yet to give out a single penny to the needy which really was totally bad of me.

‘’you know nothing sets the heart more at peace than helping people in need. Have you ever visited an orphanage before?’’ she asked as we headed to the first orphanage located at Aladinma.

‘’no it has never crossed my mind’’ I answered truthfully.

‘’God blessed you for a reason and the least you can do is to help the needy, to touch someone’s life with your help. You can’t believe the number of kids I’m paying school fees for.’’ She added with a smile while I kept quiet.

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The evening turned out to be a very long and interesting one for me. I got to experience firsthand how an orphanage looked like and how the kids living there were treated. We visited about five of such homes and I ended up donating five thousand naira to each of them which really was nothing, compared to what Jessica gave out. When we got back to her house, late in the evening, she invited me inside for the first time.

‘’I’m really proud of you Kelvin. Not many guys would be happy on what I did. I took you to where you never planned visiting and yet you contributed your quota. So you now have the right to pick out the time and place of our next date’’ she said to me with a happy smile after showing round her impressive residence. I couldn’t believe my ears.

‘’wow that’s so good to hear, but really you taught me a very wonderful lesson today’’ I confessed. She drew close, breathed deeply, hugged and pecked me affectionately.

‘’you are such a wonderful guy Kelvin and I really enjoyed my evening with you’’ she whispered, melting my heart with her action and I kind of trembled before her as I tried so hard to control my emotions.

I so badly wanted to grab and kiss her that moment but luckily I was able to hold back myself. I never planned falling in love with Jessica because she was still my main suspect over my uncle’s death but somehow my emotions were getting on the way and she looked so pure, open minded and honest. It looked as if I was gradually falling in love for the first time. Or could it be lust??

To be continued