Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 7


‘’I did the right thing my dear. It’s now or never’’ she replied softly. I angrily stared at her, uncertain of what to do with the news. I felt like smashing her head with a rock that moment. I had to run back into the sitting room to avoid doing anything I would regret later.

I barely had settled down when Tracy’s call came through, scaring the hell out of me. I stared at my phone, so afraid to answer her call.

‘’what do I do now?’’ I wondered as my phone rang for the second time.

‘’Should I keep on lying or should I just admit the truth once and for all?’’ I wondered miserably.

‘’dear lord, help me’’ I prayed as my phone rang for the third time. I couldn’t get myself to answer her call.
After some minutes, I made up my mind and dialed back Tracy’s number, ready to face the consequences of my deceit. You can’t imagine how loud my heart pounded that very moment or how badly I shook as if I was suffering from severe cold.

‘’is it true?’’ I heard Tracy ask as soon as she picked up my call. I swallowed hard, unable to say a word. Of course what was there to say?. Her question was so direct and on point.

‘’my love’’ I stammered.

‘’is it true?’’ she asked once again.

‘’I don’t understand’’ I breathed, trying hard to build my confidence.

‘’did you betray me Jude?’’ she asked softly, wounding me with the softness of her voice. Her question really pierced my heart like a Greek arrow. My eyes melted with great remorse but my tears were of no use because she wasn’t there to notice.

‘’I don’t understand’’ I stammered once again.

‘’So Pamela is for real after all?. She’s having your child. She’s right there with you. Why Jude, why lead me this far only to dump me in the middle of the ocean?’’ she asked, killing me with every single word she breathed. I just had no excuse to give, no explanation at hand, no lie to tell.

‘’I gave you my love, my life, my soul. I hid nothing from you but what did you repay me with?. Misery, pain, disappointment. You can’t even talk anymore. It’s all good. Thank you’’ she breathed and hung up, shutting me out of her heart with those painful parting words. I tried calling her back but unfortunately her phone was switched off.

I fell on my knees and sobbed. I knew I had lost a treasure, a rare noble woman. A gift God gave me without me asking. I knew I would never get someone like her in my life. I knew it was all over that very moment.
I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly Pamela told her. I badly wished I was in Nigeria. It would have been easy for me if I was close to her.

I rushed out like a mad man and pounced on Pamela who was so shocked to see me looking like a terrified bull. She quickly tried to get up and probably run for her life but unfortunately for her, I grabbed and pushed her with great force, throwing caution to the wind.

She fell heavily on the floor, screaming with great pain. A strong hand quickly grabbed me from behind, surprising me. I turned to see Uncle Tony breathing down heavily on me, the look of disappointment clearly visible on his face. I instantly felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

‘’I can’t stand. Help me’’ Pamela weakly begged from the floor, getting back our attention with her cry.

To be continued