Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 5


I headed straight to Cynthia’s place as soon as I left Joe’s gym. Yes I had a lot to settle with Cynthia. I had a lot of apologies to make. I had to know what happened to her pregnancy. I had to know how she survived the terrible incident. I had a lot of atonements to make. Of course I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task but it was something I had to bravely do.

‘’dear lord I don’t just know what I have became. I don’t even know what to ask of you. Just help me. Just touch Cynthia’s heart’’ I prayed as I nervously drove over to her house. But unfortunately on getting to the house, I couldn’t get to see Cynthia; instead I met a girl I had never seen prior to that moment.

‘’Cynthia doesn’t live here anymore and even if she does, I don’t think she will want to see you. So save yourself the energy and face your new life.’’ The young girl coldly said to me.

‘’so where is she now living?’’ I asked weakly. She scoffed and eyed me.

‘’you must be silly to think that I would give you the address. Men like you are supposed to be languishing in jail if not for our terrible justice system. Why are you looking for her?. To try killing her once again huh?’’ she fired at me. I swallowed hard, feeling very ashamed of myself.

‘’seriously you are very terrible man. What did Cynthia do to you that warranted making an attempt on her life?. She isn’t the first woman to get pregnant for her boyfriend. You just planned with your new girlfriend to murder her and the innocent baby, your blood. You disgust me’’ she screamed and shut the door on my face.

Tears dropped from my eyes as I made my way back to my car. Of course I deserved every harsh word and punishment melted out to me. Yes I was a terrible man. There wasn’t any doubt what I did was very wrong and to Cynthia and her friends they believed I planned the whole stuff without knowing that I was nothing but a victim of circumstance. My phone rang that moment and it was my mother calling.

‘’hello son, I hope you are still coming home today?. We are anxiously waiting for you’’ she asked curiously.

‘’I don’t know mum. I don’t know if I will make it today’’ I managed to mutter.

‘’you better make it because you have a lot of explanations to make’’ She muttered and hung up. I shivered as the memory of all that happened the previous day came flashing back in my head. D–n it just looked like a very terrible nightmare.

I was still battling with my thoughts when I noticed an SUV pull up in front of my car. To my greatest surprise, Cynthia jumped out of the passenger’s side and the car quickly pulled away. I instantly ran after her.

‘’Cynthia please wait. Cynthia’’ I screamed as I ran after her. She stopped, turned and stared at me with surprise. It was obvious she was extremely surprised to see me and yes my heart pounded furiously as I closed in on her.

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meanwhile @Arlington, Virginia USA, Jude & Pamela is still locked in a heated argument
Jude’s side of the story continues

‘’c’mon Pamela ‘’ I screamed.

‘’and as for your Tracy, it’s time we find out how much she loves you. It’s time she knows the truth. I will tell her everything today and if she still wants to be with you, fine I won’t have any choice than to stay away’’ she seriously added, almost causing me a heart attack.

‘’you can’t be serious. It’s not your decision to make’’ I screamed furiously.

‘’it is my dear because my son’s life is at stake here. You are just indecisive’’ she answered quickly.

‘’you are a married woman for Christ sake. Just let me make my decisions myself please’’ I breathed, standing up in anger.

‘’I can’t force you to be with me. It’s pointless fighting over nothing. I’m leaving, since I’m not wanted but I have every reason to tell your Tracy the truth. She needs to know what she is getting into. If she really loves you, it won’t be a problem to her’’ she softly muttered, stood up and grabbed her bag.

I stared at Pamela, uncertain of what next to say. She truly was getting into my head and I just didn’t know what exactly to do with her. I stared at her abdomen, swallowing hard.

‘’you have to at least rest before leaving for the sake of the child you are carrying’’ I muttered quietly.

‘’do you care?. No you don’t’’ she answered with tears in her eyes and left the house like someone under the influence of an evil genie. I never knew she really meant to leave until she left the house and I couldn’t get myself to go after her even though it looked so foolish to me that she would take a long trip to my house and leave so easily, unless of course she had something else planned out.

To be continued.