Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 2


Arlington, Virginia (U.S.A)

My dad’s lawyer was at the house waiting for me when I arrived with Uncle Tony. I really can’t describe how I felt as old memories flashed back in my head the moment I stepped foot into the house. Tears quickly formed in my eyes as I slowly remembered the last time I was with my dad in that very house. I remembered the night we argued about his decision of wanting me to study in Nigeria.

‘’hello Jude. I’m so glad to have you here’’ the young lawyer addressed me politely, quickly interrupting my thoughts. I looked up at him, unable to say a word.

‘’my name is Mr. Emeka Collins, your late dad’s attorney and friend’’ he added quickly while Uncle Tony nervously tapped me on the left shoulder.

‘’I’m really glad to meet you Mr. Collins. I never expected you to be a Nigerian’’ I muttered quickly, forcing out a quick smile. The Lawyer who was almost the same age or maybe a bit older than Kelvin blushed.

‘’everything was properly looked after by me since your dad left the country earlier in the year just like he requested. I believe you will have to first settle down and have a long rest before we can talk business. Here is my card. You can call me anytime but I will be back tomorrow’’ he added politely, nodded at Uncle Tony and left without another word.

‘’my wife prepared something for you. You can come over to my house for lunch after you settle down’’ uncle Tony quickly breathed while I faced him with a look of gratitude.

‘’thanks so much for all you have done for me. You are just like an angel to me’’ I muttered honestly.

‘’please don’t keep us waiting for long. It’s already lunch time’’ he smiled, tapped my shoulder again and left, leaving me all alone to battle with old memories as I slowly went round the house. Somehow I blamed myself for staying away for too long but it really wasn’t much of my fault because a whole lot of things hindered me from making the journey earlier.

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An hour later, I was back at Uncle Tony’s house after making a short trip downtown to get some things for myself. I was warmly received by his wife who surprised me with a local Nigerian meal even though the taste was a bit awkward.

Later in the evening I called my Tracy on phone and spent almost an hour speaking with her. There wasn’t any doubt we were already missing each other and I just wished she was there with me. I equally tried calling Kelvin after speaking with Tracy but the dude never answered my call and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on with him in Nigeria. I kind of felt sorry for him. I spent few minutes wondering how his marriage life with Jessica would be like.

Pamela was the last person I called that very day. Yes I knew it was wrong calling her in the first place since she was nothing but temptation to me but unfortunately I just couldn’t resist the urge of telling her that I was in the country and like I feared, she told me she would be at the house first thing the next day.

By 8am the next day, Pamela was at my house, smiling like a woman who had accomplished everything. She looked so big and different; in fact she was just double of her old size. I couldn’t help but wonder how many weeks she had left before putting to bed. For a minute I couldn’t say a word to her as my eyes fell on her protruded abdomen.

‘’finally you are here’’ she breathed happily as I let her into the house.

‘’I guess this is going to be our new home for now?’’ she asked as if I made any plans with her.

‘’Pamela we really have a lot to talk and yes I appreciate you coming here to meet me. For the sake of our child, we really have to agree on something’’ I stammered while she looked at me with surprise.

‘’I don’t understand?, what’s the problem?’’ she asked curiously, leaving her eyes on me with all seriousness. I swallowed hard as I stared back at her.

To be candid I was very clueless on how to deal with our relationship. I really had no plans for her but I knew I had to reach a good compromise with her for the sake of our child. It was now or never. I had to come up with something reasonable, but what could be more reasonable than marrying her like she wanted?.

The early demise of my mum denied me the much needed love and affection of a complete home and yes it greatly affected my childhood, and my conscience wouldn’t just allow me to deny my child the love of a father. But spending the rest of my life with Pamela would leave me miserable, my future; my everything would come to a hold. How do I settle things once and for all with her???.

To be continued