Shade of Lust Season 2 Episode 18


’dear lord, hope I’m doing the right thing?’’ I nervously prayed as I knocked at the door of Emanuella’s apartment that fateful evening. Of course I really didn’t know what to expect from her. It could be a setup. It could be anything.

Emmanuella soon opened the door, smiling softly as our eyes met. My hormones quickly flared up as my eyes fell on her outfit which was extremely sexy. She was putting on a transparent sleeveless top, which showcased not only a big part of her succulent bosoms but the n.ipples as well (she wasn’t putting on bra). She equally was putting on a very short mini skirt which displayed a big part of her laps. In fact she was just dressed like a lady who wasn’t expecting any male visitor. I pretended not to notice her dressing, forcing out a defiant look as I smiled back to her.

‘’finally you made it to my house. Halleluya’’ she breathed as she led me into her small sitting room which was neatly arranged.

‘’I know my sitting room isn’t the type you are used to but not everyone is as rich as Jessica’’ she joked as I settled down, quickly fetching a bottle of wine from a fridge close by. I stared at the wine suspiciously, shaking my head and trying to be polite at the same time.

‘’that really isn’t necessary. I only came to hear what you have to say about Jessica’’ I muttered softly.

‘’hmmm and what did you bring for me then?’’ she asked with a smile, dropped the wine on a stool and faced me.

‘’hmmmm ok so tell me what you need?’’ I kind of asked with a curious look. She shrugged, sat down and shook her head.

‘’actually Jessica is a very good friend of mine. We have known each other for almost nine years. And she is someone that takes every risk to get whatever she wants. Her banking job was able to introduce her to a whole lot of people. She cashed in on the opportunity and made lots of friends. She has dated up to forty rich guys over the past nine years I have known her and you are the youngest so far. I really was surprised when she introduced you as her fiancée’’ she slowly opened up, stopping for a while perhaps to see my reaction but unfortunately what she just told me wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to hear and I couldn’t stop myself from hiding my disappointment.

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‘’is that all??’’ I asked with frustration. She smiled, opened the bottle of wine and poured out a little for herself. I just was impatient as I waited for her to either continue or tell me that was done.

‘’I known most of Jessica’s secrets but you are not expecting me to snitch on my friend without any compensation in return’’ she slowly muttered, studying me with her eyes.

‘’so what do you want exactly’’ I asked quickly but before she could answer, someone knocked on her door.

‘’please you have to hide in my bedroom, I wouldn’t want any of my friends to see you here’’ she quickly said with a worried look, stood up and virtually dragged me to her bedroom, where she locked me up and returned to her sitting room.

You can’t believe I stayed in there at her bedroom for close to two hours while she chatted endlessly with her visitor. I waited in frustration, so bitter and angry with myself for coming there in the first place.
It was really one of the most boring periods of my life as I simply stayed locked up in her room like a petty thief.

Finally around 6:45pm, she unlocked the door and walked in with an apologetic smile.

‘’I’m so sorry dearie. The annoying girl just refused to leave and I just couldn’t find a way to send her out. I’m so sorry for keeping you here. Thank God she left at last’’ she apologized, drew foreword, held my face with her palms for a while before surprising me with a very hot kiss and instead of backing away, I just didn’t know what got into me and i kissed her back, eagerly grabbing her b00bs that got my attention from the very moment I walked into her apartment.

To be continued