Shade of Lust Episode 57


11:20pm, Jessica’s bedroom

‘’ahhhhhhh you are the man’’ Jessica breathed with satisfaction after a very hot love making. The drinks and fun we had earlier in the evening was so much in our system that we had to ease out the tension immediately after our friends left by fuc.king the hell out of each other.

‘’you always bring up new moves’’ she whispered, bit my right ear and climbed out of the bed. She headed to the bathroom, where I joined her minutes later.

‘’so what’s your plan for the future?’’ she asked as we showered together.

‘’in few days, we will go see your people. By second or third week of December we should be getting married’’ I answered softly. She smiled, squatted and grabbed my joyst.ick for another super blow job. There wasn’t any doubt that she was extremely happy with everything.


Jude’s side of the story continues from the next day
7:30am, Tracy’s house

As I was getting ready to head back to Owerri after spending the previous day in Tracy’s house, I got a call from Uncle Tony.

‘’hey Jude, how are you son?’’ he greeted with his half American accent.

‘’I’m fine sir, good morning’’ I greeted happily.

‘’there is a little development my boy; I will be heading back to the states on December 20th instead of January I earlier planned. So please I hope you still have your travelling documents with you?. Get yourself ready, by 17th of December you will join me in Lagos. I’m sorry for changing your plans’’ he said calmly.

‘’thanks very much sir. I will start getting ready’’ I answered while he hung up. Tracy walked into the room that moment with a smile on her face.

‘’good morning dear. You just woke up?”’ she asked.

‘’no I have been up for About thirty minutes’’ I replied. She drew close and hugged me.

‘’uncle Tony just called to tell me that we will be travelling out by 20th December which should be about three weeks from now’’ I said to her softly. She quickly frowned.

‘’I really will miss you’’ she sulked.

‘’me too’’ I breathed.

‘’something just came into my mind. How about we check your dad’s suitcase, perhaps we can find something that will be useful when you travel out to meet his lawyer’’ she suddenly suggested. I nodded in agreement as the idea settled in my head.

‘’but I think I have checked out that suitcase before’’ I murmured.

‘’are you sure?’’ she asked. I kept quiet.

‘’let me go get it’’ she whispered to me, winked and left the room with a smile. I smiled back at her. Seriously she was the only valuable family I had in my life at the moment.

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She returned a minute later with the bag, sat on the bed and emptied the contents of the suitcase on the bed. A diary instantly got our attention and I couldn’t recollect ever seeing it in the suitcase. I nervously grabbed the diary and opened it but the first few pages were empty. I stared at Tracy with surprise. She reached forward, grabbed the diary and slowly went throw the pages until she got to a page, stopped and stared at me with open mouth. I quickly grabbed the diary from her and read out the words written on the page.

‘’January 17

I finally secured a red bungalow today at Worldbank housing New Owerri. I can’t wait to furnish the property ’’

I read out the words aloud while Tracy shook her head with disbelief.

‘’I can’t believe this ‘’ I screamed.

‘’this suitcase has been with your cousin all these while, do you want to tell me that he didn’t see this diary?. Something isn’t right. Yes I think he knows much about your father’s wealth but probably kept quiet for a reason best known to him. If not that he voluntarily gave back this suitcase to you, I would have thought he’s the criminal behind the whole saga’’ Tracy breathed intelligently while I shook with disbelief.

‘’I think the best thing to do is to take this suitcase back to America and present it to your dad’s attorney. I think he will be in the best position to advise you’’ she slowly added, while I stared at her, unable to say a word.

There wasn’t any doubt Kelvin knew a lot he failed to tell me and probably gave me back the suitcase for me to find out things for myself.

‘’I think I need to have a long chat with Kelvin’’ I slowly muttered.

‘’my love I don’t think that is necessary. Simply present the suitcase to your dad’s lawyer or better still to Uncle Tony. Your cousin Kelvin isn’t the man to trust. Everything about him is so weird’’ Tracy argued with great energy. I looked into her eyes, unable to say another word.

My cousin Kelvin gave me money, shelter and a new life but then he held back something I badly wanted which was nothing but the truth. He kept the truth away from me. For what gain?

To be continued