Shade of Lust Episode 55


’do you feel your parents won’t give their approval?’’ Jessica asked after few minutes of silence. I shrugged.

‘’you never can tell’’ I muttered. She stared at me for a while, fell back on the bed and backed me. I equally said nothing to her, instead closed my eyes and buried myself with my thoughts. I really had a whole lot to think and yes I was about stepping into something that could cost me my happiness and probably my life.

The next day, I woke up to see her staring hard at me.

‘’good morning’’ she greeted pleasantly.

‘’hi dear’’ I breathed, yawning lazily.

‘’by what time of the day are we heading to your village?’’ she asked softly.

‘’I think by 11am we should be on our way. But I have to first go to my house, pick up few things, head to the bank for a little transaction before coming back to pick you up’’ I answered.

‘’that’s cool. I will be here waiting then’’ she muttered with a smile. I couldn’t help but notice that she was full of excitement. Somehow my thoughts wandered towards my late uncle and what probably must have transpired between them that led to his death.

On the outside Jessica looked very beautiful and innocent but deep inside she was vicious and deadly. Perhaps If not that I witnessed how she dealt with Cynthia, I would have still been fooled by her outside character.

Yes I guess I look stupid by planning to marry a lady with such scandalous past. But to me that moment, it looked like the only way out of jail term, poverty and uncertain future.

I left for my house minutes later, where I arranged some stuffs before heading to the bank for a quick transaction, but unfortunately there wasn’t any network at the bank which kind of delayed my transaction.
I finally showed up at Jessica’s house by 12:15pm.

‘’jeez you really frightened me. What happened?’’ Jessica asked as soon as I walked into her sitting room. I couldn’t help but notice how agitated she was.

‘’I got delayed at the bank and I couldn’t answer your calls there’’ I answered truthfully.

‘’I was worried, I couldn’t help but feel that you changed your mind’’ she confessed.

‘’anyway let’s go to the backyard, I want to show you some things I got this morning for your parents’’ she quickly added, smiling happily. I gasped with disbelief.

She quickly reached forward, grabbed my hand and led me to the backyard where a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil, ten tubers of yam, three pieces of wrapper and a small bag packed with dry fish was lying at a corner. I froze with shock.

‘’what in the world!’’ I exclaimed.

‘’they are all for your parents. I guess first impression matters a lot and I want to create a very good impression to them’’ she added, signaling to her house keeper who quickly came forward and began taking the foodstuffs to my car. I couldn’t utter a word for a full minute.

‘’why are you suddenly dumb?’’ I soon heard her ask.

‘’nothing’’ I managed to stammer.

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The trip to my house was really a silent one. We just were preoccupied with our thoughts to chat with each other.
‘’what if my dad recognizes her as the girl my late uncle brought home earlier in the year?. What sort of explanation do I give by wanting to marry her?’’ I wondered over and over.

I couldn’t believe that an innocent investigation to find out how my uncle died, ended up dragging me into wanting to marry the prime suspect. From every angle I viewed myself; I saw the image of a very stupid man.

By 2pm we arrived at my village home, where my mum and dad came out to welcome me. Of course they all rushed out to welcome me due to the fact that I was coming home with a woman for the first time in my life. And as I brought out all the foodstuffs Jessica bought, they couldn’t help but gasp with great surprise. My mother even did a little dance for us while my dad kept staring at Jessica as if he recognized her, something that made my heart skip very much.

‘’my daughter, you look very much like someone that I have seen before but I know it isn’t possible, maybe it’s just the joy of seeing you with my son that made you look so familiar to me’’ my dad said to Jessica as soon as we settled in the sitting room. I quickly changed the topic.

‘’dad you can’t believe she was the one that bought all the foodstuffs. I was really surprised when I went to pick her up this morning and she brought out everything’’ I quickly narrated, expertly changing the topic. My mum drew close and hugged her again while my dad smiled, throwing her another quick look.

We stayed about three hours with my parents before getting ready to leave. My dad expertly dragged me to his room to have a quick word with me. My mum equally joined after some minutes.

‘’she looks a bit advanced in age and equally level headed. I bet she looks like someone I have seen before but I’m not sure where’’ my old man breathed seriously.

‘’maybe you sure her in your dreams ‘’ my mum chipped in smiling.

‘’silly woman’’ my dad cursed her.

‘’old man, you are not happy I’m still managing to leave with you’’ my mum fired back.

‘’and where will you go if you leave me?’’ my dad asked, laughing at her.

‘’please dad, do you like her or not?’’ I breathed seriously. My parents exchanged glances.

‘’if she will make you happy, then yes we will support and bless your union’’ my dad muttered, leaving a smile on my face.

I returned to the sitting room with my parents to see Jessica’s eyes searching me seriously. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her mind at the moment. Yes I was happy in getting my parents approval but deep down I was still nervous about spending the rest of my life with Jessica.

Do you think the marriage will hold?

To be continued