Shade of Lust Episode 50


‘’so what exactly do you do for a living?’’ the police officer asked me, ignoring my lawyer.

‘’I’m into transport and real estate ‘’ I answered quickly.

‘’and what exactly gave you the capital for such business?’’ he asked, unsettling me with question but luckily my lawyer quickly came to my defense.

‘’why exactly are we here?. If my client is under investigation you better open up to us. He won’t answer any more questions unless you tell us the reason we are here?’’ he quickly broke in while the officer smiled coldly. Of course I knew my lawyer’s interruption made him angry but he had no choice than to maintain his calmness.

‘’your client is under investigation by the EFCC. I’m working with them to break up a very robust crime syndicate. Your client’s name and profile came up as a person of interest. For now we have nothing strong against him but I have every power to question him and please don’t interrupt me again’’ he said to my lawyer who scoffed.

‘’yes you have every right to question my client and that should be on his own terms since you have nothing particular to nail him with, so if you wish to question him again, you have to ask politely and he has every right to accept or reject speaking with you until at least you come up with a petition or something that can warrant us being here against our wish. For now we have to leave because my client is a very busy man and he isn’t ready to talk about his financial status to anyone. I advice you go on with your investigations and only disturb us when you have strong evidence linking him to any crime’’ my lawyer said and stood up while I shrugged and stood up with him.

Of course I was very impressed with his defense. I really wasn’t ready to speak with the policeman concerning my financial status because I wasn’t prepared for it.

‘’don’t let your lawyer deceive you Mr. Kelvin. He is only buying time. We both know that you are a criminal. It’s just a matter of time. You can go for now but know that you just made my work very difficult and it won’t end well for you’’ the officer threatened, leaving me totally scared with his words but I maintained a defiant look and left his office with my lawyer.


‘’I really don’t know how deep you are into crime but I advice you leave the country with the little time you still have. Once a case gets to the EFCC, it’s always very hard to face them in court. You could be remanded in prison throughout the duration of the case/hearing. As a lawyer I can defend and get you out in the end but it’s a fifty-fifty chance thing’’ my lawyer advised as we headed back to Jessica’s house while I tried to figure where my deal went wrong to have attracted the EFCC and police.

I very much was good at my scams and i always made sure not to leave loopholes unless of course someone snitched on me.

Leaving the country really was the last thing on my mind but with the way things were happening, I had no choice than to start looking towards that direction , unfortunately the big question was, ‘’how long would I be on the run and how long would I survive over there?’’.

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Jessica hugged me as soon as we got back to her house. The expression on her face showed how anxious she was.

‘’so how did it go?’’ she quickly asked the lawyer, who shrugged, breathing deeply.

‘’the EFCC and the police are building something against him. They have nothing concrete for now but it’s just a matter of time. This kind of case always drags for too long and most probably ends badly for the victim. I think he should consider leaving the country for now till the case dies down’’ he muttered slowly.

‘’don’t worry. Thanks for your time. I will handle it’’ she replied while the lawyer shrugged and left without another word.

‘’I know you are so scared?’’ she asked me. I nodded, saying nothing. I just was so stunned over the whole thing. I just wasn’t myself.

‘’we have to act now. You need me more than ever. We have to get married as quickly as possible. As your wife I stand a bigger chance of pulling strings for you. You can’t imagine how easy it was for me to get into your bank records and transactions, talk more of the EFCC. You need a front to cover your shady deals and no one is in a better position to stand in for you more than my very self. We have to do this together as one. I will also have to take charge of your accounts to prevent this sort of issue from happening again. You are a very good scam artist but you aren’t good at covering your tracks.

Leaving the country isn’t even an option unless you plan staying out forever. Secondly you are not in this alone. Your friends and even your cousin Jude could be jailed. I know you won’t want that for them. You have a decision to make. You have little time my love’’ she breathed quickly.

I couldn’t believe it was all happening. Once again it was as if my life was in Jessica’s hands. It was as if fate had a way of always leaving me under her control. I couldn’t imagine leaving my finances under her care. She could end up killing me like she probably did Jude’s father but then her actions and body language were that of a woman in love.

What do I do know?

To be continued


  1. I think this whole police case against Kelvin is being backed by Jessica, she wants to marry Kelvin so that he doesn’t snitch when the truth comes out. Anyways am not visiting this story for the next three days till more than 5 episodes are uploaded… thank u

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