Road to Destiny – Wednesday(16/11/16)



In today’s episode, 
Pedro and Fernanda arrive home to meet the place empty seeming like robbers attacked them because not even a pin is there and also Pedro Jnr is gone. This brings fear and panic to them. 
In the same vein, Maribel is seen with Pedro Jnr in an open area with all of Pedro’s items and selling them with Pedro Jnr beside her. Havier arrives from nowhere and bumping into her, becomes shocked to see her with all those things and also with Pedro Jnr and he thinks they have to gather everything to go home because he really feels frustrated that his patient is still not helping to overcome her weakness and Maribel looking so ashamed promises that she wouldn’t do that again and quickly Fernanda arrives and they go straight home.
Maribel apologizes to Pedro and says in case he wishes to send her away, she is ready to leave because she admits that what she did wasn’t right at all and Pedro thinks sending her away will only worsen the situation and also he sees her as part of his family. Maribel quickly hugs him but he makes her stop and states that embracing him will not stop him from scolding her since what she did was really uncalled for and Maribel admits it and feels sorry. 
Solorzano tells Luis not to feel so comfortable with the case because everything seems to going in his favour and Luis states that, his only problem is Isabella because if indeed she agrees to testify in his favour then that is it and Solorzano thinks it’s true as Isabella is in love with Carlos and knowing that if she goes for him will only make her lose Carlos for good then it could be really dangerous for Luis. 
Lucero also looks so dejected since Diego hasn’t return in days now and also the door is still locked meaning it’s also impossible for her to come out of the place and she keeps on reflecting on her mum’s advice and the saying comes, “had I known is always at last”.
Mother Rosaura goes to tell Fernanda and Pedro about the situation concerning Lucero’s disappearance and she reveals to her that she knows where she stays because she remembers going there one day to look for her and Rosaura looks so happy. So she and Pedro go with the police to the apartment but after breaking into it, Lucero wasn’t in. 
Olivia asks Diego that she heard he has a wife already who is a school girl but Diego tells her that he broke up with her because after marrying her, he realized she wasn’t the type of lady she wanted and she is even gone. She asks him if he still thinks about her but he says he doesn’t have her in his mind again.
In the same vein, Lucero has arrived in a remote area and Diego opens a wooden cage for her to stay in and he thanks her for obeying his command to come right to the place and she says she only obeyed to come because she was afraid if not he will kill her but it wasn’t for love since she doesn’t even recollect loving him. Now all she wants is for him to let her leave but he says no and she asks if he left the apartment to escape from the police and he says YES because her mum reported him to the police and now they are after him but he won’t let her go because he truly loves her. He then left and locked her in that cage and she cries loudly for help. 
Lucero’s mum becomed so desperate since her daughter has still not turned up but the police, Fernanda and Pedro ask her to calm down because as it is, the man can now be said to be a criminal since another girl Olivia is also missing in the school but they are hoping to rescue all of them.
Henan is called by the detective in search of Camila and according to him there is a girl who fits into Camila’s description and the fact is that girl is dead and Henan thinks with the death of Camila all his hope is lost and Amelia calms him down and asks him that they go together to check the corpse.
The court sits on the case again, and Isabella mounts the stand and she rather lied to the court that Luis had no intention to kill Marissa but to make up only for the betterment of their marriage and she even asks Marissa to go back to Luis as he deeply loves her so much and now all hope is lost for Marissa. And so, the court declares Luis innocent since there was no prove to back their claims and he says, justice has indeed been served.  
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