Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 14


Selorm managed to wash the pain off his eyes and joined them at the door.

Joojo what is it? Why are you yelling at my wife? Selorm asked.

Bro I overheard you screaming. Joojo worriedly responded.

Is that why you should disrespect the woman I call a wife? Joojo, as you can see, I am very fine and this should be your last time of talking to her that way. Selorm cautioned.

Fine bro! I thought I was being caring. He answered.

No baby husband, you were rather being nosy and I suggest you stay off our marriage! Emefa teasingly cautioned and locked the door behind them.

Emy why did you do that? Why did you pour the hot tea in my eyes? Selorm asked.

You are lucky Selorm! The next time you make that sugary tea for me again, I will blind you with it. She threatened and walked out on him to bed.

Selorm sadly dressed up and left for work while Emefa wore her sexy morning dress and laid in bed with her laptop playing some cool music into her ears.

She called her shop from time to time to give them orders.

In two hours, Joojo angrily walked to her.

Hello baby husband, I’ve been waiting for you for too long. What brings you here? She seductively spoke.

Angela, what in God’s name are you doing to my brother? And may I know your mission in this house? Because I still don’t get it! Joojo questioned in anger.

What don’t you get Joojo? The fact that I am married to you or your brother? She asked.

Both Angela! Why did you change your name? And why did you tell my brother you are from the Volta region when in reality, you are an Ashanti? Joojo confusedly questioned.

Joojo, where I come from shouldn’t stop my destiny from shining. What matters is we are all here together happily. She answered.

Happily? Angela did you say happily? Have you for once bothered to look into Selorm’s eyes? The pain and the unanswered question? The fear and the weakness? Have you bothered to check them out? Joojo questioned.

Why will I bother Joojo? Why do you think of your brother more than anyone else? She asked.

Have you also for once, bothered to think of how I feel without you by my side? Have you bothered to think of how horny I am right now? She seductively added and began undressing.

Joojo angrily stared at her as she stood up from the bed and walked to him on the wall.

He quickly grabbed her by the neck and began strangulating her.

Angela struggled to scream and breathe.

After seconds, Joojo threw her on the bed.

Angela, the next time you try this nonsense with me, you will wake up in hell! Joojo threatened.

Joojo! Because of your brother, you want to kill me? She struggled to talk.

You don’t deserve to live, you devil! Get this straight, when my brother is involved, anything doesn’t matter to me! If I must kill you to make him happy, sure I will! He threatened.

No Joojo! I won’t watch you kill me! If this is what you intend doing, then be ready to burry your brother! She threatened back.

Joojo angrily walked out of the room!

What the hell am I doing right now? Whom should I talk to? He soliloquised.

Selorm is out of the question, I must talk to Theo. He thought.

Quickly, he called Theo on phone.

Hey Joojo, are you back from the States? Theo happily asked.

Yes Theo, can we meet over lunch to discuss something important? He asked.

No Joo, my mum is sick and I have transported her to South Africa for medical attention. He responded.

South Africa? Theo who is going to foot the bill? Joojo asked.

A non governmental organization volunteered to see us through. Joojo, her condition is serious. Anyway I got to go, will talk to you when I’m back. Theo explained and hanged up.

This is not happening! Somebody come to my rescue. He thought with tears filled eyes.

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Days later, with the brouhaha still in his home, he had a call from Doctor Ansu.

Joojo, please see me in my office now. It is so urgent. He instructed and hanged up.

Joojo drove in haste to Doc Ansu’s office.

I’m here Doc, you sounded very urgent. He spoke.

Have a seat Joojo. He unhappily offered.

Joojo desperately sat down.

What is it Doc.? He asked.

Joojo, your brother is almost loosing life. What exactly is happening in your home? Doctor Ansu inquired.

I’m lost Doc, what do you mean by he is loosing life? Joojo fearfully asked back.

Joojo, Selorm’s condition has reached a terrible stage, and I think something is triggering it. There must definitely be a predisposing factor. He bluntly informed.

Joojo bowed his head down in tears.

Joo please talk to me. Whatever it is, we can solve it together. We can’t watch such an Angel fall. He deserve some good. Doc Ansu convinced.

But Doctor, have you asked him? Joojo asked.

Yes I did but he refused telling me anything, yet, I could feel everything wasn’t alright. He responded.

Doc, I think the problem is coming from his wife. Joojo stated.

Before he could proceed, Angela walked into the office.

To be continued…