Risen Devils Fallen Angel Season 4 Episode 13


God what is happening? Why is Emefa behaving like a mad person? He thought as he scrubbed.

Selorm be fast about it and come and mop this room. Emefa yelled.

Selorm worked throughout the night under Emefa’s angry supervision.

He was allowed to sleep at 6am after he could breath less.

It was 8am and he was still sleeping.

Emefa angrily woke him up.

Lazy man wake up and go and prepare breakfast! She yelled and slapped him on the back.

Selorm quickly jumped out of the bed.

Emefa, look at the time, it is 8am and I expect you to wake me up to go to work because I am running late, rather, you are telling me to go and prepare breakfast. Selorm complained.

Selorm, are you challenging me? She angrily questioned.

Emy, I don’t understand you anymore! What has come over you? Why do you seem to be exploding? Is there something you expect me to do that I am not? Selorm sadly questioned.

Selorm, you can ask all the nonsense questions you want, but I give you 20mimutes to prepare breakfast, or else, I will scream this house down. I will disgrace you before your domestic workers and your brother. She threatened.

Please don’t, I promise to prepare the food. Selorm pleaded.

And note Selorm, the cook must not in any way give you a helping hand. You must prepare it alone! She instructed.

Selorm sadly walked out to the kitchen.

The cook was already there so he had no option than to walk her out.

Sir please is everything alright? She asked.

Everything is alright Afia. I only want you to take a rest. Selorm covered up and began cooking.

In few minutes, Joojo walked in.

Selorm good morning. What is happening here? He greeted and asked.

Nothing Joojo, I only want to prepare breakfast for my wife. He responded.

Since when Selorm? Do you even know how to boil water talk of cooking? Are you sure you are doing this at your own will? Joojo unhappily questioned.

Yes I am Joojo, you worry too much. Please go back to sleep and let me cook. Selorm brushed off.

Selorm please look at me. Joojo softly spoke.

Slowly and sadly, Selorm turned in his brother’s direction.

Selorm, you look stressed and worried, please tell me what is happening to you. Joojo pleaded.

Joo I’m fine. Nothing is wrong with me. He lied.

Alright then, but ain’t you going to work today? Remember today is Tuesday. Joojo quizzed.

I will, but that will be after breakfast. He answered.

Alright then, let me fry the eggs for you. Joojo offered and took away from his brother whiles Selorm busily fixed the tea.

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A minute sooner, Emefa walked in.

Selorm what’s going on here? Are you the one cooking or your brother? She questioned.

Selorm began to fake smiles to cover up the shame.

Eermm baby, Joojo is only helping me out. He responded in a shaky voice.

Helping? Selorm I thought three is a crowd, or? She quizzed.

Sure it is dear. Thanks for the help Joojo, but I think you should leave, my wife isn’t happy with your presence. She only wants my food and no one’s else. Selorm calmly spoke.

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Joojo stared deeply and angrily at Angela’s face and walked pass her.

Selorm, this should be the last time you defile my orders, do you understand? Emefa warned.

Yes Emy. He fearfully answered.

Soon, he was done and sent the food to Emefa in the bedroom whiles he entered the bathroom to bath for work.

Selorm come out here! Emefa angrily screamed.

Emy please I’m bathing! I have the soapy lather on my face and all over my body. He responded.

Emefa angrily walked to him with the cup of tea in her hand.

When Selorm was almost done and decided to wash off the lather from his face, Emefa angrily threw the tea in his eyes.

Help! Help! Help! He screamed in pain.

Joojo overheard him and run to intervene but he was stopped at the entrance of the door.

Joojo is there any problem? Emefa asked as though, everything was fine.

I overheard my brother screaming. He angrily answered.

Well, we were making love and out of ecstasy, he began to scream to everyone’s hearing. Emefa teased.

I don’t trust you madam! Please allow me inside! Joojo yelled.

And I don’t trust you either Joojo! What makes you think you can interfere in my marital affairs? Who the fuck are you? She yelled back.

Selorm managed to rinse the pain off his eyes and joined them at the door.

To be continued…