RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 96


Boss, Boss,” One of Hutton’s men sitting at the front of the vehicle called him frantically.

“What is it?” he asked in a calm voice.

“We are approaching a road block, if they search our vehicle, they could stop us because of the unconscious girl at the backseat with you.” the man said.

Hutton turned his face to Samantha who was at the other side of the backseat, he narrowed his gaze on her face. His man had really spoken the truth, there could be trouble ahead of them.

“Well, she’s not completely unconscious,” he replied confidently.

He had before time envisaged challenges they would face on the road and he was prepared. He knew they would be checked at different junctions and that was why he had Samantha at the backseat with him instead of the boot of the car. He picked a bottle of alcohol from the ground and opened it immediately. He pulled out a handkerchief from the back pocket of the seat in front, he squeezed it into his palm and placed it on top of the opened bottle. He turned the bottle up, allowing some few drops of the liquid into the piece of cloth. He closed the bottle back and quickly moved closer to Samantha, he rubbed her mouth and neck with it. He then picked the bottle again and poured some few drops down her shoulder. He tightened the bottle cover back and dropped it again. He then dragged Samantha’s body with him to the other side. He positioned himself well at the corner and pulled her body so close to himself, resting her head on his chest and wrapping his arms around her in a romantic manner.

The men at the front stole glances at him with confusion written on their faces, they wondered what he was trying to do.

They soon got to the road block and were waved down by the security officials.

“Good evening officer,” the man driving greeted.

“Good evening sir,” the officer replied. He try to look into the car outside the driver’s side where he stood. “Please wind down the glasses,” the officer instructed.

The driver obeyed. The officer’s colleagues were already going around to check the vehicle.

“Let me see your vehicle papers,” the lead officer requested from the driver.

The driver began to take out the papers.

“What’s wrong with her sir?” an officer standing beside Hutton’s door asked. His eyes were squinted suspiciously.

Hutton kept a narrow look at the officer. “She’s heavily drunk,” he answered.

The officer stared at him for a while as if considering his words.

“Let me see her face,” he requested.

Hutton carefully moved her head a bit to face out.

“Can you wake her up?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Hutton replied and began to shake Samantha gently. “Baby, look up,” he spoke endearingly.

The officer squinted harder, getting more suspicious. He was about to talk when he saw the girl’s eyes open.

“Hello Madam,” the officer waved as he squinted at Samantha’s face.

She stared at him with drunken eyes for a moment before her eyes closed again and her head fell back on Hutton’s chest. The officer stared at Hutton’s face.

“I told you already that she got so drunk,” Hutton explained to the officer.

He nodded gently and stepped back. His suspicions were not fully cleared but he decided not to push much further since it wasn’t the main reason they were on the road.

Hutton wrapped his hands back around Samantha like she was his lover. He faced front and saw the driver already stepped out and walking to the boot with the officers. He followed them with his eyes and watched for minutes as the officers checked the boot. They finally allowed them to go after three minutes.

“You guys added so much of the liquid in her drink,” Hutton began to talk as soon as they drove away from the checking point. “She almost did not open her eyes.”

“I never knew you planned to get her open her eyes,” the man sitting with the driver at the front replied.

“You should have followed my instructions and not what you think,” Hutton said angrily. “We could have been delayed if she did not respond.”

“I’m sorry boss,” the man apologized, staring at Hutton’s face through the rearview mirror.


Newland Estate, Bexford.

“We’re gradually approaching,” Steve announced as he caught sight of the Strategy House at the other side. He took off his seatbelt and Evelyn who sat beside him also took hers off.

She took out a pistol and loaded it, she handed it over to Steve who collected it and placed beside him. She took out another and reloaded it for herself.

Soon, Steve made a U-turn into the road and honked twice, like they had noticed the man in the footages. He got to the gate in less than thirty seconds after and honked twice again. From the footages they saw, it usually took only about thirty seconds alone for the gate to be opened but this time, it took more than a minute for a man to open the smaller entrance of the gate and peep outside to check the car before returning in to open the gate.

Steve waited for the gate to be fully opened and then zoomed straight in. He followed the straight roadway as his eyes danced to and fro around the compound to locate where to park the vehicle. He saw some cars parked close to the building at the left side and he drove closer and parked beside them.

“Hey, turn off the lights now.” Evelyn said into her phone immediately after Steve turned off the engine.

Steve picked his gun up and they both stared towards the entrance of the place before they exchanged a glance. Steve took a glance back to see if any of the security men at the gate were on their way but none was in sight. All the lights in the building went off immediately he turned his face back.

“It’s time!” Steve said sharply.

They opened their doors simultaneously and stepped out of the vehicle quickly. They proceeded hurriedly together towards the entrance of the place.

“It’s open,” Steve whispered to Evelyn after checking the entrance door. He pushed the door in and stepped in slowly. Evelyn held the door with her hand to stop it from closing and turned back to look towards the gate. She could see the security men clearly from the distance due to the light provided by the full moon. One of the men put on a torchlight and flashed it towards the entrance at that moment. Evelyn stepped inside quickly and closed the door.

Agent Steve had already proceeded forward, using a very tiny torchlight to provide light for himself. He turned back as he heard the sound of the door closing and pointed his light at Evelyn.

“Connect,” he whispered to Evelyn before he continued with his forward movement.

Evelyn took out a device and placed it in the breast pocket of her jacket, she inserted an earpiece into her left ear. She stayed beside the door and waited for the men coming.

She took a quick glance at her device to check the time on her phone, it was already five minutes after the lights had gone off. They had through the influence of the FOX organization disconnected the whole street from electric power, but the disconnection was only going to last twenty minutes and they needed to go very far before the lights came back on.

Few seconds after, Evelyn began to hear footsteps climbing up the corridor. She remained calm and waited patiently. A man opened the door and pointed his torch in. He entered and closed the door and then proceeded through the corridor slowly.

Evelyn listened for some more seconds to know if another person was coming. She turned immediately she confirmed no other person was coming in and hurried on the tip of her toes towards the man walking through the hallway.

The man did not noticed quickly that someone was following him, he noticed late and turned for her to grab him and push him to the wall with the mouth of her gun kissing his neck. His torchlight dropped.

“Don’t make any sound,” she threatened. She had a hand around his neck and the other holding the gun to his neck. Her right knee was above his g—n, pinning him to the wall.

She quickly searched his body and took out a pistol and a knife. She threw away the knife and kept the gun in her back pocket. She pulled him by his neck and pushed him to the other side of the hallway, she followed up quickly with a kick to the man’s chest making him stagger backwards and fall on his butt, hitting his back against the wall.

She moved closer and squatted in front of him, she put the gun on his chest.

“How many people do we have in this building this night?”

The man coughed. “Three others apart from the guards outside.”

“Where exactly can I find these two people?”

“The building is large, I don’t know where they are exactly,” the man answered.

“What exactly is this building used for? Do you produce anything here?”

The man shook his head.

“Is there a store in any part of the building?”

“No, only meetings and conferences happen in here.”

“What kind of meetings and conferences? There’s no signboard outside showing this place as an event centre.”

“It is not an event centre, it is a private building. I have no ideas what kind of meetings go in inside, we are never allowed in when there are lots of visitors.”

“Which people holds the meetings?”

“I don’t know them, I was only employed to work here.”

“And you do not see the people who come in?”

“I see few, most of them come in cars with tinted glasses and they stop right before the building where you parked,” he answered and sniffed in.

“So, you don’t see the faces of the men you allow in?”

“We allow cars based on instructions given before they arrive and sometimes the head security officer checks the cars before allowing anyone in,” he answered.

“Who gives these instructions?”

“The head security officer, he gets them from Mr Daysman.”

“So, why did you allow us in few minutes ago?”

“The car is Mr Daysman’s car.”

“Is Mr Daysman your employer?” She questioned.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Where is your head security officer?”

“He’s somewhere inside here, I don’t know the exact place he stays inside.”

“Okay,” she looked away for a moment and slowly began to rise up but suddenly stopped and hit the man’s head with the butt of her gun. He fell to the side unconsciously.

She tapped on the device in her pocket as she placed a knee on the ground.

“Have you found anyone yet sir?” she asked Agent Steve in whispers.

“None,” Steve replied. “But I can hear some voices close to me.”

“One of the men here told me there are only three others in the building,” Evelyn reported. “And the building is only used as a meeting place.”

“Did he make any further description?” Steve asked.

“No,” Evelyn replied.

“Okay, we do need the lights back on now. I’m going further now, be attentive.”


Steve proceeded forward after a minute of stopping to speak with Evelyn. He was walking very slowly to ensure no noise was made to alert those in the building of his presence and he had also turned off his torchlight.

He knew he was close to where some people were, he could hear low voices of two different people communicating but couldn’t make out what was being said. Now that he had gone further in, he needed the lights back on and he knew Evelyn would give instructions for electricity to be restored.

He got closer to the door of the room where the voices were coming from and he placed his ears close to listen.

…it’s strange, electricity does not go off in Bexford if there has been no previous information about it.” the first voice said.

“There has to be some explanation for it, I’m sure we’d get to know by morning tomorrow.”

“I do think it may have to do with the warnings being passed around by the FOX this night,” a third voice put in.

“You really do?” the first voice asked.

“It has to be…” the second voice was saying when it got interrupted by sound of a radio searching for frequency.

For the next ten seconds, Steve did not hear any other thing apart from the noise. The volume was then reduced.

“Come on, it’s too loud.” the second voice complained bitterly.

“Sorry, it’s an ancient radio, always so loud when searching for stations but will be balanced after a station is selected. Please, give me a minute to search.” the third voice said.

The volume of the radio went up again.

Steve took out his phone and swiped down the notification bar to check if there had been any message from the office. He didn’t find any. He cleared the notification bar and locked the phone. He was about returning it to his pocket when the lights came back on. It was just in time as he saw a shadow which looked like the image of a man formed at the center of the hallway.

He turned back immediately but the man whose shadow it was rushed to him and kicked him in the belly to the wall. The man followed up with two punches in the belly and one on the face. Steve’s phone fell off his hand.

The man dragged Steve by the collar and pulled him with speed towards the other side and slammed his back to the wall. Steve landed on the ground heavily. The noise from the radio ceased and two other men stepped out from the room.

“I told you someone was listening to us,” the tall muscular man fighting Steve said to the two others. He walked closer to Steve and turned him up. He removed everything he found in Steve’s pockets and threw them to the floor. He made Steve stayed on his knees before he stepped back

“I didn’t hear anything, how did you know?” Aaron asked, staring at the face of the intruder.

“He’s a FOX man,” the tall man said as he picked up the FOX badge from the floor before responding to the question asked by Aaron. “I didn’t turn on the radio because I wanted to listen, the radio could sense signals from a roaming device, so I knew someone was close.”

“What do you want here?” Aaron barked at Steve.

Steve stared at the men’s face. His lips were injured and his nose was hurting. He sniffed in and then placed his gaze on the tall man’s face.

“I’m here to make some interrogations,” Steve finally replied.

“You came to make interrogations by sneaking in around the building at almost midnight?” Aaron questioned.

Steve remained silent.

The muscular tall man stepped aside to make a call with his phone.

“Talk to me you idiot!” Aaron cursed.

“How the hell did a FOX official get into the building?” the tall man asked the receiver of his phone call. He listened for some seconds before he spoke again. “It couldn’t have been Mr Daysman you fool, Mr Daysman barely comes in here at night.”

He ended the call after some few more seconds and joined the rest.

“They got in with Mr Daysman’s car,” he reported to Aaron.

“They?” Aaron squinted.

“Yeah, they said they saw two people enter into the building but they could not tell if Mr Daysman was one of them because of the power outage.”

“The other person must be lurking around somewhere,” Aaron gritted his teeth.

“I have to find him,” the muscular guy said and handed over the guns he took from Steve to the third man before he took out his and hurried off.

“For the last time, what are you doing here?” Aaron asked Steve again.

Steve was quiet.

Angrily, Aaron stretched out his hand to collect one of the guns from the third man. He cocked it and pointed at Steve.

“Daysman sent us here,” Steve finally said.

Aaron paused and squinted at him. “You bleeping liar!”

“He told us to come in his car,” Steve added quickly.

Aaron paused for a moment to ponder on Steve’s answer. The head security official had said they came in Daysman’s car and that could mean the FOX Agent was speaking the truth.

Steve watched Aaron carefully and saw his finger moved away from the trigger. With a swift motion, he charged up and grabbed the Aaron’s outstretched arm, pointing the man’s hand to the ceiling. He dealt a kick to the belly of the third man and then dug in two blows with his elbow to Aaron on his chest. He dragged Aaron along with him and followed as the third man pointed a gun to shoot. He kicked the gun away quickly and made a sharp turn to punch Aaron in the face. He collected the gun in Aaron’s hand and then kicked him in the g—n, releasing him to fall on his butt. He followed again with a kick to the third man and then grabbed him by the neck, he pulled him towards Aaron’s direction and pushed him to the floor.

He placed a knee quickly beside Aaron and grabbed his neck from the back. He forced the pistol in his mouth. The man began to make muffled sounds, pleading for mercy.

He turned his face to the other man who was halfway up again.

“Step back,” he said in warning to the man.

The man stood stubbornly and made an attempt to move closer.

“If you take another step, I’ll blow up his brain.” Steve threatened.

The man stopped and stared at Aaron who was helpless, he took two steps back.

“How many other members of the wolves are in this building?” he asked the man.

He stared at Steve’s face for a while. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, no one else is here for now except the three of us,” he replied.

“Tell me about the planned bomb attacks for tomorrow.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” the man feigned ignorance.

Steve cocked his gun and Aaron made some muffled screams, his eyes looking for the third man by the side.

“I don’t know anything about the attacks except that it would occur in three different places at three different times…” the third man said. He stopped and looked at Aaron who was making some sounds as if he was protesting for him to stop talking.

Steve dealt an upper cut to Aaron’s face, he let him fall and quickly picked him again, putting the gun back into his mouth.

“What times and which locations?” Steve asked.

“I don’t have that information.”

“Tell me before I shoot him dead.”

“I don’t have such information,” he repeated. “Only the executives know where and when the bomb attacks would take place.”

Steve stared at the man’s face for a while and then turned to Aaron, he took the gun out of his mouth. He held him by the back head and pointed the gun to his neck.

“Tell me what times and where the explosions would take place,” Steve requested from Aaron.

“Just kill me,” Aaron fumbled. “I’m as good as dead if I tell you.”

Steve dealt him two quick punches and kicked him in the chest.

The third man rushed to grab Steve but Steve dodged and sent a punch to his chest, he followed with a kick with his knee to the man’s belly but the man grabbed the hand with the pistol as Steve placed his leg down. Steve sent another kick to his g—n but the man held on stubbornly to the gun and tried to twist Steve’s hand to get it.

The gun was fired during the struggle and the man let out a cry.


Evelyn having heard some of the conversation through the earphone had an idea that someone was coming in search for her. She hid in a room and waited to catch whoever it was unawares. She could hear the footsteps of the man coming forward and opening other doors in the corridor to check for her. Soon, she heard him stop to make a phone call.

“You saw one of our men down?” she heard the masculine voice say. “Get in and search with me, we already have one of them.”

She waited silently behind the door as the man stepped forward, she could tell he was so close and would soon open her door. She held her breath and tightened her hand on the gun as she saw the knob of the door move.

Suddenly, a gunshot sound rent the air. The man stopped at the door and turned. He wondered who shot the gun, whether it was Aaron or the third man or the FOX man. He knew Aaron would have not killed the FOX man until after talking to Kahn, so it made him afraid that the FOX man could have been the shooter. He turned back quickly and began to walk away.

Evelyn, noticing he had turned back, cocked her gun and stepped out of the room quickly.

“Hold it there,” She shouted just as she stepped out. “Put your hands in the air.”

The man stopped and turned his neck sideways, viewing her with his side eyes.

“Put your hands in the air and turned slowly,” she instructed.

The muscular man did as he was told and turned with his hands in the air.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked in his thick baritone voice.

“Go down slowly and put your gun down,” Evelyn ordered, ignoring his question.

He began to go down slowly with the gun but decided to play a fast one. He tried to turn the gun up and fire but she was faster than him, a bullet hit him right in the forehead.



Somewhere In Bexford

“The two of you gotta get some sleep now, you would need your strength during the day,” Henry said to Dave and Jenny who were in the room with him. Jenny was at the opposite corner, she had just finished ironing some FOX uniforms and was folding them neatly. “I’ll wake you up when it is time,” Henry added.

“What about you boss? Won’t you take some rest?” Jenny asked, after finishing up her work.

“I’ll take some rest here, I’ll lay my head on the table after I finish this.” He replied her.

She nodded her head gently in response and then proceeded out of the room. Dave got up from his seat two minutes later after shutting down his laptop. He took a brief glance at Henry before walking out of the room.

Henry kept his eyes glued to the screen and his hand on the mouse. He decided he had to stay up until he was very sure of saving Samantha. He believed the trust and faith his team had in him and his mission could just depend on it.


05:21 AM

Government Road,

Opposite University of Bexford,


“Boss, what road do we take now?” the man in front with the driver asked Hutton.

Still in the same car, Hutton was now alone at the backseat. Samantha had been put somewhere else.

“Some other men are waiting at our indoor parking facility, we’d change cars there and you’ll drive me to my home in Bexford.” Hutton replied him.

“Okay boss.”

Hutton took in a deep breath. His plans were in place already and he was sure there was nothing that could stop his mission from being accomplished. He was sure Carl Winston was also somewhere working against him. He didn’t know what steps Carl Winston was taking but he was still confident because he knew Carl also did not know what his own plans were. He was so confident Carl would be disgraced.

His phone rang and distracted his thoughts. He picked it up and checked, Kahn was the caller.

“Good morning Hutton, I’m so sorry for disturbing your sleep this morning.”

“Morning Kahn, I’ve not slept since last night, you didn’t disturb my sleep.” Hutton replied.

“Oh! Ermm, I just found out the Strategy House was attacked last night. Everybody found there were killed by the attackers,” Kahn relayed.

Hutton squinted and remained quiet for a while. He was so sure it was Carl Winston’s work.

“Its bad that we lost some of our men but we don’t keep our data there, so Carl wasted his time attacking the Strategy House.”

“But what’s happening today? From the constant announcement of the FOX on air last night and even this morning, the security in Bexford today would be so tight.” Kahn sounded not too confident.

“Yeah, it would be so tight. Carl Winston let the FOX know everything he got from us,” Hutton replied in an unbothered tone. “That’s however not going to stop our plans today.”

“You’re sure the plans are still intact?”

“Yeah, they are.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to you later.”



University Of Bexford

Samantha opened her eyes to find herself in a totally different area. She was in a bed, laying comfortably in a very small but beautiful room. She rolled out of the bed and sat at the edge as she yawned. She was still in her old clothes but her shoes were taken off and laying beside the bed.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember how she got there. Her mind flashed back to the moment she was speaking with Hutton, trying to convince him to let her work for him before she slept off. She also had brief flashes of seeing the face of a uniformed security man and her head resting on the chest of a man. She opened her eyes and jerked up as she suddenly realized the man whose chest she was laying her head on was Hutton.

She looked around the room she was and everything looked strange to her. It looked more like a student’s bedroom. There was a small shelf containing some textbooks at the left corner, with a table and chair beside. Some books were at an angle of the table and a laptop was at the center. On the opposite side was a small wardrobe and a shoe rack beside it. From the shoes collection, she could tell the room was for a lady.

She closed her eyes and took in a breath, wondering if she had been dreaming and what part of it was a dream, She was yet to find an answer to her confusion when a phone began to rang. She looked around for it and located in on a footstool beside the bed. She moved closer and picked it.

“Hey Samantha,” Hutton’s evil voice sent shrills down her spines. It was then she realized she was not dreaming and that the evil reality of being the Wolves’ captive and a prospective suicide bomber had not changed.

“I know you can hear me,” Hutton continued even though she gave no reply. “Your present location is the Yellow Female Hostel in the University Of Bexford and in few minutes, you’d be killing over three hundred female students and university staffs, and you’d be injuring many more. I have however decided to give you a second chance, that’s if you comply with what I say.”

Samantha looked around the room for a moment, wondering what Hutton’s plans were. She could see no visible signs of any bomb or explosive material.

“You’re searching for the bomb right,” Hutton said, as if reading through her mind. Samantha looked up and began to search for where the camera in the room was located. She located one attached to the book shelf and she proceeded towards it.

“Before you try to destroy the cameras, I advise that you check where the wires are connected to.” Hutton remarked.

She paused for a moment and carefully observed the wire, she followed the connection to something like a junction box not too far away. From the other side of the box were thicker wires extending to the window, she traced and opened the window curtains, she saw another joint of poorly connected wires. She looked out through the window and saw a group of ladies playing volleyball outside. She continued tracing the wires and got to the door, she noticed that the wires passed through the knob. There was no way the door or windows of the room would be open without the wires disconnecting. Samantha feared that they were not just camera wires but were connected to something dangerous somewhere.

“There’s a laptop on the table, it’s on sleep mode. Open it up, the password is ‘carlwinston’, all letters in lower case.” Hutton said to her.

She turned towards the table and opened up the laptop as she was told. She saw a picture showing where the wires were leading to. Her eyes widened in shock and her jaw dropped open.

“Maximize the hidden folder and open the video,” she heard Hutton’s voice again.

She obeyed and played the video. It showed exactly where the wires connection stopped and saw the large sized explosive device.

“That device is timed to go off by twelve noon, we still have more than two hours to go. You can either stop the explosion or make it quicker. To make it quicker, tamper with the wires and let them disconnect, it’ll go off immediately,” Hutton paused and chuckled. “You can also go back to bed and sleep until it’s twelve and it goes off by itself.”

“What do you want me to do?” She finally spoke in a shaky voice.

“Open the Microsoft document on the desktop and read,” Hutton commanded.

She did as she was told and read the two paged document in four minutes.

“But all these are not true,” she said into the phone in a frightened voice.

“Yeah, but you’d turn on your webcam and record a video of yourself saying all that convincingly. You must speak confidently and convince your listeners that they are true.”

“But I can’t do that,” Samantha shouted in frustration, tears already forming in her eyes.

“I do not force you to do it, you can decide to kill more than three hundred people instead.” Hutton sounded unmoved by her frustration. “The choice is yours, Miss Samantha. You have over sixty minutes to decide, my offer would be closed by eleven thirty.”

“You can’t do this…” Samantha cried but the call went off immediately. She tried to dial the number again but there was no network signal on the phone.

She laid her head on the table and wept. She was faced with two difficult options; recording a video to tell the whole world about how Carl Winston was not dead but was still alive and was the leader of the terrorist group killing many innocent people, she was also to tell them all the locations Carl Winston had used with his team and give enough proofs to make them believe that she had been with Carl Winston. The second option was to let hundreds of innocent students die.

To be continued….