RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 93


“Did you see any of their faces?” Henry asked Jenny after she settled into the car. She was still dressed in the cleaners uniform.

“I saw some of them but couldn’t stare much not to cause suspicion, I’m not sure I can recognise any of them.” she replied.

Henry drew in a breath. He kept his eyes staring blankly through the windscreen for a while. He turned off the phones in his hands and threw them back.

“How did you notice they were following you?” Henry asked.

“I didn’t, I got here before I saw them coming in through the gate.”

Henry bit his lower lip and licked it gently for a second before raising his head. He fastened his seat belt and held the gear to reverse out of the parking space.

“Call Cole,” he instructed as he got into the roadway and began to drive in direction of the gate.

Jenny picked out her phone to make the call.

As she spoke with Cole, Henry made a review of the just completed task of getting Rex from Kebba. His strategy had worked as planned even though it almost went rough with Jenny. He had thought of giving Jenny’s role to Dave while he made his plans but the duo of Dave and Cole just seemed to be his best option in conveying Rex safe to Bexford.

“They’re close to Bexford and they have no issues,” Jenny gave the report from her call.

Henry had not expected them to have issues, especially if they followed the well laid plan of Cole monitoring the movement and staying with Rex while Dave drove.

As they got onto the road, the voice of the man who had spoken to Henry on the phone echoed again in his head. He wondered who exactly the man was, the confidence and calmness in the tone of the man when he spoke to him showed he had something well planned, or it could just be mere theatrics to put some fear in him. Henry was certain the man was not just someone who knew of Carl Winston but someone who knew more than the face and image.

“Pick my tab and check the link between the bridge and the border, check if it’s free of security officials.” Henry instructed Jenny.


El Deols, Anthanna.

“What are you hiding from me?” Emery Jack asked his daughter as they both stepped into the corridor leading to her room. The security officials were gone after the session of interrogation and Emery called Sheila aside to have a private discussion with her.

“Nothing Dad, I said everything I had to say to the Investigators.” Sheila replied, She knew her Dad would question her after the men left but still hoped somehow that he would disappoint.

“It was obvious you were hiding something when you were asked for the reason you began the device,” Emery insisted.

“I wanted to hide something but I didn’t,” she replied in a defensive voice. He raised his brows. “I did not want to mention Henry’s name.”

“Why? What does Henry has to do with this?” Emery squinted at her.

“I made it for him but he left before I thought of showing it to him,” she answered.

“And why would you not want to mention his name?”

“I wouldn’t want anything that would involve him in the mess, he has a lot of troubles in his life already.”

Emery Jack kept his gaze on her face and remained quiet for a while. “I really do hope you are not hiding anything from me.”

“I’m not Dad,” she insisted.

He shrugged and raised his wrist to check the watch. “I’ve got an appointment to catch in an hour, I’ve got to leave now.”

“Alright Dad,” she smiled. “Thanks for coming, and for standing by me always.”

He smiled back, stared at her face lovingly for a moment and then turned slowly and walked out of the corridor with Sheila following behind.

“Hey man! I’ve got to go now,” Emery hailed Adrian as he walked back into the sitting room. He stretched out his hands to him for another firm handshake before he proceeded to the door.

“I’ll be back,” Sheila said to Adrian while she followed her father out.

“So, you know you have to stay indoor till everything is cleared and the investigations are completed,” Emery said as he walked down her balcony with Sheila by his side and his body guards following at a good distance behind.

“Yes Dad, I hope it would not tarry for long though.”

Emery Jack stopped after taking an extra step, he was already so close to his car. “No matter how long the investigation takes, I’m not going to let you go out of here till I’m sure you’re safe.”

Sheila shook her head, she knew there was no point arguing with her father as he would always prevail against her.

The door to the owner seat of the vehicle was opened before Emery got to the car. He placed a hand on the door and turned to his daughter again. He placed the other hand on her shoulder and stared deeply into her eyes. “There’s one other thing you really need to do.”

She squinted at his face. “What’s that?”

“You need to forget about Henry,” he stated, his eyes still staring into hers.

She nodded gently and smile faintly. “Yeah, sure.”

“I love you baby,” Emery said before getting into his vehicle.

“I love you Dad,” she replied in a low voice and stepped back as she watched his driver and the guard getting into the vehicle.

She watched them driving towards the gate before she turned back to the house. She met the gate guard smiling at her as she got close to the balcony.

‘”Good morning Ma’am,” he greeted her with a smile.

“Hey! Good morning,” She stopped and stared at him. She glanced back towards the gate and looked at his face again. “You seem to be on break right?”

“Kind of,” he replied with a shrug. He was really on break from the gate as the security officials employed by Emery Jack to secure Sheila had manned everywhere around the house. “Ma’am,” he called again as she made way to proceed up the balcony.

“Yeah?” She turned back. It seemed as if he wanted to say something important to her.

“Did you got to see Master Henry yesterday morning?” He asked in a cheerful tone.

She squinted at him and turned properly. “What are you talking about?”

He frowned. “Didn’t he call you? He told me he was going to see you yesterday.”

She stepped down from the corridor. “Where did you see Henry?”

“He was here on Monday night, he came in but didn’t stay up to two minutes. He told me he forgot something he needed to give to you and was going to see you the next morning.”

She widened her eyes in shock. “Are you sure of what you’re saying?”

“Of course ma’am.”

“Why are you just telling me?”

“He asked me not to let you know that night, he wanted to make it a surprise for you the next morning.”

Sheila was surprised. How could Henry have come in without her knowing. She remembered that she had been with Adrian that night and suddenly recalled that they had been involved in a romance. “What time was he here?” she stared at him widely.

“Ermm, I think it should be between eight thirty… to nine o’clock,” the man stuttered.

“Eight thirty?” Sheila squinted as she tried to recall what she was doing around that time. “Did he get into the house?”

“I didn’t see him, but it’s possible for him to have gotten in within the short duration of time he spent in.”

“Was he holding anything?”

The guard squinted as he tried to remember. “He was with a flower, he went back with the flower.”

“Oh D–n! No, ” Sheila heaved a sigh of frustration and turned running her fingers into her hair. It meant Henry probably had seen she and Adrian kissing in the living room that night.

“Is everything okay ma’am?” he questioned.

“Yes, please.” she stretched out her hand to wave him away and hurried back into the house.

She hurried through the sitting room to her room without giving Adrian attention.

“Hey Sheila,” he called after her but got no response. He got up and watched her walk out of sight. He wondered what was wrong.

She got into her room and searched quickly for the bag which she had kept the card she found in the living room that Monday night. She took out the card and began to read the words.

To my love,

It’s been a long time and I know I have not been the best of myself.

But I want you to know that you never left my heart for a single day

I sleep dreaming and wake up thinking about you,

My heart yearning and my soul longing for you in every way

For the imaginations of you to me is better than the greatest piece of art,

The thoughts of you and our memories is the best thing I keep in my heart,

I hope these words provides some warmth in your heart for me

And make you overlook all the days that I’ve kept you lonely

Yours truly.

“Oh God!” She let out a cry of frustration. She could now understand what every word of the card meant.

She had thought Henry would never come back for her or he did not feel anything towards her but with the content of the card and how he had left immediately after seeing them in the act, it was obvious he had feelings for her and was hurt by what he saw. Now that he had seen her with Adrian, he could believe she never really felt anything for him but just wanted to enjoy the moment. It was her fault! She blamed herself. How could she have easily let herself get carried away so much with Adrian? She should have been more patient.


“I don’t believe her,” Dan said to the man sitting with him at the back of the car.

“Why?” he questioned.

“She’s hiding something, there’s something she’s hiding about the reason she made the device.” Dan said.

“What do you think she could be hiding? You think the guy she claimed stayed with her has some connections with Frank?”

“Not really, her reason could be totally made up. She probably has direct connections with Frank herself,” Dan said.

“Sir,” the policeman sitting at the right hand side in front joined the conversation. “I do think if she has a direct connection with Frank, she wouldn’t have needed the assassin to kill Charles before she knew she could be the next target.”

“The Wolves have a kind of tricky way, they hardly keep direct connections with each other,” Dan replied, the other men remained silent. “Our next line should be to find out if she had any direct connection with the late Frank.”

“How do we go about it?” The policeman asked.

“We need to check her movements and call histories during and around the days Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn visited Anthanna,” Dan answered. “This needs to be done between today and tomorrow.”



Suntan Farms, Bexford.

“Why don’t you pick up your call?” Jacob stared at Evelyn.

She glanced at him and smiled. “I’ll attend to it in few seconds after I get this done,” she answered and continued with her brushing the floor.

They were dressed in their work overalls as usual and had covers on their nose and mouth with handgloves for their palms also. They were in a store for pesticides and other chemicals and they were cleaning to make room for the store to be reloaded.

Her phone began to ring again for the umpteenth time. She glanced at Jacob and already saw him looking at her. She smiled and dropped her brush beside the wall.

“I’ll go attend to it now,” she said as she walked out of the store quickly. She took off the hand gloves from her right hand and took out her phone, looking at the screen as she walked some more distance away from the store.

“Hey! What’s up?” she placed the phone close to her ears. She looked around to confirm that there was no one close by who could listen to her conversation.

“I just traced Mr Daysman’s car into the car park, he drove in about an hour ago and I didn’t see him drive or walk out but he’s currently not in the car or anywhere around,” the female voice said.

“He must have left in some other car, you have to wait and watch until he returns, put a tracker on the car he returns with and also check the CCTV footages for the movement.” Evelyn said to her.

“Okay boss, I’ll update you once he’s back.”

She ended the call and was about to lock the phone but discovered there was a missed call notification from another contact. She clicked on the notification and found out that Steve had also called her. She dialed his number back.

“Good morning sir,” she greeted, her eyes looking around as she spoke.

“Good morning Agent,” Steve replied. “What have you found from the few days you spent in there?”

“Our target has no dark deal from his office here, he does everything from outside.” she replied.

“Is there any more to discover?” He asked.

“Yes sir, a lot more and we’re so close already.”

“Okay,” Steve said and paused for a second. “I thought of reminding you that the seven days is almost expiring.”

“I have that in mind sir,” she replied.

“Good, talk to you later.”

She ended the call and locked the phone. She looked around carefully and then walked back into the store.

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Unknown Location


Jenny wondered where Henry was heading to with the route he took, he had left the major expressway to take a smaller one which was in a different direction from Bexford. She remained mute and decided not to ask any question, trusting that he would tell her whatever he had in mind soon.

He soon drove off the road into an isolated street and stopped in front of a old haggard aluminium gate. He glanced at Jenny as he opened the door to step out.

“We need to do something important here briefly, it would help us to determine if we would proceed straight to Bexford now or not.” he said before stepping out.

She watched him step out and close the door and she watched him walk to the gate. He pushed in the door to the smaller entrance and stepped into the place without closing it. In some seconds, he opened both wings of the gate wide from the center. He returned into the car and proceeded into the place.

The whole compound was a plot of land and the building in it only covered a quarter of the area. The building also looked old like the gate and apart from the bare area of land by the left side of the building which was meant to be a garden was covered with bushes already. The land around the house apart from the garden which was covered with interlocks also had some grasses already growing out through the connecting spaces between the interlock bricks.

“Help me with the gate,” Henry stopped, after driving only about five metres in.

Jenny stepped out quickly and turned towards the gate to lock it. Henry proceeded further in and parked only few metres away from the main building. He turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. He walked to the boot and opened it, he carried out the man in the boot and dropped him on the floor. He took off the piece of material used to gag the man’s mouth and flung it away. He stepped back and closed the boot, he rested his bum against the car and folded his arms staring at the man in his curled position.

The man’s hands were tied together and the rope was extended to his legs, so tight in a way he could stretch any part of his body except for his neck which he could move.

“Look up,” Henry said in a calm voice. The man managed to raise his gaze up to his Henry’s face. “I would not like to hurt you anymore, I only need you to tell me all I want. Are you ready?”

The man nodded his head quickly in response. Henry smiled and step forward, he turned and opened the back seat of the car. He took out a piece of metal and a revolver and closed the door. He walked back to untie the man and returned his leaning position against the boot.

Jenny joined them, looking surprised. She had no idea that Henry kept anyone in the boot. She stopped beside the boot of the car and stared at the face of the man who was now able to stretch but still laying on his side on the floor unable to sit up due to weakness in his body.

Henry helped him up, carrying him with both arms and moved him to the side of the car, making him sit in by the back tyre and rest his back against the car. He took two steps back and stood in front of him. Jenny also turned.

“So tell me, who are you working for?”

“We call him the boss,” the man began in a weak voice. “My boys have been around Kebba for almost two months waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?”

“Yeah, the boss asked that we stay there and watch for signs of first time visitors in Kebba.”

“So, for two months, there have been no first time visitors except me?”

“There have been several but the boss always said we haven’t gotten our target every time we report the visit,” he answered.

“So, how did you know your target?”

“The boss called few days before your arrival that we should be ready, I joined them that day.”

“So you watched us from the moment we got into Kebba?”

“No, there was no way we could know at the exact moment. We only got to know few hours after, we made our enquires and found out the hotel you lodged.”


“We knew we got to find out who took you to the hotel and all we did was to ask him where he took the strangers to, he told us unsuspectingly.”

Henry was silent for a while. He bit his lips gently.

“So, you installed the cameras outside the hotel?”

“Yes, and we watched all day to know the time you go out and come in. The only time we miss it is when you go out before the day becomes bright but we always notice when it’s morning and on the second day we found your vehicle parked around the Home Of Sacrifice. That confirmed you were our target, the boss has always told us the patient our target would come for was not in the popular healing centres but the Priests abode.”

Henry stared thinly above the car, it was obvious whoever this boss was had been following his activities and was only waiting to get him, Rex happened to be the perfect trap for him.

He stared at the man on the floor as he moved closer, he sauatted before him and stared straight into his eyes.

“Where can I find this boss now?”

“I don’t…”

Henry did not allow him complete his statement before striking a blow to his face. The man fell on his side.

Henry got up and paced around for a moment, he turned to the man again. “You’re gonna make things difficult for yourself,” he threatened.

“I swear I don’t know,” the man managed to voice out. His previously bleeding nose that stopped already began to bleed again. “I can tell you his previous location but I’m sure you won’t find him there again.”

“He camped in Eris, a village 120 kilometers away from the border.”

“Where exactly in Eris is he?”

“It’s a remote village, I can’t describe with a proper address but the building is located at the centre and it’s the biggest building in the village.”

“Where else can we find him apart from Eris?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know so much about him, I’ve only seen him once.”

Henry turned to Jenny, she was already using his tablet device and was busy with it.

“Confirm the location Jenny,” he said and moved closer to the man, he bent and twisted his neck with a sharp brute force. The man fell to the ground.

“It’s 200 kilometres away from here,” Jenny said to him.

“Search for directions and the fastest route, we’d head there and dump this body,” Henry said as he turned to open the boot again. He put the lifeless body into the boot and then walked into the car.


Unknown Street,

Bexford Bethanna.

Doctor Alan was sitting calmly in the living room when he noticed a sound at the door. He got up immediately and faced the door, he was sure it was Dave and Cole returning, they had called him earlier to tell him they were close.

The door soon opened and Dave stepped in quickly and held it open for Cole to wheel in Morris. He locked the door after and followed slowly behind.

Doctor Alan at first did not recognize the man on the wheelchair until they got so close to him in the living room. He opened his eyes and mouth wide in shock. Henry had only told him the men were bringing someone paralyzed but never told him it was Rex and he also never had it cross his mind that the person might just be Rex.

He dropped to his knees in front of the wheelchair and widened his eyes at Rex’s face, still trembling in shock. Tears filled his eyes as he held both arms of the chair.



Unknown location, Bethanna.

“Eris is just ten minutes away from here, we can’t go there now.” Henry said as he slowed down his driving.

“What do we do?”

“You search for any hotel around, we’d camp there until night time.” Henry answered.

Jenny immediately typed the word hotel into the search box. “Do you think we can still find them there?” She asked while her search loaded.

“No, they would have left. It’s possible they left a trap for us there,” Henry replied.

Jenny flashed a quick glance at his face. “Are we walking into their trap?”

“No, we won’t go into that building.” Henry answered. “The only thing I’m here to do is to find the building owner’s information.”

He pulled over to a curb and parked, he stared at her waiting to get information about the nearest hotel.

“Five minutes drive away from here, there’s a guest house.” She finally said.

Henry heaved a sigh. He could tell that the person they were dealing with was some professional of some sort and he knew it could be difficult to get the new location where Samantha and Wilson could be.

He stretched his hand to the back to pick the phone he dropped there and turned the cellphone on. Jenny stared at him in surprise. She knew he was well aware that they could be tracked through the phone he was turning on.

“It might be almost impossible to find their location, if we can’t find theirs, we’d have to let them find us.” Henry explained himself to her.

She was more shocked and afraid. She began to imagine what would happen if all those men she saw at the hospital and many others came to attack them, they would be outnumbered and without help. It would even be more difficult because the place wasn’t an area she and Henry were familiar with but the men would be more familiar with the area.

Just as Henry wanted to return the phone to the backseat, it began to ring. He checked the screen and the call was from “The Boss”. He answered the call and placed it close to his ear.

“Hey Carl! I’ve been trying to reach you for hours now. Why did you turn the phone off?” The caller asked in a calm manner, every single syllable of the words mentioned in the baritone voice without rushing.

Henry tightened his face and clenched his teeth without answering the question.

“I know you turned on the phone to make me find you, but I’m not about to do that ” The man paused and chuckled. “You must have also heard that I was in Eris with your devoted Samantha and Wilson, it’s a pity that information helps you in no way.”

Henry remained silent.


Unknown location,


Samantha watched the man in disgust as he spoke on phone. She knew from his words that he was speaking with Henry but there she was tied to a chair and her mouth taped. She had been tied that way before they left the previous location. Her eyes were covered during the journey.

Her hands and legs had been previously cuffed where she was put in the old location and she was served breakfast that way. It was only until they were about to move she was tied to the chair, her mouth taped and her eyes covered and was carried into the vehicle. She had thought they were taking her where she was going to be killed only for them to carry her out of the vehicle and drop her after some minutes. Her eyes were uncovered after and she realized they had only changed location. She was left in the room for sometime, only for them to just return.

The man in white who was the boss was about to start talking to her when someone interrupted and delivered a message to him. It was after that he took out a phone to make the call.

“You must have also heard that I was in Eris with your devoted Samantha and Wilson, it’s a pity that information helps you in no way.” She heard Hutton speak into the phone.

He was previously sitting in the chair in front of her but had gotten up to make the call.

“Well, I have an important information for you,” Hutton continued. “There’d be bomb blasts tomorrow, two in Bexford and one in Oreo. One of them will take a minimum number of three hundred souls and the agent who would deliver that bomb is your devoted Samantha.”

“Huh? What the hell…” He finally heard Carl speak since he began to call but cut it immediately without letting Carl land. He turned off the phone before he proceeded back to Samantha’s front. Instead of sitting, he stood behind the chair.

“You heard it already,” he smirked. “You’d kill three hundred people tomorrow, be prepared.”

He let out an evil grin and turned back immediately. He could hear the sound of her muffled protests as he got to the door but proceeded out without turning back.