RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 87


01:08 AM
Unknown Location, Bethanna.

For more than an hour after the men left Wilson and Samantha in the room, there was total silence. The two of them felt so weak in their bodies and it felt difficult even Samantha got up to check the doors and windows and see how possible it was for them to break out.

Wilson struggled to find sleep but he could not, he could still feel the pains in his belly and the weakness all over his body but that was not the only reason he couldn’t sleep. He was worried about what their fate was and if it would be ever possible to get out of the place. He couldn;t tell for sure what reason they were kidnapped but he had an idea. He thought the abductors were the ruthless men who threw Morris off the cliff and possible were the same assassins who Morris said was after him and Louis. They had probably come to kill Louis too or make him paralyzed the same way Morris was.

One thing he was yet to comprehended however was the man referring to Louis as Carl Winston. He had finally recalled that it was the name of a popular FOX Agent. It wasn’t making sense to him but the pain he was feeling all over his body coupled with hunger made him not to think properly or even think of questioning Samantha.

He was finally being able to sleep when he began to hear sounds of distant footsteps approaching. He turned and looked at Samantha who was sitting with her back leaning against the wall to check if she had also heard it.

The footsteps got closer and closer slowly until the door opened. The man in white walked in again but was followed by three men this time, one carrying a chair with him and the other two holding short metal rods.

The chair was dropped at the center of the room close to where the captives were and the man stood beside it, resting his left palm on it.

“I don’t plan to use this chair tonight,” Hutton began. “I have some questions for you guys and I hope you answer me quickly, if you don’t I’ll have to sit and watch these men torture you until you are ready to speak.”

Wilson, still lying flat on the floor with his head slight raised and his staring at Hutton was gripped with fear in his heart as he heard Hutton’s words. He wondered what the questions were and hoped the answers required will not be the ones that would put the life of Morris or Louis in danger. He managed to gather himself and sat on his side with the other knee slightly raised up.

“Where is Carl Winston presently?” Hutton asked, looking directly into Wilson’s face.

Wilson heart almost failed him as his eyes met with Hutton’s. He blinked and gasped unconsciously and directed his gaze to Samantha as if to seek for permission to speak.

“What exactly do you want from Carl Winston?” Samantha spoke up.

“Well, that’s too bad.” Hutton let out a brief devilish smile. “Why do you answer questions with questions?” He shrugged and then stepped to the back of the chair, and placed the second palm on it, gripping the top of the backrest with his fingers. “Just answer my questions without wasting time.”

“Well, I do not know where Carl Winston is, he left us for something else.”

Hutton chuckled. He redirected his gaze to Wilson who was also staring at him. “Where exactly is Carl Winston?”

Wilson lips trembled for a moment, he was still wondering why Samantha had also confirmed Louis to be Carl Winston when Hutton faced him with the question.

He glanced at Samantha again and returned his gaze to Hutton.

“I don’t know…where he is,” he finally stammered

Hutton took in a breath and turned to one of the men by Wilson’s side, giving him a signal with a nod. He turned to the other side and gave the same signal to the second man.

The men stepped forward and pulled Wilson and Samantha closer together to the front of the seat leaving about two and half metres space in between.

Hutton stepped forward and sat on the chair.

“I’ll ask again for the last time, where is Carl Winston presently?”

There was no response from the two, Samantha kept an expressionless face while Wilson was shaking, his face was full of fright.

Hutton took in a deep breath and gave an eye signal to the men who were ready for his instructions. They both turned almost immediately, the man beside Wilson dug the rod into the side of his belly while the one beside Samantha struck her from the front.

Wilson screamed and fell on the floor rolling while Samantha remained jerked like she felt an impulse of throwing up with a more silent groan. The man beside Samantha struck her again but this time by the belly side and she fell on the floor and rolled just like Wilson, writhing in pain. Wilson was lashed twice on the back with the rod before he was picked up and dragged back to the previous position.

The second man followed Samantha as she rolled in pain and waited for her to reduce her movement before piercing the rod straight into her belly again.

Wilson felt so weak and unable to keep himself in sitting position, the man had to support him with his knees at the back and held up his chin for him to look at Hutton.

“Where is Carl Winston?” Hutton asked Wilson again.

Wilson could feel the pain transferring all over his body and he forced himself to breathe in and out and keep life in his body. He heard Hutton’s question but found it difficult to open his eyes or even his mouth but the man holding his chin kept on shaking him to make him keep his eyes opened.

“Where’s Carl?” Hutton asked one more time, bending forward to look into his eyes.

“He’s… He’s in Bethanna,” he managed to say.

Hutton sat up and looked at the face of the man holding him. He made a nod towards the door, giving the man a sign to take Wilson out of the room.

Samantha watched Wilson was being lifted and carried out of the room on the man’s shoulder. She was just being dragged to the previous position and did not know what had happened with Wilson. She also found it difficult to sit on her own but was helped by the man behind her. She also could not raise her head properly at him but managed to raise her eyes to his face.

“Tell me where Carl Winston is, or continue your suffering?” Hutton said, leaning forward again to look into her face.

She took in few deep breaths and a determined look formed on her face.

“Carl Winston is in your bleeping ass,” she smirked.

Hutton smiled softly as he leaned back. He stared at her face for a while before he looked up at the face of the man behind her.

“Hang her back to the poles,” he said and immediately got up from his seat. He proceeded straight out of the room.

The third man joined to move Samantha back to the back wall where the poles were, the chains were still locked around her wrists and ankles.

Samantha managed to keep on breathing softly as one of the man held her up while the other man bent to lock the other parts of the fetters on her feet to the poles. He rose up and they both locked the top parts to the poles. They walked out after, leaving her alone in the room.

It was the most discomforting position to be. Her feet were too weak to sustain her weight but there was nothing else she could lean on, she couldn’t lean against any of the poles at either sides because of the lengths of the chains and the distance of the poles to her body. Her back could also not touch the wall behind. It was going to be her worst night ever and she wasn’t sure she could survive.



El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila was sitting in front of the mirror, applying the body cream on her skin when her phone began to ring. She looked back and hesitated for a while before going to pick the phone where it was in the bed. As expected, Adrian was the caller.

“Good morning Adrian,” Sheila greeted as she returned to the seat.

“Good morning love, hope you slept well.” Adrian replied in cheerful tone from the other end.

“Yes, I did. What about you?” She asked, taking off her finger from the phone and using her right shoulder to hold it up to her ear.

“I did too,” he replied. “I just woke up and I wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday.”

“Oh! You’re welcome,” Sheila smiled. “Hope you plan to take your drugs early this morning.”

“Yes sure, breakfast is almost ready.”


“You sound like you’re rushing somewhere, I thought you weren’t going to work.”

“Ermm, Yeah. I was actually sleeping when I got a call from Victoria, she wants me to meet her up at her mall,” Sheila replied.

“I see, I’ll call you later then,” Adrian said.

“Yeah, talk…” she was about concluding when she suddenly remembered something. “Adrian, I forgot to ask you this last night when you called. Did you drop a card on the center table last night?”

“Uhmm, card? What kind of card?”

“Ermm, like a greeting card.”

“I didn’t come with anything like that with me to your place,” Adrian replied.

“Uhmn, okay.” Sheila smiled. “We’d talk later in the day then.”

“Take care.”

“You too.”

She dropped the phone on the table in front and hurried up with her dressing. She was ready in fifteen minutes time and she walked out of the room with her bag and the card in her hand.

“Lesedi,” she called when she got to the living room.

“Yes ma’am,” Lesedi appeared from the hallway, wiping her wet hands on the apron. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, how are you doing today?”

“Fine ma’am.”

“Good,” Sheila said and then raised the card in her hand up. “Is this for you?”

“No,” Lesedi shook her head. “I saw it on the floor last night when you drove Adrian back home and kept it on the centre table for you to see.”

“Adrian said he didn’t drop it,” Sheila frowned.

Lesedi shrugged. “Well, I only picked it from the floor.”

“Okay, thanks.” Sheila shrugged and was about keeping it in her bag but changed her mind. She handed it to Lesedi. “You should confirm from your colleague, it probably dropped from her.”

“Okay ma’am,” Lesedi cleaned her palms again before taking it.

“I’ll see you when I return.”

Sheila proceeded out of the house still wondering who the message could be for, she was going to ask her bodyguard to confirm if it had dropped from him the last nigmaht.



“How long will your sister be staying for?” Moses asked his wife who was serving him on the dining table.

He was dressed already, in his sky blue shirt and navy blue tie, his black suit was hung over the backrest of the dining chair. His wife was dressed in house wears with an apron over it, she had a cap on her head covering her hair fully. Two kids were at the living room, dressed in school uniforms and playing with each other.

“Just the weekend,” the lady replied him.

“Well, it’s okay. She can help us stay with the kids while we spend time out together on Saturday.” Moses said.

“My thoughts exactly,” she smiled as she dropped the container at the center of the table and covered it. “I’ll go change to take the kids to school right away.”

“Alright dear,” he said as he watched her go in direction of the hallway.

She was about to step into the hallway when she heard the bell of the main entrance ring. She turned back and proceeded to check who was there.

She looked through the peephole, it was a lady dressed in black pants and a collared short sleeve white shirt. She had a hat on and dark glasses covering her face. The stranger did not look like someone evil to her.

“Good morning,” she greeted as she opened the door, standing at the entrance.

“Good morning ma’am,” Florence greeted back with a smile, she took off the dark eyeglasses covering her eyes. “Is your husband in?”

“Yes, he’s in.” the wife replied, taking a quick glance back to her husband who was looking in her direction while eating.

“I’ll like to see him,” Florence stated.

“Please wait, he’ll be here with you soon.” the wife replied and closed back the door.

“Who’s it?” Moses asked.

“A lady, she’s here to see you.”

“Who’s she and where’s she from?”

“I didn’t ask,” she stopped and turned back to the door. The stranger who was looking back turned to her immediately after she opened the door again. “Please, what do you need to see him for?”

Florence was disappointed not to see the man at the door instead. Her impatience grew as she scanned the woman from head to toe with her eyes. She took a step forward and pushed the woman in with her right hand while pushing the door in with the left.

“What the bleep!” Moses cursed as he watched his wife staggering and supporting herself with the wall. Florence stepped in and closed the door immediately.

Moses got up from his seat and headed towards the door immediately while his wife stood back on her feet and tried to attack the intruder.

Florence grabbed her with her right hand easily by the neck and slammed her back to the wall, she took out the gun from the back pocket and pointed at the man who was rushing towards her.

Moses stopped immediately and raised both hands up as he saw the gun pointing to him.

“Move this way,” Florence said, pointing to the center of the living room with her gun. Moses obeyed and slowly moved to the center of the living room.

Florence released the grip on the woman’s neck and pointed the gun at her. “Move away,” she ordered.

The wife whose eyes were red and watery already coughed as she moved back slowly without turning. Florence kept the gun pointed at her as she walked in Moses direction. She held one of the little innocent kids by the arm and held him close.

“No, please, do not hurt him! I beg you,” Moses pleaded. “I’m here and you can do whatever you want with me, please let the kid go.”

The wife was also on her knees, pleading and rubbing her palms together. The second child walked to her mum who held her in an embrace.

Florence held the boy closer and pointed the gun to his head.

“I have few questions for you, answer quickly and I’ll let go.” she threatened.

Moses shook his head steadily in agreement.

“Apart from you and Charles, who else worked with you and Frank in making the sensitive igniter?”

Moses frowned, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You worked with Frank to produce a sensor that can identify customized voices and words, who else worked with you?” she asked again.

“He breathed out, we are selling out a sensor to Frank but I don’t know about the igniter,” Moses replied. “The idea of the sensor is a property of the company and he offered to buy the product and the processes but we are yet to agree.”

Florence stared at him for a while, considering taking his words as true or questioning him further.

“Who else knows about the sensor?”

“Like I said, it’s a product of the SheiDev company, I and Charles were only responsible for the interacting with Frank and negotiating the process of ownership transfer.”

She released the boy she was holding and let him run to his mother while she pointed the gun at him.

“Take them in,” she ordered the woman.

The woman hurriedly held both kids and shakily led them in.

Moses hands were raised and he watched the gun pointed in Florence’s hand. He was confused and could find no reason why he had a gunwoman in his house. He was not a bad person and had not hurt anyone and the sensor which she was asking questions about to his knowledge was for a good purpose.

Florence cocked the gun, she felt he didn’t deserve to die since he did not know what Frank planned to do with the sensor but she already had the order to kill him.

She saw in his eyes the desperation to live and pleas for mercy as her finger touched the trigger but there was no turning back, she pressed the trigger and the bullet hit him right in the chest. She turned immediately and walked out of the house.