RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 81


Benuit Bethanna.

“Hello Hutton, I hope you have good news,” Elvis Kahn said into his phone as he walked into the living room.

“Yeah Kahn, Carl Winston has just found his friend. He’s getting into our hands already.”

Kahn smiled to himself and praised Hutton in his heart. He remembered when Hutton had advised that they leave Rex alive since he was already incapacitated that he could be of use to them in the future, most of the executives including him had disagreed but Hutton insisted.

“Thank you Hutton, for insisting we kept him alive, now he is indeed useful. You are indeed a great asset to the Wolves.”

Hutton chuckled at his end and there was silence for few seconds before Kahn spoke again.

“So, what’s our next step?” Kahn questioned.

“He’s at Kebba where Rex is, we can’t attack or kill him yet,” Hutton replied. “But I’ve got my eyes on his every movement.”

“Is he alone?” Kahn asked.

“He isn’t of course but I’m yet to ascertain how many people he has working with him. That’s one of the reasons we can’t attack him yet?”

“Are the people working with him that important? Wouldn’t it all end if we just kill him?” Kahn asked, already sounding very impatient to see the end of Carl Winston.

“We don’t know the calibre of people he has gathered together,” Hutton replied. “We can’t tell if they are people who also have scores to settle with us. We also don’t know how much information they have about us already, we need to find out all these before ending his life, else we would still be left with a major problem after his death.”

“I see,” Kahn hummed. He was still unsatisfied with Hutton’s explanation and still wished for Carl Winston to be killed immediately but he also trusted Hutton’s judgement and believed Hutton would take the right step.

“Do remember we are keeping this information to ourselves,” Hutton reminded Kahn before the call ended.


For close to ten minutes, the room was completely silent. All ten guards which Ovil had brought in with them had been dismissed. Samantha had sat on the space in between Ovil and Wilson at the edge of the bed while Henry remained in his squatting position before Rex.

Rex wished he could speak out. He wished he could tell his friend to leave immediately and forget about him completely or until he was successful with his mission. From the day he had seen in the news the death of Richard Brad and the kidnap of Henderson, he had known Carl was back and he immediately began to plan his movement from Vincil to somewhere far where Carl would find it difficult to locate him. Now that Carl had found him, he was not only going to become a liability and a distraction to his revenge mission but he was also like an easy bait by the Wolves for his friend.

He knew from his falling off the Oso rock and crawling out of the water to the edge that the Wolves had not left him yet. He knew they were lurking around and the only reason they had left him alive was because he already appeared decapacitated at the bottom of the rock. He felt and saw signs of them watching him even when Wilson got him to the hospital that day. All through his two months of stay in the hospital, he knew they had kept watch on him. He wasn’t even expecting to leave the hospital alive, he had thought he would sleep and not wake up one day, and everytime he saw Wilson in the hospital, he always felt like saying goodbye to the young man but he could not speak at all.

He survived the two months in the hospital and he was fully conscious again but paralyzed in almost every part of his body. He was only able to move his neck upwards and very rarely his fingers. His speech was also slurred, he could communicate but it would have to take great effort of the listener to pick his words – an art which Wilson mastered later. The Doctor reported that he had gotten a severe brain injury from the fall and now dysarthria and tetraplegia and would need to undergo surgery in a hospital that had the necessary facilities which was absent in Bethanna.

He was referred to a hospital in Indian and another in Anthanna and only needed money for the trip and treatment. Rex had the money, but he was conscious that the Wolves had their eyes on him. He knew they must have also gotten the doctor’s report on his health and would be expecting him to make a move to travel. He was certain they had a greater reason for letting him remain alive, but at that moment, he never thought it would be to use him as a bait for Carl. Only on the night he found out that Carl was back did he also realize that the Wolves had kept him for the same reason.

He left the hospital with Wilson to the residence in Osti where he continued taking his medications and planning his movement, being conscious of the Wolves watching eyes. He was able to give instructions to Wilson with his slurred speech to procure some devices which he began to use to make moves, Wilson’s hands being his hands, legs being his legs and mouth being his mouth to communicate to others. He was able to securely move out of Osti to another location after which they moved to Vincil securely.

Rex was sure his moves had made the Wolves lose track of him for a while but due to his inability and condition, he didn’t wipe all traces and the Wolves were able to get their location again through Wilson’s sister, Sophia. After realizing that he would probably never be able to escape the Wolves in his condition, he pleaded with Wilson to leave him alone and go somewhere far with his sister, so that their lives would not be endangered like his but Wilson refuse and stuck to him, hiding the information and their deals totally away from Sophia. He however never told Wilson the whole truth, he never told him about the FOX Agency. All Wilson believed was that some bad guys were after Morris’ life.

“We have to move him out of here,” Henry spoke after a long silence.

Rex’s heart began to beat fast on hearing Carl’s words. What he greatly feared was already coming to pass, Carl was already being distracted by him.

“Where are you taking him to?” Ovil asked.

“To somewhere he can get quick modern treatment,” Henry got up from his squatting position and turned to Ovil. “I know you guys are doing a good job but I just need to move him.”

“I don’t blame your decision to move him,” Ovil said and got up to his feet. “But this man here made me promise never to let anyone take hin from here.”

Henry looked at Ovil’s face, they stared each other in the eyes. “Can’t you see he needs to be taken away?”

“We’re doing our best on him, the herbs are working.” Ovil replied.

“Don’t you see his condition has gotten worse?” Henry asked with his voice sounding pained. “He was brought with a slurred speech but now doesn’t talk anymore, who knows what would happen next if he doesn’t get better treatment.”

“I explained that it happened only because he was reacting to change in environment,” Ovil argued. “Do you think he wouldn’t have died if our treatment wasn’t working at all?”

Henry thought about it. It was true Rex wouldn’t have survived that long if the treatment was totally ineffective but he still didn’t want to believe that the reason Rex couldn’t speak at all was the change in environment.

“Please Ovil, let us take him out of here, he needs to be taken elsewhere,” Henry pleaded calmly.

“I would not allow that, I don’t go back on my promise.” Ovil said, shaking his head to emphasize his stance.

“Even if it means the person you promised is dying?” Henry raised his voice slightly.

Ovil turned for a moment and stared at Rex’s face, his facial expression softened and for a moment he seemed to be considering a change of mind. He turned back to Henry and shook his head again. “He’s not dying and he’s going to get better here,” he said and turned away. He walked to the window and dropped the curtains, then he turned on a switch and the fairly bright bulb at the centre of the ceiling came on.

Henry remained at the same spot while Ovil walked around and returned where he was standing in front of Henry.

“When is he going to be able to speak?” Henry finally asked after a moment of staring in Ovil’s eyes and seeing that he was unwilling to change his stance of keeping Rex there.

“Soon enough,” Ovil replied and glanced at Rex again. “Few weeks ago, he couldn’t move his neck but he’s moving it slightly now.”

Henry took in a breath. He stared at Rex’s face for a while and then looked at Ovil again. Ovil stared back at him.

“Please, let us take him out of here.” he pleaded once more staring deeply into the man’s eyes.

“No,” Ovil replied in the same calm tone. He glanced at Rex for the last time before he turned. “I’m going to prepare his meal and drugs for tonight,” he said before proceeding out of the room, leaving the visitors alone with Rex.

Henry marched slowly towards Rex and squatted in front of him. He looked into his eyes deeply with a reassuring look and light smile.

“My friend, I’m going to ensure you get out of here and get better treatment.” He said in whispers. “You will be well again, I promise.”


Bexford, Bethanna.

“The post-mortem reports says he died of food poisoning,” Sandra said as she entered into the passenger’s side of the car and jammed the door. She handed over the document in her hand to Steve who was sitting at the driver’s side.

He turned on the inner light of the vehicle before taking the document from her. He scanned through quickly and handed it back to her.

“Does this mean he poisoned himself and dropped dead beside the public bin?” Steve asked rhetorically, thinking aloud to himself.

“That’s what it seems like but from all indications, our past investigation reports proves something else happened.” Sandra replied.

“If the post-mortem reports says he was poisoned, then he was truly poisoned but the question is, did he poison himself or someone else did?” Steve asked, slowly turning his face to her again.

“I would have to find that out tomorrow,” Sandra let out a breath.

“Good job so far,” Steve commended as he pulled the seatbelt to lock it. “Seems everybody on the team is been doing so well already.”

“Have you heard from Dan and Evelyn?” Sandra asked, pulling on her seatbelt too.

“Yeah, they are doing quite well.” Steve replied after starting the car engine. He turned on the indicator and looked into the side mirror to check for cars on the road.

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Kebba, South Husan.

Samantha let out a breath as they turned into the road and she caught sight of the hotel building from afar, she couldn’t wait to devour the meal they had gotten on their way back. She was sitting in the backseat of the car while Wilson was at the front with Henry, the nylon bag containing the three packs of food was at the backseat with Samantha.

The day had been eventful and full of surprises, especially for Henry. The biggest surprise which was discovering that his once mighty friend was now so weak and helpless. He spoke no word to anyone as they drove back to the hotel. His eyes were bloodshot and his heart full of rage. It took application of self control gotten as a FOX Agent over the years for him to be able to bottle up his anger and drive without colliding into anyone or anything. The fire was burning in his bones and it made him so restless. It was a fire of revenge, revenge for his friend, his family and his friend’s family.

He proceeded straight into the hotel after parking outside, Wilson and Samantha followed behind but at a slower pace. He got into the hotel room and sat at the edge of the bed burying his face in his palms for a moment.

After a while, he got up and proceeded to the locker where he had kept his phone before leaving. He unlocked it quickly and opened the dial pad. He dialed doctor Alan’s number.

“Hey boss, I’ve been worried about you, I couldn’t reach you all day.” Doctor Alan spoke first.

“Good evening doc, you should know you can’t reach us because we’re out of Bethanna. I can only reach you when I want.”

“Oh! I see…”

“Hope you are doing fine,” He replied.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Hope you are fine too, and is there any luck in finding Morris?”

“We got very close today doc, ” Henry replied. “Very soon, it should be done.”

“Wow! That’s encouraging,” the doctor said in a light mood.

“Doc,” Henry called in a serious tone. “Can dysarthria and tetraplegia which has lingered for close to one year be treated?”

“Uhmn…” the doctor took some time to think. “Well, it depends but it’s rare. Dysarthria is caused by brain injury. We have very good doctors but I’m not sure we have enough facilities in Bethanna to take care of such conditions.”

“But can it be treated?” Henry questioned.

“It depends on the cause, for most cases what the person gets may just be some more years to live. Some get to overcome the both conditions but they still have one or more part of their bodies which may tend to experience it some times and they have to live on drugs but like I said before, it all depends on the cause.”

“Thank you doc, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Why do you…”

Henry did not allow the Doctor complete his words before he cut the call.

He dropped his phone on the bed and turned to look at Wilson who was eating already. Wilson hid his face and turned away as their eyes met.

A brief smile appeared on Henry’s face as the look on Wilson’s face at that moment brought back memories of his son, Kellar, to him. He frowned again and clenched his fists.


April 3, 2016

Unknown Location

Hutton stirred the tea in the mug gently with the teaspoon in it. His eyes was fastened to the computer screen while his right hand was placed on the mouse. Beside the laptop on the table were three phones and an earpiece. There was also an unknown flat device of a cuboidal shape beside the phones, it had a timer at the left side and a handle on top. On the computer screen was the magnified image of the unnamed device but with the parts well labeled.

He clicked the arrow to move to the next image after few minutes of studying the first. The second image had the device split into four parts with each part named. He switched to the next image, it contained the first part of the unnamed device, well magnified and having each component numbered. At the left part of the image, the components of the parts were listed with their numbers and a brief summary of their functions stated in front of them.

He paused to drink from the tea cup before he began to study the image. A minute after, he took another sip before clicking onto the next image. The whole study took him close to ten minutes to complete after which he switched to a text document. He copied a set of codes on the first line of the document and switched to another application. He clicked on Ctrl + F after the application loaded, a dialog box opened and he pasted the copied code into it and clicked the enter key. Few seconds later, he got results from the command issued and began to study them one after the other.

He stopped and turned in his swivel backward when he seemed to have gotten reasonable facts from his work. He stared thoughtfully at the ceiling for a moment before turning back to pick one of the phones on the table. He dialed Kahn’s number.

“Good morning Kahn, how is it today?” he said into his mouthpiece and waited to get his reply. “I’m also doing well,” he answered before proceeding to his reason for calling. “What’s the name of the new girl?”

“Florence Brown,” Kahn replied from the other end.

“Have you met her in person?”

“No but Daysman and Aaron has.” Kahn replied.

“I need her to go to Anthanna tomorrow, there’s someone she needs to find and kill in El Deols. Get her email address and send to me, I’ll forward the details to her and copy you.”


Kebba, South Husan

The sound of knocking at the door jerked Henry off from sleep. He sat up and took a look at Wilson who was still fast asleep by his side in the bed. He rolled out of the bed and proceeded to the table to pick the beards he used for disguise. He had black shorts on and a white armless top.

“Who’s there?” he asked as he got to the door. He knew for sure it couldn’t be the hotel workers as room service wasn’t one of the services rendered there.

“Me, Ern,” the voice replied from behind the door.

Henry dragged in a breath and then opened the door to let Ern in. He closed the door after Ern walked in and locked with the key.

“Good morning,” Ern said in his usual accent, slightly different from the Kebban accent. He looked at sleeping Wilson for a while and then turned again to Henry. “Here yesterday three times, you not here.”

“You gave us incomplete information man, we almost got into trouble.” Henry complained, frowning at him as he walked to sit on the plastic chair.

“How?” Ern questioned.

“You never told us Ovil Matuse was getting ordained as a Priest and that it was a taboo to see him before the ordination.”

“I knew not,” Ern replied. “I find out after the festival Ovil Matuse is one of the new priests.”

Henry shrugged and turned to pick his wallet on the table.

“You see your friend?” Ern asked, walking closer to Henry.

“Ermm… Is there any store I can purchase batteries around here?” Henry asked, deliberately ignoring Ern’s question.

“Batteries, type?”

Henry took out a small dry cell battery from a device to show him.

“Yes, at the front here.” Ern replied.

“Can we go together?” Henry got up from the seat holding his wallet. He took out his face cap from his bag and put it on before proceeding to the door.

‘When you leave with your friend?” Ern questioned as they proceeded outside the hotel.

Henry ignored his question again and asked another. “How many people use phones in this Kebba?”

“Few, only business centres and rich ones.” Ern answered.

“So why does Ovil Matuse not posses a phone?” Henry asked, more to himself than Ern. To him, Ovil Matuse who was that popular should have enough money to possess a phone.

“Such materials not allowed in the Home Of Sacrifice, priests and stewards not allowed to posses such.”

“Oh!” Henry shook his head.

Henry stopped after taking three steps outside the hotel building. Ern also stopped and looked back at him wondering why he stopped. Henry looked around for a moment and then changed direction towards the car.

He took out the car keys from his back pocket and beckoned on Ern to follow him.

“Not far, just here.” Ern protested as he got close to the passenger’s side.

“Get in,” Henry ordered.

Ern sighed and stepped in.

Henry turned and stared at him. “Since when did Kebba start using CCTV?”

Ern frowned wondering why he was asking such question, he understood what was meant by CCTV because he had seen it in movies.

“No CCTV everywhere, only places near the Local Government Office CCTV.”

Henry frowned. He hoped Ern was sure of what he was talking about. He had noticed two security cameras on poles immediately they stepped out of the hotel building. He hadn’t seen them the day they arrived and the day before because he had no opportunity to look around and it was also dark, especially the previous day when they had to leave so early for the Home of Sacrifice.

“Are you sure there are no security cameras around the streets and roads?”

Ern squinted at Henry, he looked confused. He shook his head. “Don’t sure,” he shrugged, deciding to say he was not sure rather than give false information.

“You’re not sure?”

Ern nodded.

“Okay, let’s get the batteries now.” he said and stepped out of the car again. Ern stepped out with him, his face covered with confusion.

They got the batteries and returned to the hotel in five minutes. Henry met his phone ringing when they stepped into the room. Cole was calling.

“Hey boss!”

“Cole,” Henry answered.

“I need to visit Anthanna, I got some clues to the source of the codes and I need to find the developer.”

“When would you like to make the trip?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, be safe.” Henry replied.

Henry held the phone tightly in his palm after the call ended. The mention of Anthanna had brought back memories of Sheila to his mind. He remembered all that she did for him, how she helped him escape facing the same plight or even worse than Rex had faced.

He thought of how she could be of help to him in safe guarding and also treating Rex but he discarded the thought immediately. He remembered he did not want to get her involved in his mission and how he could be putting her life in danger.

Another thought struck his mind. What if he visited Anthanna with Cole? It could give him the opportunity to see her again and even explain his actions better to her and he could even get to know some of the things she wanted to show him.

His heart continued to beat so fast as he thought of it. It seemed like a difficult decision to make.