RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 74


El Deols, Anthanna
17: 50PM

“Good evening Ma’am,” Sheila’s bodyguard greeted as he opened the door for her to get into the backseat.

She stepped in and settled down while he entered into the front seat.

“Wait,” Sheila said as the engine of the car was turned on, she took out her phone and unlocked it. “Please, give me some minutes to make a call, I’m not sure I’ll like to head home directly.”

“I’ll have to go with you anywhere you go today ma’am,” the bodyguard said, staring at her face through the rearview mirror. “I wouldn’t like a repeat of what happened yesterday.”

Sheila hated it when he insisted on following her out but she knew her father always compelled him to do so.

“Hey Adrian,” she said into the phone as soon as her call was answered.

“Hey,” the voice answered softly from the other end. “Good evening Sheila.”

“Good evening Adrian,” she replied. “I’m about to leave work now and I was wondering if you are free this evening, we could have dinner together like we did yesterday.”

There was silence from Adrian’s end and it lasted longer than expected.

“Are you with me Adrian?” Sheila asked.

“Oh Yes! Sorry, Uhmm…I’m currently not around but I’ll be getting back home in the next thirty minutes, won’t that be too late to meet you?”

“Ermm…” Sheila eyebrows gathered together as she considered another option. “Why don’t we meet at my place? I’ll fix dinner for both of us.”

“Oh! Nice, can I be there by seven o’clock?”

“Yea, that’s a good time.” Sheila answered and ended the call.

A picture of Henry flashed through her mind as she kept the phone in her bag. She remembered again how both of them used to sit at the backseat of the same vehicle and how she used to rest her held on his shoulders while he wrapped his strong arms around her.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. The encounter with Stanley the previous day had brought so much of Henry’s memories back to her mind which she hated. Apart from that morning which she did not think of him, every moment she was alone in the office, he had always found a way to creep into her mind. She thought the best way to get rid of him in her heart totally was to give Adrian a chance.


Piel City, Bethanna.

“Stay close behind me and hold the guns firmly,” Henry said to Wilson as he led him down the stairs. Wilson followed closely, holding the guns in both hands and pointing around to warn the men met as they walked down.

The men gathered together but gave way as they saw how Henry held Tanko’s neck firmly under his armpit and had a gun pointed to his head.

“No jokes, step aside men.” Henry warned the men continuously as he climbed down to the ground floor and proceeded out of the building. He advanced towards the main gate immediately, keeping an eye on the men who were gathering and following slowly.

The men looked visibly angry and ready to attack. They had different weapons with them except for guns but they could not come closer to them for the fear of Tanko being hurt or even killed.

“Take the car keys from my pocket and bring it closer to the entrance,” Henry stopped as they climbed the pavement of the entrance hall. Wilson took the keys and hurried out unstopped.

Henry proceeded slowly after him, looking back and forth as he approached the gate. He looked back more as only one man was at the gate and the others were behind.

His eyes met with the bloodshot eyes of the man they had met while coming in, he could see that the man had sustained an injury on his shoulder from their encounter. He carefully unbolted the gate and stepped outside. He spotted Wilson already driving closer and he quickly moved with his hostage to enter the vehicle.

15 Minutes Later.

“Your men aren’t coming after us, they seem to have another plan.” Henry said to Tanko. They were both sitting at the backseat of the vehicle while Wilson was at the front driving. For the past ten minutes, Henry had the mouth of his gun kissing the side of Tanko’s belly while he looked back from time to time to check if the men from the Piel Territory were coming after them.

Tanko gave no reply but sat quietly in the car with his eyes looking forward.

“Take the turn, and drive into the public garage.” Henry said to Wilson, and turned to look back, hoping to confirm during the turn if no one was really following them.

Wilson did as he was told, he turned into the road by the left hand side and continued driving slowly, his eyes searching for the public garage. He located the sign board far away at the front and increased his speed until he got closer. Henry hid his gun behind Tanko as they got to the gate, he took out a currency note from his jacket and handed to the men at the gate. They gave them a pass and allowed them drive in.

“Where would you like us to park?” Wilson asked as he drove into the place.

“The indoor garage,” Henry replied.

Wilson glanced back at him wondering why Henry would choose the indoor facility. He however obeyed and drove into the garage. There was a lot of space in it, compared to the open area.

“We’d park where that blue car is,” Henry said, after noticing a car which had just parked beside a bus.

“Take out your gun and take care of Tanko, don’t bother trying to see what I want to do, it could make Tanko take the gun from you.” Henry warned in a light tone and opened the door even before Wilson brought the car to a halt. He quickly put on his face cap.

He stepped out and closed the door immediately Wilson parked beside the blue car. He turned around the car quickly to meet the car owner just stepping out of the blue car. Wilson turned back in the car, pointing his gun at Tanko. He was inquisitive about knowing what Henry planned to do, but he remembered the warning not to watch so he fixed his focus on Tanko.

“Hey man!” Henry hailed the man.

“Hey!” the man stared at the stranger, wondering why he was walking towards him hurriedly. Henry blocked the man in the space between the bus and the blue car.

“I need your car for something quick,” Henry said pointing a gun at him.

The scared man stretched his keys towards Henry immediately and put the second hand in the air.

Henry did not only take the key but pulled him by the wrist. He dragged the car owner with him to their car and stopped behind the boot.

“Unlock the boot,” he shouted in a loud voice to Wilson.

He opened the boot with after noticing Wilson unlock it.

“Get in!” he commanded the car owner. “And do not make a sound for the next five minutes.”

Scared of losing his life, the car owner stepped into the boot quickly and watched as Henry closed him inside.

Henry got back into the backseat of the car. He took off his face cap and handed it to Wilson, he also gave him the car keys he collected from the car owner. “Put this on and step out of the car with your head bowed. Get into the driver’s side of that car and get it started.”

Wilson did as he was told.

“Get up!” Henry commanded Tanko as he opened the door. He stepped out first and Tanko stepped out after him. He turned with Tanko through the front of the car this time and spoke to Wilson while he directed Tanko to the back. “Open the boot.”

He dragged Tanko to the back of the new car and opened the boot.

Tanko already moved to get in even before Henry spoke to him but Henry wanted more than getting in. He took out a handkerchief from his back pocket and covered Tanko’s nose with it.

He held Tanko’s body as he fell unconscious and got him into the car. He hurried quickly to the driver’s side and ordered Wilson to moved to the passenger’s seat.

As they drove out, he could hear the car owner locked in the other boot already making some noise and hitting the sides of the vehicle.

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FOX Corporation Headquarters,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

“Why should the police officers pass through a route in the village that has no CCTV coverage,” Steve blasted angrily in the open office where he was.

Over ten people had their seats and tables in the office and more than seven were currently sitting, working on their computers, all trying to get the CCTV coverage to locate the culprit who escaped.

“Keep your eyes on the live stream, we should be able to locate when he tries to get out of that environment.” Steve ordered in a loud voice.

“Boss, over fifty police officers were sent to Fortune area to search for him.” Evelyn said as she walked into the place.

“D–n! I just hope they can find him, the boss would be mad at us for this.” Steve complained bitterly, without turning to look at Evelyn.

“The boss is mad already, he called the police commissioner. The officers who took him from here are in trouble.” Evelyn replied as she got closer. She stopped beside a table where a man was sitting and working on a computer and bent to peep into his work.

“That guy is wise, I truly doubt if they would find him.” Steve said.

“Boss, we should be optimistic about this. It would be difficult for him to escape fifty officers,” Evelyn tried to encourage him.

“That’s if he hasn’t escaped already before the officers got there,” Steve said as he turned to her. “Those fools have just messed things up.”

He turned again and walked to the table to check what a female officer had on the computer screen. he was still standing there when his phone began to ring, he checked the caller. It was Paul Edwards.


Benuit, Bethanna.

Elvis Kahn was sitting alone in the living room. He had a laptop in front of him and a mouse by the side. His finger was however on the down arrow button which he used in scrolling the webpage he was on. He held the mouse and switched to another tab after finishing on that webpage. He scrolled for some minutes on the new page before he opened a new tab. He typed in the URL – into the navigation tab and clicked on go. The homepage of the website loaded and he scrolled to the news section. He scrolled down slowly, reading the headlines of the news when a particular one caught his attention, the featured image of the article was Stan’s picture and the headline read – Suspect shoots police officers on Transit and escapes.

He clicked on the news quickly and began to read as soon as it loaded. He picked his phone after patiently reading for close to two minutes.

“Hey Ario, did you get the news that Stan escaped from officers on transit?”

“Yes sir, I did and I just made arrangements for some men to go in search for him.” the call receiver replied from the other end.

“Also make arrangements for your men to remain at the station, your station is the closest to the location and he would most likely come there for protection. Fifty police officers have been deployed to search for him.” Kahn said.

“That would be done sir,” the receiver answered.

“Good, make sure he doesn’t get back into the hands of the police.” Kahn said.

“Yeah, I would try all I can.”


Kahn ended the call and put his phone on the table. He thought of calling Hutton to inform him but he changed his mind. Hutton was on a very important trip and even though he was the strategist who always knew what to do in different situations, he deserved to be excluded from worrying about some things.

Kahn opened his contact list and began to scroll in search for people he could call to influence the police and stop them from carrying out an intensive search for Stan.

El Deols, Anthanna.

Adrian sat quietly on the dining table and watched as Sheila served the food on the table with the help of the maids. He was unusually silent that night.

He had on a black coloured cotton shirt tucked into grey trousers, with black cover shoes on his feet. His shirt was buttoned almost hallway down, slightly revealing his hairy chest. He looked cuter in his new haircut and new pattern of beards, but he looked less confident that night.

“The aroma is breath taking,” he tried to fake a smile as Sheila sat directly opposite him.

Sheila smiled in reply. “I hope you would enjoy it.”

He picked up his cutlery and smiled again at the sweet smelling flavour Bobotie dish. “I’ll surely enjoy this,” he said before he started to eat.

The elements in his stomach danced and cried out for more as he made the first chew, the food was as delicious as he expected.

“Did you prepare this yourself?” he had to ask as he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Yeah, I’ve not cooked in a while, so I’m not sure if I did it perfectly.” She replied.

“This is more than perfect Sheila,” Adrian smiled. The smile came from his heart this time.

“Thanks baby,” Sheila replied.

Her reply got Adrian so surprised that he paused the chewing in his mouth and stared at her face. She kept eating without noticing he was staring at her. He took his eyes off her and continued chewing before she looked up.

She had just called him “baby” which she had never done before. Adrian did not know what to think. Just the day before, she had warned him to keep a distance and the next day she was trying to endear him to her again. He felt so confused that he almost lost interest in the food, but he chose not to spoil the moment and continued eating quietly.

They finished the meal in ten minutes and the maid helped in clearing off the plates from the table.

“Can we move to the living room?” Sheila asked Adrian.

“Oh Yes!” he said and picked his phone from the table immediately. He got up after her and she step aside to let him walk past her.

He made himself comfortable on the three seater sofa while she went to turn on the television and pick the remote control. She joined him on the same sofa, at the other edge.

Adrian wanted badly to discuss with her immediately but he decided to wait for her to set and fix a channel on the television first. He feasted his eyes on her body while he waited. Her legs were crossed and arms rested on the left armrest of the sofa, her short blue gown revealed her hot thighs in her sitting position. He could not but admit in his mind that she was not just beautiful with a perfect figure eight shape but she also had a sexy body which was difficult to resist. He however swallowed in his lust with a huge drag of breath and managed to take his eyes off her body.

She rested her back after selecting a music station and turned to face him.

“So, how did your day go?” she asked.

He took his eyes off the TV to her face. “Work was great today and the day couldn’t have ended better with the delicious meal you prepared.”

Sheila eyes closed briefly as she smiled, her smile making her face more beautiful. “I’m glad you enjoyed the meal.”

“Yea, but…” he heaved a sigh and raised his brows. “I’m kind of surprised you invited me for dinner tonight, I thought I had been disturbing you with so much invitations for dinner.”

She smiled again. “I’m sorry if I made you feel bad yesterday, I just wanted to be careful with you.”

“Careful?” Adrian squinted. “Careful of what? Are you sure you’re not doing this because you thought I felt embarrassed by that guy yesterday?”

“Well, I saw the look on your face when we left the eatery. It was obvious you didn’t feel good about it but that’s not the reason I invited you for dinner tonight.”

“You’re wrong Sheila, I didn’t feel anything about those guy’s words last night. He was wrong about me and I don’t give a d–n about his opinion.” Adrian replied. “I was more surprised with the way you handled it, I didn’t imagine a single punch from you could crash him to the ground.”

Sheila chuckled at his words. “Well, I didn’t imagine it too. I had not had time to practice my fighting skills on anybody.”

“Your fighting skills?”

“Yeah, I joined Henry for exercises and training a couple of times, he thought me how to make the right hit with my fists.”

“Hmm, Henry.” Adrian muttered, staring down for few seconds. “Henry was your former bodyguard, right?”

“Yes, he was.” Sheila chuckled as she separated her legs and rested her head on the backrest of the sofa. “He was more of a friend than a bodyguard.”

Adrian held his breath as he stared at her thighs again, he was having a hard time resisting touching her. He sniffed in gently and took his eyes off again.

“Sheila, you are in love with him. Aren’t you?” he asked in a calm voice.

Sheila did not reply immediately. It was difficult to admit she had fallen in love with someone she only knew briefly after saving his life and it was more difficult to admit that she hadn’t been able to get over him even though he rejected her.

“Yes, I am and it’s difficult to get over it.” she finally confessed after a minute of being quite.

Adrian heaved a deep sigh. He was already developing hopes again that night but he could now see that Sheila’s heart was totally given to another man and it might be impossible for him to have her.

They both sat quietly for the next ten minutes without a word from the both of them. The music playing softly from the television was the only sound that could be heard.

“Sheila,” Adrian finally sat up with a forced smile on his face. “Thanks for the night, I will like to take my leave now.”

Adrian rose up to his feet before she could reply.

“Why are you leaving so early?” She got up and asked.

“I guess I have to be up early enough tomorrow, so I have to go to bed early.”

“It’s okay, we would talk more later then.” she smiled.

“Yeah, sure.”

She walked him out of the house to the car and watched him drive towards the gate before returning into the house alone, feeling so lonely all of a sudden.

To be continued….