RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 64


A fourth man joined the three new men and they all spread around the area, marching slowly and carefully with their eyes scanning all around the place. Henry noticed that they seemed more professional than the first set of men and he watched them carefully. One of them came in Henry’s direction slowly and as he got closer, Henry noticed from the shirt he wore that he was a FOX agent and that explained the reason for his more matured way of scanning the environment.

He continued watching them for a moment trying to strategize how to take them all down using less bullets as much as possible. He held his breath for a moment as the man who was walking in his direction had come so close and was now standing directly under him. He looked again at the other three men, two of them were backing his direction and only one of them was facing his direction but was busy checking through the shadows. It was the right time to come down.

He allowed the man under the tree move a step forward before he released himself to the ground from the tree, landing right behind the man. Before the man could turn, Henry was up and already having his arm wrapped around the man’s neck tightly. He fired at one of the other men who quickly tried to turn and fire at him. The man he held on the neck was struggling to set himself free from the firm grip and had already turned his gun to Henry’s body but Henry’s gun already kissed his head before he could balance his grip and before he could pull the trigger, a bullet ran into his head.

Henry picked the man’s gun and moved swiftly to hide behind the tree. The two remaining men began to fire sporadically at the tree. He took his time behind the tree, inhaling and exhaling deeply as he waited patiently. The shots ceased for a little while. He peeped through the left to see one of the men reloading his gun and hiding behind a tree. He peeped through the right side and still couldn’t see the second man but could tell which side he was because of the direction from where the shots came. Henry peeped through his left again and then saw that the man had finished reloading his gun. He looked to his right side and spotted one of the trees which was about six metres away at an almost straight line to where he hid. He peeped through the left side of his tree again and tried to figure out which of the trees the second man could be hiding behind. There were only two trees which could cover him totally from his view and he figured out that he could be able get a clear shot at the man if he moved to the tree six metres straight to him.

He peeped once again through his left. The man there was also peeping and waiting for him to make a move. Henry realized that he had to move very fast if he would step out from behind the tree. He peeped through the right once more and spotted the exact tree the second man was hiding behind, the man’s body had shown slightly.

Dave caught another punch thrown by the man and replied it with a headbutt, he tried to follow up with a punch but the man also blocked his and sent a kick to Dave’s belly. Dave winced in pain as he staggered back. The man followed him up with a double kick, one landing on Dave’s face and the other on his chest. Dave fell to the ground heavily and tumbled over, stopping on his knees. The man rushed with a kick from his right leg directed to Dave’s face which Dave dodged quickly, but the man followed up immediately with another kick from his left knee which hit Dave in the face and sent him falling heavily to the ground.

Dave groaned in pain on the ground where he laid. He hadn’t expected the man to be much of a fighter and had been taken by surprise when the man began to easily dodge his blows and kicks.

“Over twenty five years in the South Husan Military, I’m not a man that you can take down easily.” Vincent boasted in a calm tone and he paced in a circle about Dave.

Dave struggled to get up as he listened to the man’s word. He had no doubt that the man had indeed been well trained in the military because it was obvious in the man’s expertise.

He managed to get to his feet and held his fists up to show he was ready to continue the fight. He continued turning on the spot as the man moved round him, staring him in the eyes with so much confidence on his face. Dave began to hope he had made no mistakes when he decided to agree for a fist battle.

He remembered something which Henry had told them during the brief training in Anthanna, “One of the greatest weapons the enemy can use against anyone is fear, once the enemy instills fear in your heart, it lessens your willpower and increases his own confidence.”

Dave closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to shake out the fear from his mind.

He opened his eyes to get it closed back immediately as a disastrous hard punch hit his face. The man gave him no time to rest as he followed up with two more punches on the face but Dave was still able to grab the next punch.

Their eyes met and Vincent could see the fury in the younger man’s eyes built from the pain and hurts from the blows he had dealt of his face.

Vincent smiled a mocking smile but before he could make an extra move, Dave slammed his head on the man’s nose, taking him sharper than he entered. He followed up with a one-time double punch with both hands landing on Vincent’s chest at the same time. The man staggered some steps back and managed to keep himself from falling, he charged back towards Dave but Dave bent to dodge his furious attack and sent a heavy punch into his belly, he followed with another punch from the left hand.

Dave lifted his head to see the man holding his belly, he quickly dealt Vincent two more blows on the face and ended with a kick to his chest. Vincent crashed to the ground heavily on his butt.


Jenny let out a groan as the man rammed her to the boot of the vehicle. He tried to pin her down but she kicked him in the chest with her knee and used the soles her feet to kick him farther away. She noticed a walking stick at the back of the vehicle and stretched her hand into the vehicle through the broken window to take it out. He charged towards her again and tried to grab her but she was able to send him back again with another kick. She pulled out the walking stick and dropped from the boot of the vehicle.

She waved the stick as he came closer and he stopped carefully. She moved closer and struck towards his face but he dodged tactfully, she made two more strikes which he dodged intelligently. He grabbed her by the waist and slammed her again to the boot of the car. She groaned but with both hands grabbed the stick and pound his head with it before he could raise it up.

He let out a groan but still managed to grab the stick where she held it up above. She struggled for it with him for few seconds before he managed to twist her hand and she let it go. He staggered back as a result of the force with the stick in his hand and she followed quickly, landing a kick in his belly before he could balance well to use the stick. She advanced closer and with a leap turned around and kick his face with the back of her foot. The stick eventually fell off his hand and he landed on the ground.

She rushed to him and tried to kick on his face but he grabbed her foot forcefully and dragged her towards himself, making her land to the ground on her butt. He rose quickly and landed her two quick blows on her face after which he pushed her and landed two more blows on her face. He held her face up with his left palm behind her head rasing his right fist to land a punch on her face but her feet hit his g—n and he let out a groan. He stayed without letting her go until the kick hit his genitals the second time and harder this time. He screamed and turned away, landing painfully to the ground on his left side.

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With very quick light steps, Henry dashed from his current position to the position behind the tree spotted straight in front of him escaping three shots fired at him in the process.

He moved his gun to the left hand quickly and fired two quick shots at the man shooting at him as he ran. He hid himself again behind the tree and changed the gun to his right hand again. He turned to the other side and spotted the second man whose position was initially not visible, several metres forward in an adjacent position. The man had his gun raised and was about to fire. Henry moved back to dodge the three consecutive shots that followed, he looked leftwards and the man at the left was firing at him again. He squatted quickly and turned in the other direction, firing two quick shots as he rolled on the floor to dodge the oncoming bullets. His second bullet entered into the man’s chest. He looked up and fired three consecutive shots at the man who had been shooting from the left angle. He switched to the second gun in his hand and fired two more shots. He watched the man as he fell on his knees first and then dropped dead.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief as he let out a deep breath and rolled back to the tree. He got up and dusted his body after which he sat on the floor, resting his back against the tree.


Vincent jumped to his feet before Dave could get to him. He was however met with a kick on his chest and fell on his butt once more. Another kick followed which he managed to grab even though the force pushed him back and he hit his head on the tarred floor.

Dave whose leg was stuck with the man dug a kick into the man’s chest in a bid toset free his other leg but the man still held on. He dug the kick a second time, making the man jerk up, the man’s grip loosened from his right leg. He stepped back and pulled the man by both legs. He turned Vincent face flat on the floor and held him by the ankles of both feet, then he pulled the legs by the ankle, bending the knees backward as he sat on the man’s back.

Vincent gave out a loud scream as he felt severe pains all through his body. He tightened his fists and banged continuously on the floor in agony. Dave continued without mercy.

Vincent opened his eyes even as he screamed in pain and tried to move himself but he was so stiff under Dave. His eyes coincidentally moved to Antonio and Jenny at the back of the car and he saw Antonio on the floor being dealt with by the girl.

He felt pity for Antonio but angry with himself. Antonio was just a chemical engineer and was only slightly good in the use of guns, so Antonio was never expected to show super strength in fist battles but he who was a trained soldier was being beaten by a younger man who could not have gotten up to half of his experience.

The thought alone made him summon courage and he began to drag himself on the floor with all the strength left in him.

Dave bent his legs harder but the man continued to move still. Dave knew he was planning to make a sharp turn and he bent the knees even more harder and tried to pin him to the ground tighter but the man only stopped for few seconds and continued to move again. Before Dave could think of what next to do, the man made the sharp turn, sending Dave landing on the ground beside.

Vincent tried to get up as quick as he could but he still felt so hurt in his legs. Dave got up before him and was about to attack him again when he heard a voice stopping him.

“Time is far spent, we’ve got to leave with them now.” Cole was coming from behind Vincent.

Vincent heard the voice late and as he turned his head to look back, a syringe was drove into his neck.


“Enough!” A sharp female voice stopped Jenny from landing another blow on the man’s face.

Samantha jumped over the drainage from the shadows and stepped closer to them, pointing a gun in her hand. Jenny stepped back to let Samantha get closer to Antonio.

Antonio raised his hands slowly in the air, realizing that Samantha was with Jenny. She turned to his back, still pointing the gun in her hand.

He stood still with his hands raised, unsure of what she planned to do behind him. He was still thinking of what to do when a tiny object pierced his neck. His knees buckled and he fell weak to the ground.

“We’ve got to search their car and pick every device and materials we can find there,” Samantha stated as she handed the gun to Jenny and walked towards the car with the shattered glasses.

To be continued.