RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 63


“Thread carefully guys, he should be lurking somewhere around here.” Henry heard one of the men announce.

He carefully peeped through the left side and saw about five men already spreading around the area he was, they had their torchlights being pointed to different directions.

“Be very careful of the shadows, he might be hiding in them.” the man who spoke warned his men again.

Henry tilted his head up and studied the branches of the tree which stem he was hiding behind. He took another peep through the left and noticed that four other men had joined, some of them had police uniforms on while only one had a FOX mask on, some others had no identification. A policeman was facing Henry’s direction and walking slowly and carefully with his torch, checking everything in front of him. Henry looked to his right, there was another huge tree about two metres adjacent to him but the stem wasn’t as large as the one he hid behind currently. He studied the tree’s branches, the flexible and rigid parts. He peeped again and saw two men facing his direction, the one at the front was slightly slanted towards the other while the one behind was coming in his straight in his direction.

He held his gun firmly in his hands as he got ready to pull out of his hiding place, he was determined not to waste any of the bullets as he only had one round left after the one in the gun and he knew there was a possibility of other men coming from behind apart from the ones already there. He bent down and peeped carefully again. The men were moving closer to him and one of them was pointing his torch close to his spot. He was careful with his movements not to let them know where he was.

He moved out from behind the tree in a second and fired at the first and second man one after the other. He didn’t miss any, both men dropped dead immediately. A rain of gun shots followed him as he ran to hide behind the next tree. He shielded his body fully behind the tree and was careful not to move away from the covering.

The gunshots ceased after about a minute and Henry knew the men would be coming in his direction already. He looked up towards the left side to locate the flexible branch of the tree he had noticed before, then he peeped quickly through the other direction to identify the location of the men. He also studied the distance of the tree in front. He waited three more seconds before he leaped and caught the branch of flexible part of the tree with his left hand, the tips of his feet pushed the tree stem to help propel him forward and he fired three times with the gun in his left hand before he landed on the floor and rolled to the back of the next tree.

He got up quickly and leaned his back against the wall. He could feel the vibration as bullets hit the tree stem continuously. He bent down and peeped carefully. The three bullets which proceeded from his gun did not waste but took their the targets successfully. Only three men of the eight men were left.

He peeped again and saw that the men were more being more careful this time, they maintained their far distance from him instead of coming close like the men he had just taken down.

He looked around him. There were bushes in front and all around. He was close to the path through which he got to the place, he only needed to walk a bit forward and make a turn in the direction. He could not just go back in that direction even if he had the chance because he could hear sounds of more men coming that way. He needed to get rid of the remaining three men before the others joined.

He took time to load his gun again to make it a complete round. The men were still firing at the tree but the rate reduced and Henry could tell they were either running out of bullets already or trying not to waste more.

He looked up and saw a branch of the tree hanging horizontally straight over him, it looked rigid. He peeped again to check the position of the men. After that, he fixed the handle of his gun between his teeth to keep it there and jumped to catch the branch, he lifted both legs and wrapped them around the stem and rolled up at the same time. He did this without making noise as much as he could.

The men who noticed something began to shoot at the tree but didn’t shoot up as they didn’t see what happened exactly.

Henry balanced himself on the branch, just at somewhere close to the main stem, he took the gun in his right hand. He managed to look through the leaves and branches covering the men’s full body from his view. He pointed his gun forward after spotting the positions of all three men. He cocked and fired two quick shots to two different targets. He followed with his gun as the third man ran for cover.

He fired at the man but missed the first shot as the man was able quickly hide behind a tree. He looked again at the two men he shot, one of them was completely dead while the other was still alive as the bullet had hit him in his right lap. He directed his gun aim at the man and fired again, the bullet passed through the leaves and entered into the belly of the man.

The third man behind the tree peeped and fired a quick shot up to the tree where Henry was hiding in. Henry knew he had now located where he was. He adjusted himself quickly and moved to another branch of the tree where he could see the other tree the last man was hiding better. He pointed his gun towards the tree, waiting for the exact moment when the man would try to step out and shoot again.

Twenty seconds passed and the man made no attempt to shoot. Henry knew the man was also waiting for the right time. His gun stayed pointed at the man patiently until he began to hear voices and footsteps closer. He changed the aim of his gun and focused on another tree metres away from the one the man was hiding. He took his eyes back to the tree where the man was hiding while his gun was pointed to another tree. He fired a shot at the tree and then waited some seconds before firing another one. Immediately, he directed his gun back towards the main target and just a second after, the man behind the tree stepped out with his gun to shoot, thinking that Henry had been distracted by something else at the tree he was shooting out. The bullet from Henry’s gun went straight into his chest and he fell down to the ground.

Henry turned his neck back immediately to see three new men coming into the area from the only path. He had only three bullets left in his gun.


Dave had almost gotten to the boot of the vehicle when he stopped. He didn’t notice any movement behind the car, neither did he see the tear gas container which he threw. He was sure the container hit the boot before landing, so he expected to find it somewhere close.

Vincent and Antonio held their guns firmly as they waited patiently to see the person coming. Antonio kept looking back from time to time to ensure no one was coming from the other direction. Just at the time they both felt the movement of the person coming closer had ceased, Antonio looked back again and saw a lady appear afar off from behind a building.

He was kind of confused as to who she could be until he saw her point her gun towards them.

“Shi*t!” he cursed as he tapped Vincent on the shoulder to warn him and rolled away.


Jenny fired two quick shots at them as she proceeded forward. One of the men rolled away from his position and turned quickly, firing a shot at her which went wide. The other man turned quickiy to the other side of the vehicle.

She fired another shot at the second man and he also quickly rolled to the same direction his partner was. She was careful with her shots as she didn’t intend to kill any of them because they were needed alive.


Dave held the gun in his hand firmly and cocked it as he took a step. He was about to take another step when he heard two sudden gunshots, he turned back and fled to the front of the vehicle. He bent there peeping carefully to see what was going on, then he spotted Jenny at the other angle after the drain with her gun held, moving farther away from the vehicles. He knew at once that the men must have moved to the other side of the vehicle and were coming towards him.

He quickly turned and moved towards the other side.


Vincent turned to see that Antonio had already joined him by the left side of the vehicle as the gunshots continued. Still in his bowed position at the driver’s side of the vehicle, he raised his head slightly to look over the bonnet and saw a figure already moving in his direction, their eyes met as the man stopped just by the left headlight of the vehicle to peep.

They both got up at the same time after seeing each other, pointing the guns at each other’s faces. Antonio who was facing back also turned and pointed his gun at the man in front of them. He glanced back quickly after realizing that he and Vincent were no longer being shielded by the vehicle in their standing position. The lady who had been shooting at them also had her gun pointed at him and was coming closer from behind. Antonio pointed his gun back at her, leaving Vincent to face the man alone.

“Who the hell are you?” Vincent asked Dave. Both were now stepping away from beside the car to the center of the road.

“I actually need to know who the bleeping hell you are, that’s why I haven’t killed you.” Dave replied him.

They both stayed quiet for a while, still with their guns pointing at each other’s faces and both revolving about a point.

“What do you want from me?” Vincent asked again.

“Why don’t you drop your gun and follow me quietly? I’ve got a good deal for you,” Dave offered.

“Hehe,” Vincent chuckled and shook his head in amusement. “You’ve got so much boldness young man, what makes you think you can get me to follow you?”

“I believe you should be reasonable enough, whether you submit peacefully or not, you would still have to follow me.” Dave replied.

Vincent laughed again, this time louder. He stopped and cleared his throat. “So, don’t you think we should settle it as men?” Vincent paused and raised his brows. “Why don’t we put these machines down and settle who’s gonna do the following with our fists?” he proposed, rolling his hands playfully.

Dave did not reply but Vincent judging from the look on his face believed he agreed.

“So, we go down…” Vincent began to squat slowly, pointing his gun forward and releasing his fingers off the trigger. He paused and waited for Dave to comply. Dave also began to squat.

They went down gradually at a slow pace and touched the floor with their guns. For some seconds, the both of them still kept their hands on the gun, looking at each other’s face. Vincent made a signal with his face and both released the gun from their grip at the same time and slowly rose up.

Vincent clenched his fists in readiness for a fight. Dave turned his neck left and right, making a crack sound with it. Then he began to bounce on his feet.


“I admire your courage and skill woman, you took out both tyres of our car and shot dead the man who drove the car,” Antonio said in a patronizing voice to Jenny as the both moved closer pointing their guns at each other’s faces.

“I’m about to take you out also,” Jenny said in a firm voice.

Antonio chuckled. “I must confess you’re indeed a fast shooter but I do not think you are as fast as I am. My bullet would get into your skull before you can pull the trigger.”

Jenny smiled mockingly, letting up a side of her lips. She wasn’t moved by his threat.

“We can try it, can’t we?” She asked, unruffled.

“I don’t take challenges from women, it’s meaningless because I end up winning always.” Antonio replied confidently.

They had slowly moved away from the point the vehicles were parked to some metres behind.

“You’re a loser in this already, with your whole team,” Jenny replied.

Antonio chuckled again. “You think all you saw at the factory is all we are?”

“You are going to lead us to the rest of your men,” Jenny said with a crooked smile, nodding her head slowly.

The man raised his brows.

“Yeah, I’m taking you with me, you’d lead us to the rest of the Red Wolves.”

“You do not know what you’re saying girl, you must have smoked some hemp few hours ago.” Antonio replied her. At that moment, he noticed from her eyes movement that she was looking at something behind. He couldn’t turn back to look even for a second because he knew it was enough opportunity for her to shoot him. He tactically began to change his position by moving sideway, still pointing his gun at her.

After a few steps, he was able to see what she was looking at without having to take his full attention away from her. It was Vincent and Dave who had already dropped their guns to get into a fist battle. He stared back at her face with a smile which suggested he was mocking that she couldn’t find him because she was a lady.

“You want that?” she asked with a nod of the head and turned the direction of her gun to show she was ready to drop it.

He raised his brows, finding it difficult to believe she was ready to fight with him. He stared at her carefully, thinking she could be trying to trick him, until she began to go down gradually.

She stopped as she got closer to the ground. “You fighting or not?”

He stared at her again for a moment. “I’m in,” he said and began to go down gradually.