RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 199



Maxwell moved closer to her and held her by the arm after she pulled on her panties.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” he stared straight into her eyes.

She wriggled off his hand angrily. “I know who you are, Oliver. And I hate you!”

He stared at her face for a while, wondering what she knew.

“What are you talking about?”

She scoffed and shook her head. “Tell me, what were those documents you stole about?”

“What documents?” He feigned ignorance and moved on top of the bed towards her.

She picked her clothes and moved away. She began to put on her clothes hurriedly. He quickly wore his boxers and moved closer to her.

“Can you sit and let’s talk about this?” he reached for her shoulders.

“Don’t touch me!” She pushed his hands off violently.

“You’re making a mistake, Emily,” he said to her.

She turned and faced him and putting on her skirt. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been making a mistake since the day I let you get too close to me. I made a mistake making myself fall easily for you. But all that ends now,” she drew in her deep breath and shook her head slightly again.

Maxwell was quiet for a while, staring at her silently. He could see regret and pain written all over her face and he was sorry to be the one that caused it. He watched in silence as she put on her shirt.

After tucking in the top neatly, she walked towards the bedside to pick her shoe. Maxwell got up from where he sat and held grabbed her arms on both sides. She tried to wriggle free from him but he held on so strong.

“Let me go, Maxwell,” she forced out a breath.

“You need to calm down, Emily. Things are not what they appear like,” Maxwell replied.

She tried to wriggle free again but could. He eventually released her arm. She turned and stared directly into his eyes.

“Tell me, what they’re like, Oliver.”

Maxwell sighed. “I didn’t take any document.”

“Huh!” She huffed.

She was about to turn but paused when he spoke.

“Someone else did.”

She squinted at his face in curiosity. “Who took it?”

“I don’t know,” he gasped. “Your security in the club is so tight, so no one could have just gotten into any office. It could just be one of your security guards who broke in.”

“You’re a shameless liar, Maxwell,” she stared at him in utter disgust.

She tried to turn but he held her back again.

“Hey! Think, Emily. If I had stolen the document, why do you think I’ll be seeing you again after.”

She gazed at him in silence for a while and then shook her head in contempt. “Because you’re a good player, Maxwell. You want to use me to get more from the DIA club and Elvis Kahn.”

“No, Emily. I’m not using you for anything,” he replied.

“So, tell me why no other clubs have heard about your organization. I sent messages to other club directors across Benuit and a few other cities, asking if anyone from your organization has come to them with a deal. But the answer was No. All of them never heard of the company.

Maxwell’s shoulder’s dropped and he stepped back slowly until he sat on the bed. He had nothing else to say. It was obvious that she had done her homework and was completely sure that he wasn’t real.

From his demeanour, she could also tell that he had given up. It was confirmed that he indeed was using her. With tears in her eyes, she turned and picked her suit jacket and then sat at the edge of the bed to put on her shoes.

“Why did you have to lie to me, Oliver?” she asked in tears. “You could have gotten what you want without giving me false hopes.”

“I’m sorry, I was just doing my job,” he finally admitted. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“But you did and did it terribly. I blame myself for falling for your tricks though,” she got up and wiped her tears.

She turned and shot him a look again before picking her handbag and heading for the door.

“Emily, I never lied about loving you,” Maxwell stated and she stopped midway. “I love you truly.”

She turned and looked at him for a second. “You’re not real, Oliver. You are just an illusion of mine.”

She continued towards the door but stopped when he spoke again.

“My name is Maxwell. And I’m sorry for any pain I’ve caused you.”

Without turning back to look at his face again, she sniffed and she tried to hold in tears. She turned the knob and stepped out of the room.


Unknown road, Bethanna

The silence between them had been awkward as they drove back to the office. Both of them had thoughts running in their minds. Steve, especially, had a lot of questions he needed answers to. But he wasn’t sure Evelyn would answer them.

A phone rang and distracted both of them from their thoughts. Evelyn reached for the phone in her pocket. She answered and placed it close to her ear.

“Yeah, Agent Evelyn,” she answered the caller’s question. “Where did you find it?”

She ended the call with a thank you and put the phone back into her pocket.

“Local authorities have found the vehicle but there was no one in it,” she relayed the message to Steve.

“Where did they find it?” He asked with an expressionless face.

“Along this route, we should get there in five minutes,” she answered after checking her wristwatch. “They’ve asked for the forensics team already. The team should be able to help us with fingerprints or any useful items found in the car.”

They soon got to the scene where the vehicle was parked. There was a police vehicle parked and four officers were seen standing outside the car. Steve parked the car and they both stepped out.

“I’m Agent Steve, from the FOX headquarters,” Steve introduced himself, displaying his badge as he approached the officer who seemed to be in charge. “This is my colleague, Agent Evelyn, who made the call to you.”

“Nice to meet you, Agent,” the police officer offered them handshakes after which he led them to the car.

It was exactly as described by the young man at the table tennis court, a black tinted jeep. All the doors and window glasses of the vehicles were shut and none of the police officers had touched them. They had to point a source of light through the tinted glasses to see the interior. The officer turned on the light to show Steve and Evelyn.

“They parked it here and must have left in another car,” the officer explained and then turned to the agents. “You said they murdered a man.”

“Yes, to distort our investigations of a case. The victim had information that could give us a headway in the case we’re currently pursuing.”

“I’m sorry about that,” the officer sympathized.

“Would you make sure that the forensics result and your investigation reports get to us?” Steve requested.

“Yeah, I will forward them as quick as possible. Just ensure you make the formal request.”

“Sure,” Steve replied and then extended a handshake to the man again. “We will have to take our leave now.”

“Thank you, officer,” Evelyn also shook the man’s hand before they returned to the vehicle.

Steve got to the car before Evelyn and was already seated before she got in. He waited until she sat and pulled on her seatbelt.

“We need to bring Dave in for questioning,” he glared at her.



“And why did you let her go when the cover has been blown already?” Dave glared at Maxwell.

They were all at the lounge, sitting around the center table. Only Henry was standing at the opposite end.

“And what was I supposed to do?” Maxwell shot a look at him. “Tie her up and bring her here?”

“Don’t know,” Dave shrugged. “But we definitely should have done something. We don’t know what she’s going to do when she leaves here. What if she talks to Elvis Kahn about it?”

“She’s not going to do that,” Maxwell replied confidently.

“How do you know?” Dave stared at him interestingly. “She’s mad at you right now and you don’t think she’s gonna give you out to her boss?”

“She’s not going to do so,” Maxwell fired back. “She thinks I’m with the FOX.”

There was silence for a little while.

“That doesn’t matter,” Dave remarked. “We gotta do something about her.”

“Something like?” Maxwell squinted at him.

“Something to keep her quiet,” Dave grunted.

“We are not going to lay a finger on her,” Maxwell fired at him in a threatening voice.

“I didn’t say we’re going to do so,” Dave fired back.

“It’s okay, guys,” Henry joined in. “We don’t know what she’s going to do. She knows here and that keeps us at risk staying here. We have to leave soon.”

“Leave without knowing our next step?” Dave questioned.

“We know our next step already, we just need to come up with a plan,” Henry answered.

“What’s the step?” Samantha chipped in.

Henry turned his focus to her. “Perez has been murdered. Our next move will be to retrieve the remaining keys before the Red Wolves get them.”

“And how do we do that?”

“I’ll let you all know our next move soon, once I get some information from Evelyn.”


Unknown road, Bethanna

“You’re joking right?” Evelyn replied to Steve.

“No, I’m not,” Steve answered in a serious tone. “Isn’t that the wise thing to do? If Dave’s got information that we don’t have, then we have to keep him with us.”

“But he’s got no information,” Evelyn stated.

Steve glanced at her. “You told me not long ago that he was your source.”

“That’s what I told you. I did just to make you turn back.”

Steve frowned. “Trying to turn it around to protect him?” he scoffed. “Come on, I won’t buy that. We bringing him in.”

“If you want to bring him in, you’ve can go ahead and do it alone.”

“Huh?” He huffed. “You’re bringing him in for us.”


“What kind of stupid question is that?” Steve slammed angrily. “You’ll lead us to where he is and we pick him up.”

“I don’t know where he is,” Evelyn replied.

“You f****ng can’t tell me that.”

“I just told you,” she replied nonchalantly. “Come on, you think he’s a fool? You think he’ll let me know his location with you sniffing around?”

Steve heaved a sigh of frustration.

“What else are you not telling me, Evelyn?” Steve questioned after a brief moment of silence.

“I tell you only those things you need to know,” Evelyn replied. The phone in her pocket vibrated and she took it out. She swiped down to check the notification. It was a message from Henry.


El Deols, Anthanna

05:40 PM

“Hey, Adrian,” Sheila called with a bright smile as she walked into her living room.

“Sheila,” Adrian turned to see her coming towards him from the stairs. He tried to put on a smile but he was obviously not as excited to see her as she was.

“Thank you for replying to my messages after a long time of silence,” Sheila got close to him and pecked him on the left cheek.

“I’ve been so busy lately and I…”

“You don’t need to explain yourself, Adrian,” Sheila interrupted him. She then settled on a seat opposite him. “I understand why you may want to give me the silent treatment after my actions towards you.”

“It’s not about that,” Adrian argued. “I just wanted to take some time to clear my head and consider if our relationship can really work or if I’m just forcing things.”

“It can work, if we work on it,” Sheila replied reassuringly, even though she didn’t believe what she said.

Adrian chuckled. “It can’t work, especially when you’re still in love with Henry.”

“I’ve been making efforts to get him out of my mind recently and I will get it done,” she replied and paused when she saw Adrian’s face lit up.

“You cut off communication with him?” Adrian asked eagerly.

“No,” Sheila replied. Adrian looked disappointed.

“So, how are you going to get him off your mind if you don’t cut off connection with him?”

“I will stop communicating with him, Adrian. I promise,” Sheila let out a breath. “He just needs my help on a project he’s handling at the moment.”

“And do you have to be the one to help him?”

Sheila chuckled and got up from her seat. She walked to Adrian and sat on the arm of the chair, just beside him. He pulled away as she tried to reach for his shoulders but she moved closer and dropped to the seat, partially sitting on his lap.

“Trust me, if he had someone else who could help him, I won’t be doing it,” she said after wrapping her hands around his shoulder.

“And how long will this project take?” Adrian asked.

“I don’t know precisely but I’m sure it’ll end very soon,” Sheila replied.

Adrian remained quiet for a while, feeling confused about what to do. He didn’t want to continue to hurt himself by sticking with her even though he knew she was in love with someone else.  But he knew that Sheila could indeed forget about him if she really wanted to. He only had to give her a chance.

“I truly do hope it ends soon,” he said as he pulled her into a warm embrace.

She smiled and pressed her body against his, now fully sitting on his laps but with her legs placed over the arm of the chair instead and not forward.

“I’ve missed you, Adrian,” she said as she placed a light kiss on his lips.

“I’ve missed you too,” Adrian replied, staring into her eyes.

A feeling of guilt came over Sheila as they stared into each other’s eyes. She felt bad, knowing she had not called Adrian to make up because she wanted the relationship. He was just going to be her way of getting out of her father’s watch to get more details on Rex.


FOX Office, Bexford 


06: 15 PM

“Isn’t it too late for interrogations?” Daysman questioned as the junior Agent took off his handcuffs at the entrance. He walked in, looking at the duo sitting at the other end. They were both quiet. “Why are you bringing me here at this odd hour?”

“Lucas Perez is dead,” Evelyn announced.

Daysman’s shock at the news was visible. He squinted, moving his gaze from Evelyn and Steve intermittently.

“I didn’t know he was dead,” he continued when none of the Agents explained. “The Red Wolves probably did not need him anymore and killed him.”

“He was killed today,” Evelyn added.

“Today?” Daysman looked more surprised.

“Yeah, today. We saw him briefly and asked him some questions. He wanted a deal and we promised him one. But he was killed only a few minutes after we left him in his house,” Evelyn explained,

“F***! They were watching him,” Daysman exclaimed.

“That’s obvious. When we talked to him, he mentioned a dangerous explosive device he built for the FOX that could wipe out a whole city. Do you know about it?”

Daysman stared blankly for a while as if he was lost in thoughts. “That must be the explosive that ends everything and helps the Red Wolves take over.”

“Take over what?” Steve questioned in a calm tone.

“I don’t know,” Daysman stared into his eyes. “Elvis Kahn and Hutton Ryker have always talked about complete control and takeover. We’re not supposed to know what it was until it was time.”

“What do you know about G63?” Evelyn asked after a few seconds of silence.

Daysman widened his eyes. “Lucas told you about that?”

“He told us to ask you about it,” Steve replied.

“I don’t know so much about it,” Daysman answered. “But I know it’s a group of some of the best trained Red Wolves men. They’re very deadly mercenaries and reserved for special purposes. These men also know top secrets of the Wolves and are highly committed to the cause.”

“And where can we find these G63 men?” Steve asked.

“I don’t have an idea,” Daysman answered.

“Since Perez mentioned them, I think these G63 men must be guarding that explosive or moving it around,” Evelyn suggested.

Daysman shrugged. He had no idea who the G63 men were.

“Do you know the Loki gang?” Steve asked the man.

Daysman nodded. “They are a kind of local mercenaries. The G63 men are more trained and deadlier.”

“Are they in any way connected?”

Daysman shook his head. “I don’t think the Loki gang men know of any existing G63. None of the trained personnel or guards know about the G63 as a team.”

Steve continued after another moment of silence. “Who else do you think can help us on the outside?”

“I’m not sure I know anyone,” Daysman replied. “And even if I knew, the Red Wolves will not let you get to them. They’ll be either killed or inaccessible.”

“Just tell us what you know and leave that to us,” Steve snapped impatiently.

“I don’t know anything,” Daysman snapped back.

“Thank you, Mr. Daysman. Do have a pleasant evening,” Evelyn concluded and got up from the seat while Steve was still sitting.



“Come around guys,” Henry beckoned on all the team members as he walked into the lounge. “We got some new information from Evelyn.

He waited for all of them to move closer before he continued.

“We have two new things to discover. The first is Loki. Loki is the name of the gang whose men were contracted to ki*ll us at our previous base that was discovered by Steve. It’s the gang used by the Red Wolves on many of their assignments.

The second one is G63. We don’t know so much about G63 yet except that’s it’s a group of highly trained fighters and killers. They are a part of the Red Wolves for special assignments. According to Evelyn, the G63 men may be guarding the explosive device.

Did anyone see anything concerning G63 in the documents we evaluated?”

“Yes, I did,” Samantha raised a finger. She got up from her seat sharply and walked quickly to the table to get the documents.”


9 PM 

Steve had just finished taking his shower when he heard his doorbell rang. He slipped on his nightrobe and picked a pistol before heading out of the room. He stopped at the door and checked through the peephole. It was Maria.

He let out a breath as he opened the door. “I thought you weren’t coming anymore,” he let her in and then closed the door.

She took some steps in and then turned to face him. “I can see you’re getting ready to sleep already.”

“Yeah, I just took a shower.”

Maria smiled seductively. “Why not take off that night robe and let me see what’s under?”

Steve stared blankly at her face for a while and then took off his robe slowly. She smiled again and then moved closer to him.

Their lips met and they kissed like hungry lions. In less than five minutes, all of Maria’s clothes had been taken off and flung carelessly to the floor. After the session of passionate kissing and smooching, Maria bent over the sofa, giving space for Steve to position himself well at the back.

Loud moans filled the air soon as Steve began to thrust deeply into her from behind. It took them exactly three minutes for both partners to climax, both groaning loudly during the process.

Maria fell tiredly into the sofa and Steve laid beside her, both breathing heavily. “I never thought this day would come again, I missed coming to your place,” Maria crawled up to Steve and kissed him deeply.

“I missed you too,” he exhaled. “But you know we still have to keep it a secret right?”

“Yeah, I always remember that,” she replied. “The FOX doesn’t permit love between colleagues.”

Steve took in a deep breath through his nostrils and then exhaled again. He thought about what she said and wondered why she was thinking there was anything “love” between them. He was only doing this as it seemed like the only way to get her to help him.

Both remained silent for a couple of minutes, trying to recover the strength they had lost in the exercise.

“Got anything for me?” Steve broke the long silence.

“Yeah, something about that Dave,” Maria said and got up immediately. She walked to the spot her bag was dropped.

Steve stared at her a$$ as she walked and felt like going another round but decided to control himself. He needed to fulfil the reason he was giving her sex.

“Here,” Maria walked back to him with some photos. “I printed these. They are matches of him from surveillance cameras in Anthanna. I guess the guy is from Anthanna or he works there.”

Steve took the pictures. They were close to a hundred of them. “Thank you so much, Maria,” he smiled and kissed her on the lips as he began to check the pictures one after the other. It was indeed Dave in the photos. The photos showed him at different locations and even with other people.

He had checked about five when he began to think of dropping the collection to study later. But he got to the sixth one and was about to move to the next when the man beside Dave in the photo struck a chord. He returned to the sixth photo and stared at it for a while.

“F***! I’ve seen this guy’s picture before,” he remarked.

“Who?” Maria asked, coming closer to have a peak.

“This,” Steve smiled as he took out the picture and separated it from the others.

In that photo was the late Cole with Dave. Steve had recognized him instantly as the man who was killed the same day former Agent Hannah died. They had sent the dead man’s photo to Anthanna then but no match was found. How come he was now found in another person’s photo? It dawned on Steve that someone must have done something then, making it impossible for the FOX to identify the dead man then.

To be continued.