RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 198



Vigal, Bethanna

“How long have you been creating explosives for the Red Wolves?” Steve began.

Lucas heartbeat increased as he stared at the eyes of the agents. He had always known a day like this would come but he dreaded the thought of it. Now, he was faced with a question that he always prayed never to be in a position to answer.

“Mr Lucas, we need you to be completely honest with us. If you are, we get to protect you and whoever is connected to you,” Evelyn joined, trying to encourage the man to speak up.

“Nine years ago,” Lucas finally answered in a rather unsure tone.

“Nine years ago,” Steve reechoed. “So, tell us. How did it all begin?”

Lucas looked away from Steve and then turned to Evelyn, it seemed he felt more confident looking at her than at Steve.

“They came to me three years ago, claiming they were from the FOX. They brought an explosive material to me and asked if I could recreate the same material. I was offered a deal to become an independent contractor for them,” Lucas began his story.

“Did you try to confirm if they were really from the FOX?” Steve asked.

“They showed me an ID card that day and a letter signed by the former FOX  chairman,” Lucas answered.

“Only ID card?” Steve questioned again.

“Yes, only one of them showed his ID and a badge. I didn’t bother to ask the others since the one I saw looked real. I think the man they came with was really a FOX agent. But he only came on the first day and I never saw him again.

Steve glanced at Evelyn.

“Can you recognize this FOX agent if you see his picture?”

“I should be able to recognize him,” Lucas answered.

“So, you started making explosives for them since then?”

“Yes,” Lucas nodded. “At first, I didn’t know what they were being used for until three years ago when I began to make a different set of devices. From the news and impact of the explosions by the Red Wolves, I knew it was the bombs I created that were used.”

“And why didn’t you try to raise an alarm?” Evelyn questioned.

“I did the next time they came but it was too late. I was already with them and wouldn’t be able to prove to the FOX that I was deceived.”

“But that shouldn’t have stopped you from turning yourself in instead of making more explosives for them,” Steve accused.

“They threatened to ki*ll my wife and children if I turned myself in, tried to run away, or commit suicide.”

“Where is your family now?” Steve asked.

“In Benuit. They’re living fine because they don’t know what’s happening but the Red Wolves have eyes on them.”

“Why did you leave them in Benuit?” Evelyn asked.

Lucas paused for a minute and took in a deep breath. Tears formed in his eyes. “I had become a terrorist and I couldn’t bear the guilt of knowing I was killing other people’s family when I see them every day. So, I made up stories that I was gay and could no longer continue in a straight marriage. I divorced my wife but left everything to her and the kids.”

“When last did you manufacture any explosive device for them?” Steve asked.

“Last year,” he wiped tears off his eyes. “They barely come to me these days. They made me train some of their men. So they don’t need me anymore until they have questions to ask.”

There was silence for a brief moment before the agents continued.

“We can protect you and your family if you will cooperate with us. And you might be granted immunity if you help us stop the Red Wolves,” Evelyn offered in a calm voice.

“How is that possible?” Lucas shook his head in disbelief. He fixed his eyes to the wall and stared blankly. “My devices have killed thousands of people, they’re just going to let me go like that?”

“Listen, Lucas, you’re not the only victim of the Red Wolves. They specialize in deceiving people to work with them. So, we understand that they made you manufacture those devices against your will. So, we’re not coming after you but them.”

Lucas let out a deep breath as he shut his eyes tightly.

“Are you willing to work with us?” Evelyn asked.

“Yes,” Lucas opened his eyes. “After you take me and my family into protective custody first.”

“We will get that done as soon as possible but to show your commitment, you have to give us a useful tip first.”

Lucas stared at Evelyn’s face for a while and then looked away. He squinted at the wall for a moment and was lost in his thoughts for a moment.

“Lucas, are you here with us?” Evelyn probed.

Lucas slowly moved his eyes back to her. “The last device I manufactured for them has not been used. I didn’t work on it alone but with nine other engineers they employed, I only led the team. It is the most dangerous explosive system I’ve ever worked on. It can wipe out a whole city with a strike.”

At this moment, he paused and looked away. Steve and Evelyn looked at each other, horrified with his revelation.

“What’s the proof of this dangerous explosive device you’re talking about?” Evelyn questioned.

The man stared at her face for a while. “Who told you how to find me here?”

Evelyn squinted. “We can’t give you that information,” she replied. “But how is it connected to the explosive?”

“You could have only gotten information about what I do from top Red Wolves men, ask the person who helped you find me what G63 means,” he replied.

Evelyn and Steve exchanged looks again.

“It’s okay then,” Steve rested back. “If your information checks, we will be back here tomorrow.”

Evelyn turned quickly to Steve. “I think you should come right now with us, Lucas,” she suggested.

Lucas frowned.

“No, we’re not arresting you. I’m just trying to keep you safe. The Red Wolves are dangerous and if they find out that we were here. They may come for you,” Evelyn explained herself quickly.

“I prefer that you go for my wife and children first before coming for me,” Lucas opined. “If they come for me and can’t find me here, they will surely go for them.”

“Okay, please be careful. We will be back soon,” Evelyn said as they got up to leave.


Benuit, Bethanna

“She’s coming here,” Maxwell stated as he walked into the living room from the kitchen where he was helping Jennifer. “I need to go back to my room now.”

“She’s coming to pick you?” Henry turned his attention to him from the dining where he sat.

“No, she’s bringing lunch. She says we can just spend time alone together,” Maxwell explained.

“That’s fine then, doesn’t look like she’s suspecting anything,” Samantha joined.

“Well, I still think you should go with a listener. So that we follow your conversation and know if there’s trouble.”

“Nooo!” Henry and Samantha disagreed in unison.

“She’s coming to his hotel room, Dave. There’s every possibility that Max is gonna be getting some good mouth action,” Henry teased. “I don’t want to listen to that.”

They all laughed loudly, except for Maxwell who only smiled briefly.

“You’re right, boss,” Dave remarked and laughed again.

“I’ll use a listener, nothing like that might happen,” Maxwell said shyly. He turned to leave immediately.

“What the f*****!” Dave jumped up from his seat and rushed to Maxwell’s front to stop him. “It might be your last time of getting that free a$$ bro. You better drill her hard,” he said and laughed again.

Maxwell did not look impressed. He faked a smile and then proceeded towards the door.

“Make us proud bro, I wanna hear her screams from here,” Dave teased as he watched Maxwell walk away.

“Get back to work, Dave,” Henry enjoined.

Dave walked back quickly to his seat.

After a few more minutes of trying to connect the documents spread on the table. Henry picked his phone to send a message to Evelyn.

“We need to talk, can I call?”

He dropped the phone to continue but the reply came sooner than he expected.

“No, I’m with Steve in the vehicle. It’ll be fine if you can text me.”

“Okay. I need you to check the FOX files for the name Perez. Check if the name has come up in any of the FOX’s investigation on the Red Wolves. If it hasn’t, check all the latest criminal lists to see if there’s any Perez.”

“Yes, there is a Perez. Lucas Perez.”

“What! Who is he?”

“A bomb maker. Daysman gave us his name.  We visited his place and left about fifteen minutes ago.”

“Did you find him?”

“Yes, we spoke to him. He agreed to work with us if we protect him and his family but we need to make the necessary documentation and we’ll be back to get him tomorrow.”

“WTF! You should have arrested him!”

“Why? We wanted to get his family safe first. They’re in Bethanna.”

“His name was mentioned in the documents. And according to what we read there, Perez has eyes watching him. So, the Red Wolves most likely know that you were there already.” 


“I think you should go get him, Evelyn. Before they get him first.”

The last message was delivered and read but there was no reply. Henry dropped his phone to continue his work.


Unknown road

“Agent Steve, we have to turn back now,” Evelyn mentioned suddenly to him.

Steve shot her a look with a squeezed face. “Go back where?”

“To Perez. The Wolves are watching him, so we need to get him out of there,” she explained.

Steve looked at her again, for a longer moment before he faced the road. “How do you know the Wolves is watching him?” He raised a brow.

“It’s no time for questions, Steve. We gotta go back now.”

“Ain’t turning back until you explain why we need to go back,” Steve replied nonchalantly.

“I explained already, the Red Wolves have been watching him and they must have seen that we visited.”

“Says who?”

Evelyn sighed resignedly. She knew Steve wasn’t just going to turn back without getting a valid explanation for her assertion.

“I’ve got a source who tells me Perez is being watched.”

“What source?” Steve frowned. “You’ve got a source I don’t know of?”

Evelyn gasped. “Boss, we really have to turn back now.”

“Who is your source?” Steve asked, unperturbed.

“I can’t tell you, he wants to remain anonymous for now,” she replied.

Steve drove on without giving a reply.

“Trust me, Steve. We have to turn back,” Evelyn pleaded.

He still didn’t say a word to her.

She thought of forcing him to turn back by pointing her gun at him. But she knew that would come with dire consequences for her as a FOX agent.

“My source is Dave,” she finally voiced out.


“Yeah, Dave. My…boyfriend,” Evelyn explained.

“Oh!” Steve chuckled. “I should have known something is up with that guy when you suddenly appeared with a boyfriend. So you’ve been sharing classified information with your boyfriend?”

“We don’t have time for this interrogation, Agent Steve,” Evelyn warned.

Steve drove on without saying anything. It appeared he had his mind made up not to turn back.

Evelyn sighed resignedly and rested back.

They continued for about one more minute before Steve unexpectedly brought the car to a halt and made a turn. He then sped back towards the place.

They got back to the place twenty minutes later and Evelyn rushed to the door.

At first, it looked like everything was okay until she knocked. The door gave way immediately, showing that it wasn’t locked from behind.

They stepped in and closed the door. There was no sight of Lucas.

They proceeded further and saw a small travelling bag on the table. It was not there forty minutes ago, so they knew Lucas had just placed it there. It seemed he was preparing for a trip. They continued further into the house.

Evelyn walked towards the kitchen while Steve moved in direction of the room. There was no one in the kitchen, so Evelyn turned back to check the bathroom.

“Oh shi^t!”

Evelyn heard Steve exclaimed loudly. She turned quickly and walked towards the room. Steve had already pulled out his gun.

Lucas lifeless body was on the floor, having received a bullet right into his heart. There was a smaller travelling bag beside the bed.

“This is fresh, whoever did this couldn’t have gone far,” Steve said, checking the windows for a sign of any intruder.

Evelyn also pulled out her gun and turned back. She rushed back to the living room and looked around carefully. Then, she proceeded out of the house and looked around again. But there was no sign of anyone.

“Damn it!” She cursed as she tightened her fists and stamped them on the wall.

“They couldn’t have gone far,” Steve reiterated as he stormed out of the house, holding his gun. He got down from the balcony and looked left and right but saw no one.

Immediately, he proceeded towards the table tennis court opposite the house. The guys who were playing there saw him moving towards them and became alarmed.

“Hey! Hold on,” he said as he uncocked his gun and raised it. “I’m not coming for anyone here, I’m a security agent,” he added to make them feel more relaxed. “Did any of you notice when I and my colleague went in there?”

Two of the young guys there nodded in affirmation. They spotted Evelyn who was also coming to join them.

“After we left, did you see anyone else go in?” Steve questioned.

“Yes, some people came in a black tinted jeep were here,” one of the young men answered.

“Black tinted jeep?” Steve reechoed and glanced at Evelyn. “How long ago did they leave?”

“Not up to ten minutes ago,” the same man answered

Steve turned to look at Evelyn and she took out her phone to make a call as if she could read his thoughts.

“Did you see them?” Steve probed further.

“Not closely, but a woman pushed the door open and entered into the house first, then two men followed.”

Steve glanced at Evelyn again. She already had her phone close to her ear.

“Hello, Agent Evelyn Alexandra from the FOX headquarters. We’re currently in your district and we need you to look out for a vehicle that may be trying to escape the vicinity at the moment. It’s a black jeep with tinted window glasses. We don’t know how many people are there but a woman and two men were seen coming out,” she paused for a moment to listen to the response. “Yeah, thank you.”

“Is there any problem?” One of the inquisitive men asked the officers.

“Yes, there is,” Steve answered candidly. “Did you notice anything strange about those fellows?”

The men shook their head.

“We’ve got to go, Agent,” Evelyn said to Steve who still looked like he wanted to ask more questions.

“I’m informing the local police about his death right away,” Evelyn said to Steve before dialling the code number.

Steve was furious and did not give any response. They continued in silence to their car.



“I’m coming,” Maxwell answered the knock. He got to the door quickly and opened it to see Emily standing at the entrance. She was dressed in her usual manner, in a suit and skirt. This time, she was putting on a blue suit and black inner shirt. She held a nylon pack that contains the lunch she promised in her hand.

Maxwell, on the other hand, was putting on a grey shirt and black pants. It made him look simpler and relaxed.

On his face was a killing smile that made him look more handsome. The shape of his abs and moderately built muscles could be seen through the shirt and that made him look sexier to Evelyn.

“Are you gonna keep staring at me or invite me in?”

“Oh!” Maxwell seemed startled. He had gotten lost in thoughts while staring at her face. “Please come in.”

He gave way for her to walk in and then closed the door. He turned and watched her walk to the bed. She dropped the nylon pack on the footstool and turned as she sat at the edge of the bed.

“What are you looking at?” She asked, crinkling her nose as her lips parted wide.

Maxwell blew out a breath from his lips and smacked his lips. “Just wondering how amazing you look today. You’re so gorgeous.”

Emily smiled, but it was brief.

Maxwell worked towards her slowly and took his lips closer to hers.

“No, Oliver…” she tried to stop him but Maxwell was having none of it.

His lips covered hers slowly and she could resist. In a few seconds, she was lying flat in the bed with Maxwell above her.

The kiss continued passionately and soon, Maxwell reached for her palms on either side. He locked his fingers with hers, feeling the warmth of her palms.

Soon, his lips move down her neck and his hand cup one of her brea^ts. She let out a slight moan of pleasure.

For a second, she thought of stopping everything as she remembered everything that had happened the day before. But before she could do anything, Maxwell’s hand was already in her skirts, caressing her thigh slowly.

Before she knew it, she paused to take off her suit jacket and he quickly helped her with the inner top, leaving only her bra. She unbuckled that quickly, revealing her bosoms.

After over ten minutes of deep foreplay and five minutes of sex, both of them laid next to each other in the bed naked.

For over two minutes, it was completely silent between them, both left to each other’s thoughts.

“Did you mean it?” Emily finally asked.

It took Maxwell some seconds to realize he was the one being talked to. He turned his face to her. “Did I mean what?”

“What you said yesterday,” she replied.

Maxwell squinted. “What are you talking about?” he asked honestly.

Emily was quiet for a while, wondering whether to change the discussion or continue with it.

“Emily, what are you talking about?” Maxwell asked impatiently, not giving her enough time to think and make the decision she needed.

She let out a breath. “You said you love me yesterday, did you mean it?”

Maxwell turned back his face to the ceiling. It was now Emily’s turn to face him.

His heartbeat increased suddenly as he never expected the question. It was now obvious that she only pretended not to have heard him when he said it to her on phone the day before. He had been glad that she didn’t hear it, but now, he was in a difficult situation.

“Oliver,” she called when it was taking him too long to answer.

“Did you think I was lying?” Maxwell finally spoke up.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” she replied.

Maxwell took in a deep breath and then turned to face her, both now staring into each other’s eyes closely.

“I love you, Emily. For real,” he shut his eyes for a moment and then opened it. “But I understand if you’re finding it difficult to feel the same way about me, considering that you’re just coming out of an abusive relationship. So, if you…”

Maxwell couldn’t complete his statement as she covered his lips with hers and caressed his cheek softly as they kissed. They broke the kiss soon and returned to the previous position, staring into each other’s eyes closely.

“I love you too, Oliver,” she finally said. “But I’m scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“I feel like this whole thing is too fast to be real, I fear that you may just disappear one day and never return,” she voiced softly.

Maxwell felt a pang of guilt, knowing that she was close to the truth. That one day was the next. Once he leaves Benuit with the team the next day, he would have nothing to do with Emily again. And then, her fears will come to pass.

“That’s not going to happen,” he managed to say in a reassuring voice, even though he felt pained in his heart that he had to continue playing along for the mission. “I’ll be here with you, Emily.”

They stared at each other silently for a while and then Emily suddenly turned to the other side. Maxwell moved closer and began to cuddle her from behind.

After a few more seconds of silence, Emily began to speak. “Yesterday, something happened at the club. Someone broke into the Chairman’s office and went away with some documents.”

She turned quickly to face him and met a shocked expression on his face.

“What? What time did it happen?” He asked, feigning ignorance.

“Just around the time you arrived,” she continued, looking straight into his eyes. “I think it happened during the time I went to see that FOX agent.”

“Oh! How come the security officials didn’t see the burglar?”

“Because the burglar was a professional. He didn’t go through the doors but the ceiling,” she explained.

“That’s strange.”

“That’s strange?” She raised her brows. “Is that all you’ll say about it?”

He squinted at her for a second. “Huh? What else should I say?”

“I want you to tell me all about it.”

“All about what?” Maxwell sat up immediately and she followed. “What are you talking about?”

The romantic atmosphere in the room had suddenly changed, even though they were both still naked.

“There was an attic hole in my office, Maxwell. And it is the fastest link to the Chairman’s office through the attic,” she mentioned.

“And what are you insinuating? That I stole from your chairman’s office?”

“When I came back to my office, you were in the restroom cleaning up. So, can you explain you got so dirty that you needed to clean up?”

“What the f***! Do I have to be dirty to use your restroom?”

Emily got off the bed and reached for her handbag. She pulled out a small piece of nylon in it.

“And what about this? What did you use it for?” She asked, holding up the hand glove he left behind.

Maxwell recognized the glove at once and he felt kind of defeated but chose not to give up.

“I don’t know what that is,” he lied.

Emily’s face was full of disdain as she shook her head slowly. “You’re such a pathetic liar.”

She turned and began to put on her clothes.

Maxwell moved closer to her and held her by the arm after she pulled on her panties.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” he stared straight into her eyes.

She wriggled off his hand angrily. “I know who you are, Oliver. F*** you!

To be continued

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