RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 193



“Yes,” the voice replied with certainty in the tone. “We just questioned the man and he said he was told to go and park the vehicle at a public garage. A man paid him to do so. He said four other people: two ladies and two men stepped out of the vehicle in the train station car park. The five of them were going to board the train. We are heading for the train station now to find out where they go, I think we can have our men wait for us there.”

“Damn it, Julio! You lost them already,” Steve slammed. “You f***ing believe they boarded a train. Don’t be stupid. They must have left in another vehicle and told that man the story to distract you.”

Steve dropped the call angrily and turned towards the wall. He remembered some months ago when he and Evelyn had led the search team through the forest. The same technique had been used by the guys they were in pursuit of to escape.

For several minutes, he continued to pace around his office without knowing what to do. After a while, he focused his thoughts on what Evelyn had said to him before she left his office. She had alleged that he was being used as a tool by her enemies to reach her. But who were these enemies and how were they using him? He needed to find out. Maybe if he knew who Evelyn’s enemies were, he would also know what she’s up to.

After a few more minutes of thinking, he walked to his seat and picked his phone again. He dialled a number and kept it close to his ears.

“What’s happening there?” He asked as soon as the call was answered.

“We’re still after them,” the reply from the other end came.

“Make sure you don’t lose them,” he warned. “If you lose them, don’t come back.”

He dropped the phone on the table roughly and heaved a sigh of frustration. Since he had lost Evelyn and her people, he had to do everything possible to follow those men.


The DIA Club, 

Benuit, Bathanna

09:15 PM

As usual, the club was banging with music and there were lots of people rubbing their bodies together on the floor. Henry and Samantha were sitting in one of the private lounges like a couple. Samantha was dressed in a dark red gown which split from halfway her thighs down. Henry, on the other hand, was putting on a suit but was disguised differently from the last time they visited. This time, he had his moustache slightly grey coloured and his hair on a side also tinted grey. The shirt under his suit was only buttoned halfway, giving Samantha’s fingers access to his bare chest which she rubbed from time to time, as they acted like a perfectly drunk romantic couple.

On the other side of the club was Maxwell walking around and enjoying the view of different people entertaining themselves. Often he would come across the call girls who will try to lure him with seductive moves but will only smile and walk further. However, he was consciously trying to avoid Emily as it wasn’t the time to speak to her yet. He had seen her only a couple of times that night. It was just the regular club night and not a special event day, so she was spending most of the time in her office and only stepping out often to supervise the place.

Somewhere outside on the street was Jennifer, sitting in a black jeep, the one to drive them out of the place after they got what they wanted. She checked her wristwatch from time to time, wondering how long it would take for them to start.

Soon came the time they were waiting for. Evelyn got into the vicinity and called Henry to let him know she was in. Henry informed the other members of the team immediately and they swung into action.


Emily took off her suit jacket as she walked into her office again. It was her third time going out to supervise the club’s activity that night.

She hung the jacket on her swivel before sitting, hoping to take some rest. It had been a hectic day for her, after having several meetings with different investors and other staff members of the DIA group. There was also so much paperwork to finish during the coming days of the week.

It was barely five minutes after when a knock sounded at the office door.

She stared furiously at the door, wondering whom it was disturbing her quiet time. The door opened when she didn’t respond and one of the girls walked in.

“What do you want?” She growled.

“Someone is here to see you,” the girl stuttered.

“I thought I said we’re done having meetings today,” Emily replied, with anger in her voice.

“Yeah, I told him you were unavailable but he sounded like it…” the door creaked as it opened behind and distracted her.

“Good evening, Emily,” Maxwell greeted.

On sighting Maxwell, Emily took a deep sigh with which her anger left completely. “You can leave,” she said to the girl as she got up from her seat.

“Oliver, you didn’t tell me you were back to Benuit,” Emily managed to put on a smile as she turned to the other side of her table.

“I wanted to surprise you,” Maxwell smiled back at her as both of them met.

She wrapped her hands around his neck as he placed his lips on hers gently. It started with a light kiss at first and then began more passionate. Maxwell found his palms behind her, grabbing her a$$ and gently squeezing it.


09:30 PM

Steve’s Apartment


Steve let out a deep sigh of relief after taking off his shoe and tie. It was a tedious day at work and he felt so tired.

He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the holes. He walked straight to the wardrobe and opened it, hanging his tie and belt in the right places.

His shirt and trousers were what he had left on and he seemed too tired to take them off. He managed to unbutton his shirt halfway down before he sank into the bed, letting out another deep breath.

“The Loki’s Gang,” he murmured to himself again. That was the name of the gang that was at Evelyn’s apartment with seven vehicles. He had ensured his men traced the men to their locations.

The Gang was a popular one in the country, known for causing nuisance and disturbing the peace during elections. But most of the criminal related issues involving the gang had always been police cases and had nothing to do with the FOX since it wasn’t terrorists related. So, Steve only knew little about the Gang.

However, he had once heard about the gang in a FOX case. It seemed like the Red Wolves case to him but he wasn’t so sure and couldn’t remember how they were involved. Before he left the office, he had instructed one of the juniors to dig out the gang mentions in the FOX cases.

Steve finally got up ten minutes after lying in the bed and staring blankly at the ceiling. He unbuttoned his shirt down and also the sleeves. Then he took the shirt and his trousers off. Just as he was about to pull on the towel to walk into the bathroom, his phone began to ring.

At first, he grumbled as he stared at the ringing phone where it was dropped. Then he remembered he had asked the junior agent to call him once he had good information. He quickly proceeded towards the phone, hoping it was the call he was expecting.

He took in a breath as he saw the ID of the caller, feeling relieved that it was from whom he was expecting. He picked up the phone and answered the call immediately.

“Talk to me, man.”

“Sir, some of the Gogi gang men were arrested during investigations about Carl Winston’s and Rex Morris’ death,” the voice explained from the other end.

“Okay… So, what happened to them after that?”

“They were sentenced to death by the electric chair three months later,” the voice answered.

“Have they been executed?” Steve asked.

“No…” the man from the other end answered, stretching the reply in an unsure manner.

“Can you find out what date the execution is scheduled for?”

“Sir, there will be no execution.”

“Huh?” Steve questioned in surprise, wondering if he heard correctly.

“Yes, sir. There would be no execution because they were all murdered weeks after the judgment was announced.”

“What the f***!” Steve exclaimed with his eyes widened in surprise. “They were murdered in custody?”

“Yes, they all died in prison.”

Steve shook his head and hissed. “Thank you, I’ll get back to you if I need you to dig more.”

He ended the call and then proceeded out of the bedroom immediately. It seemed he had miraculously gained some strength as he was no longer feeling tired like he was when he got in. He got to the table where his laptop was placed in the living room and tapped the power button to boot it.

It was getting more complicated as he discovered more and more. For the Gogi gang men to be murdered even after they were sentenced to death meant there was a conspiracy somewhere. And some big men in the Wolves and possibly in the government were trying to hide something.

After the laptop boot completely, he clicked on the FOX software portal icon on the desktop screen. It took only a few seconds for the software to load and he quickly typed in his password, his username was already filled in.

He needed to dig further into the case and see what was being hidden.


The DIA Club, 

Benuit, Bethanna

“When did you return?” Emily asked, after sharing a few seconds of a passionate kiss with Maxwell.

“I came in tonight,” Maxwell replied, sitting comfortably in the visitor’s seat. Emily rested her hum against the table while facing him, her knees positioned together in between his. “I only dropped my bag at the hotel room and came straight here.”

“I’ve missed you so much, Oliver,” Emily smiled at him.

“I missed you more,” he replied. “I was hoping you were not going to be busy tonight so that we can talk. That’s why I insisted that they allowed me to come in to see you. I hope I didn’t disturb with that.”

“No,” she chuckled. “I actually thought it was someone else when the lady came in to tell me you were here. I’ve been so busy today. All I wanted to do was rest. So, it was initially frustrating that someone wanted to see me.”

He smiled and leaned closer, with his eyes fixed on hers. “I can see the tiredness on your face. I’m sorry if I stopped you from resting.”

“No, trust me. I’m glad that you’re here.”

“I’m glad to be with you too,” he said and then placed his hands on the table. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her but and then playfully moved his palms on her back.

“So, is there any update concerning your company here?” Emily asked.

“Yes, there is,” Maxwell replied and then withdrew himself slowly. He stretched his hands and then rubbed his palms together slowly in a fatigued manner. “Do you want us to talk about it now?” he asked, after leaning his back against the backrest of the seat.

“Uhmm… Well, don’t you want to talk about it now?” She raised a brow

“No, I wouldn’t come here tonight for a business meeting after a long trip,” he replied. “I only came here to see you.”

A smile escaped her lips and they both stared at each other for a while.

The silence was however broken with a knock at the door.

Emily shot an angry look at the door, wondering who it was this time.

She got up quickly from where she leaned on and walked to her side of the table. The door opened and the lady who had announced Oliver’s arrival came in.

“Ma, I’m sorry to disturb you again but there’s someone you need to see,” she said.

“Who the heck is it?” Emily slammed. “Can’t you tell that meetings for today are closed already?”

“Ermm… It’s a security Agent this time around, I couldn’t tell her that.”

“A security agent?” Emily squinted. She immediately thought about all the policemen who had come to question her after the murder that took place the previous week. “And it’s a lady?”

“Yeah, a lady. She’s not from the police, I think she’s from the FOX.”

Emily gasped. “Okay. Let her know I’ll join her in a minute.”

The lady curtsied and turned to leave immediately.

Emily got up and straightened her jacket as she stepped out from behind the table again.

“Oliver,” she called with an exasperated tone. “I’m sorry I’ll have to attend to that.”

“It’s okay,” Maxwell replied.

Emily got close to him and placed a palm on his shoulder. She then bent over to place a light kiss on his lips. He rubbed the palm on his shoulder gently with his before she walked away.

Maxwell did not turn until he heard the sound of the door closing. Then he took out his phone quickly and opened a camera app. He raised the phone and turned around with the opened camera trying to spot any hidden device which could be recording him. He closed the app after trying for a few minutes and finding none.

Quickly, he took out the communicator in the pocket of his suit jacket and plugged the earpiece into his ear. He clipped the receiver to his shirt around his chest region. He then looked around to locate the access door into the attic which Henry had said will be in the office. Just as Henry had said, it was located at the back left corner.

Maxwell quickly got up and pulled his suit jacket. He took out some tools like the protective mask and eyewear before he then placed the jacket neatly on the table. After a few seconds of looking around the office, he began to put on the protective materials he had taken out of the suit jacket. He then carried the chair on which he sat towards the corner where he saw the access space to the attic.

He dropped the chair and then climbed on it. After carefully removing the attic entrance covering, he tapped on his communicator.

“About to go in now,” he mentioned softly before he raised his hands and jumped slightly to climb up.

He managed to get in within ten seconds and balanced himself comfortably. Then he tapped a button by the side of his eyewear which then produced a tiny source of light at its top, enough to brighten the way for Maxwell.

As expected, the attic was full with dirt and cobwebs but he was already prepared for it. He turned northward like he had been instructed during the planning process and then paused. After a deep breath, he began to crawl, consciously placing his palms at the right place in the roof.”

“One, two, three… thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty,” he counted until he got to a particular area and stopped. He looked back to check if he made the right movements and he was sure he had. There were obvious reflections of light from where he was coming. But before that spot was a dark area of the roof. He could tell he was at the right place.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out a sharp pocket knife. Then, he slowly began to create a rectangular hole to allow him to gain access into the room below.

It took him a total of seven minutes to move noiselessly from the point of entry into the roof to where he was. It took an extra one minute for him to create the hole in the roof. He peeped into the room first before carefully dropping it from the hole.

“I’m in,” he said into the communicator.


“You’re asking me all the questions that I have already answered the police already,” Emily said to the agent, already getting tired of the interrogation.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t mean to bore you but I just have to follow the necessary procedure and get your answers to these questions,” Evelyn replied.

“But you can just get details of my answers from the police if you need them. I don’t have to answer them all over again,” Emily complained. “Besides, the police is handling this case, I don’t know why the FOX is getting involved.”

“We already have your answers from the police, ma’am. But we have to confirm that the answers you gave to them are valid. That’s what I’ve been sent here to do,” Evelyn explained. “And the FOX is only getting involved since the murder victim has been linked to a terrorist organization.”

Emily heaved a sigh of frustration. “But can’t we make this another day? Maybe tomorrow,” she suggested.

“Yeah, it’s actually a good idea to make it tomorrow,” Evelyn replied and leaned back conclusively. “That means we will be expecting you in our Bexford office tomorrow.”

“What the f***! Why should I come to Bexford? Can’t I visit the office here in Benuit?”

“I’m sorry, but the case is not a state case any longer. It’s been investigated by the federal FOX.”

Emily shook her head resignedly. “Okay, let’s just do it now.”

Evelyn took in a breath, feeling a sense of victory which would be short-lived.


A heavily built security guard stood in the deserted corridor, already feeling bored. Until the previous week, there was no need for security at that part of the club. But now, the owners did not want to give any chances for criminal operations again, as was explained to the staff.

He looked left to find what looked like a drunk woman walking in his direction. She was holding a bottle of beer in her armpit and staggering back and forth.

He chuckled in surprise. It was rare to see anyone come in that direction, so only a drunk woman could have found herself wandering towards the place.

After a few seconds of thoughtfulness, he left his spot and proceeded towards her.

“Hey, woman. You can’t be here,” he said as he approached her but she didn’t seem to hear what he was saying.

He stopped at her front. “You have to go back.”

She raised her eyes and looked at him with tipsy eyes.

“Oh, baby! I’ve missed you,” she said in a drunk voice as she hugged him tightly.

For a second, the man was confused. He knew it would be difficult to get the woman to leave the place by herself. So he decided to carry her back to the right section. He lifted her in his arms and proceeded towards the exit of the corridor.

Henry appeared from the other direction and walked towards a door beside which the man was previously standing. He knocked twice on the door. The door opened from inside and he walked in quickly.

The security man returned thirty seconds later without noticing anything had happened when he left.


Henry turned on his torchlight as soon as he got into the office.

“You’re looking dirty already,” he remarked as he pointed his torch at Maxwell. He then took off the backpack behind him and placed it on the floor. “I’ve got your extra clothes there, let’s get to work immediately.”

They walked straight towards the cabinet and began to search around.

Five minutes later

It had gone beyond a questioning session for Emily alone, she was now taking the FOX agent to the crime scene as requested. Even though she explained to the Agent that the place had been cleaned up, the lady still insisted that she wanted to analyze how the murder took place.

They were still on their way to the section when Emily’s phone began to ring. At first, she thought it was Oliver calling. She believed he must have been bored waiting for her in the office for so long. But she took out her phone to see that the chairman of the club was the one calling.

“Excuse me, I have to answer this call,” Emily said to Evelyn as she paused to answer the call. “Good evening, sir.”

“Good evening, Emily. I’ll be at the club very soon. Please get them to clean my office,” Elvis Kahn said from the other end.

“Okay, I’ll get that done,” Emily replied and ended the call. “Give me a second please,” she excused herself again and stepped aside. She beckoned on one of the security men she could find around.

“Good evening, ma.” The security man greeted.

“Good evening,” Emily answered. “Please, get to the cleaners section. Tell them to get the key for the boss’ office and go clean it up.”

“Right away, Ma’am,” the security guard proceeded quickly.

“Your boss is coming?” Evelyn who overheard their conversation stepped closer to Emily.

“Yes, and I’ve just asked some cleaners to tidy up his office,” Emily answered. “Would you like to question him too?”

“No,” Evelyn shook her head, forcing out a smile. “That’s not necessary now.”

“Okay then, let’s proceed,” Emily said and led her on towards the previous destination.

“F***!” Evelyn cursed under her breath. The whole task was going to be ruined with Elvis Kahn coming and even worse with the cleaners going to the office at that moment. She needed to find a way to warn Carl.

To be continued.