RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 149


This episode is unedited, you may find a lot of errors in it

>>> July 5

9:45 PM

“We now know the routes for entry and escape, it’s time we know our roles for this mission,” Henry said as he got up from the system from where he projected to the large screen. He walked to the center of the circular sitting arrangement and stopped. He turned his neck halfway in both directions, looking at each one’s face.

“Five of us will be doing the job while the remaining one person will be with Mrs. Kanwa,” Henry continued. “Remember, we are going against a group of Terrorists. Even though those that will be in the operation center are the intelligence team of the terrorist, they are still terrorist and will try to ki*ll us. So, don’t hesitate to bring any one of them down for your safety. Our main aim is to make Hutton Ryker throw in the towel but if he doesn’t, he would get the treatment meant for a terrorist.” 

Four of us will be going into the operation center; I, Dave, Samantha, and Hannah. Cole will be right here monitoring the security cameras and feeding us with direction while Jennifer would stay to attend to Mrs. Kanwa. Cole can switch roles with Jennifer from time to time…”

“Sh*t! Why the hell do I have to remain here with Cole?” Jennifer interrupted. “I think I would prefer to go with you than staying here with him till you come.”

Everybody else was silent for a couple of minutes. It was obvious from Jennifer’s tone that she didn’t want to stay because she had something against Cole. Henry looked at Cole’s face and then looked at Jennifer’s again. Cole also seemed to be confused and couldn’t tell why she loathed staying back with him.

“And what’s that about?” Henry asked, still moving his gaze from and Cole to Jennifer’s face.

“I don’t know,” Cole replied, staring at Jennifer’s face and expecting her to explain why she spoke like that. 

“Whatever the reason, we’re not going back on this. We’re having Cole and Jennifer stay back,” Henry continued, no longer waiting for an explanation. He continued with the instructions for their mission. “The rest of us will be out by 5 am tomorrow and we should be at Benuit Bexford Expressway by 6:30 AM. 

There would be twelve people at the center tomorrow, Trip and six other programmers and hackers, with Hutton Ryker, Elvis Kahn, Daysman, and two other security men that will be at the gate. They’re expecting four more people but those four are the ones we will be hijacking the vehicles from. They’re the ones we’re meeting at Benuit Bexford road We will take them all out, leaving the drivers of both vehicles only. They’ll drive us to the operation center and we should get into that firm by 9 AM.”

“How sure are we that there will be only 12 people there, what if they have a visitor?” Hannah questioned.

“They would not set any appointment by 9 AM, knowing what they planned to start by that time. They might even not expect any visitor for that day”

“What if it’s an unexpected visitor who comes without an invitation?” Hannah asked again.

“It’s unlikely for them to receive unexpected visitors,” Henry replied. “Remember that it is a new firm, they just got licensed and began operation last month. They do not have external clients yet. People keep walking past the place daily thinking it’s just a developing firm but they’re actually developers working for a dangerous terrorist group.”

“Why must we meet those four before they get into Bexford?” Jennifer questioned.

“Because we need to hijack the vehicles before they get into Bexford,” Cole answered, making all eyes turn towards him. “Once they get into Bexford, it will be easy for the wolves to notice the hijack because the Wolves have agents elsewhere monitoring the security cameras all around Bexford.”

There was total silence for a couple of seconds before Henry affirmed Cole’s answer. 

“Yes, he’s right,” Henry said, facing Jennifer. They would easily notice us if we get the hijack done in Bexford, so we do it before they get into Bexford.”

Cole had his eyes on Jennifer while Henry answered her, thinking she would look towards him but she didn’t.

“12 of them against four of us, how do we do that?” Samantha questioned.

“12 ordinary men against 4 prepared men,” Henry stated with a smile. “Most of them will be without weapons and even if they have weapons, it will just be a few defense tools. Remember they are just going to work on a normal day. We will be visiting them without weapons for the attack.”

“Then we have to take advantage of the building points to ensure none will outsmart us” Dave put in.

“You’re right!” Henry nodded towards Dave. “And that’s why we have this,” he added, pointing to the screen where the layout of the building was. “We know the entry and exit points of the building, we already know all sections of the building. So, it will be simple to get in and get them under control. I have drawn out a formation…”

July 6


“Boss, they’re close to you,” Cole said into the mouthpiece as he spotted the two vehicles on the Benuit Bexford road.

A black jeep was parked by the shoulder of the road. Only Henry was in the car. He was sitting in the backseat while the three other members were outside. Dave was resting on the boot of the car while Samantha was at the bonnet. Hannah was some steps away from them, looking around the whole area. They were all dressed in black suits, whites shirts, and navy blue ties. 

“Hey guys,” Henry called their attention towards him as he stepped out. “They’re close already, let’s get ready.”

They all moved swiftly and walked back into the jeep except for Dave. Hannah got into the driver’s seat with Henry sitting beside her while Samantha stayed at the backseat. Dave walked forward quickly to place some roadblocks in front.

About three other vehicles passed before the targeted two vehicles came into sight. Hannah adjusted the side mirror to have a good view of them. 

“Boss, few meters away from you,” Cole’s voice sounded in Henry’s earpiece.

“Now Dave,” Henry instructed quickly using his communicator.

Hannah took in a deep breath as she watched them come closer. The cars soon got to them and drove past. Hannah then started the car and followed them immediately.

The cars continued for a few more seconds before they began to slow down on seeing the roadblocks placed in front of them.

Dave was walking down by the shoulder without looking towards them until both vehicles stopped. Hannah also stopped the car behind them and the two at the backseat jumped out immediately. Dave also pulled out his gun and walked towards the car.

“Get the f*** out of this car now!” Samantha yelled at the man driving in the second car while Henry proceeded to the first vehicle. 

“Step out!” Dave instructed the man on the passenger’s side of the first car while Henry also pointed his gun to the driver. 

Hannah also joined Samantha on the other side of the second car, pointing a gun at the man on the passenger’s side. 

In less than 2 minutes, they tied the men at the passenger’s side and gagged them. They placed them in the booth of the vehicle. They cleared the road and got into the vehicles, forcing the drivers with the guns to continue the journey to the place. Henry and Hannah joined the first car while Dave and Samantha joined the second.

“The first stage is done, Cole,” Henry said into his mouthpiece as the cars continued the journey.

06: 48 AM


Cole stretched on the chair where he sat behind the computer. He took off the headset covering his ears and placed it on the table. He got up from the chair and stretched again, then he walked out of the control room. 

He stepped into the living room at the same time Jennifer was also stepping in from the other hallway. Their eyes met and locked for a while. She then hissed slightly and turned back.

“Hey Jenny, what the hell is wrong?” He called after her.

She didn’t reply him or look back but he walked faster and got to her before she could open the door to her room. He held her by the arm and turned her to face him.

“What do you want?” She yelled at him.

He released at her and stared at her face quietly for a moment. “Why are you acting all weird to me? And what was yesterday about?”

She raised her brows and shook her head with her lower lip folded in. Without answering him, she opened the door and walked into the room.

He followed after her and got in before she could close the door. She left him with the door and walked towards the wardrobe.

“You need to tell me what’s wrong and stop acting like a little kid,” he yelled. 

She stopped what she was about to do in the wardrobe and walked towards him.

“Who is the one acting like a little kid? Me? Or you who has no f***ing manners or respect?” She stared him in the eyes blankly for a moment and then turned away. She walked back to the wardrobe and opened it again.

Cole stood transfixed on the same spot, thinking of what she said. He tried to remember what he could have done for her to accuse him of disrespecting her.

He remained there without talking, watching her arrange clothes in the wardrobe. After about two minutes, she turned to him. “You have work to do, you shouldn’t be here.”

“They’re driving on the road, I can’t watch them drive all through.” Cole replied her. 

She turned back and continued what she was doing. It took her two more minutes to complete arranging the clothes. She turned back and still found him there. 

“I’m not comfortable having you stay and stare at me that way,” she said as she proceeded again towards the door. He held her by the hand as she was about to walk past her.

“I’m sorry Jenny, it’s about how I behaved at the hotel right?” He apologized with a pitiful face.

She gave no response and tried to walk away but he held her back and turned to her. 

“I’m sorry Jenny, believe me, I didn’t mean those words,” he apologized again.

“Just let me go, please. I have to go to Mrs. Kanwa now,” she replied.

He released her hand but followed after her to the room the old woman was kept. He walked in after her and found the woman sitting peacefully on the chair. The woman had already taken her bath and was looking fresh.

“How are you feeling now?” Jennifer asked as she walked to her front. She squatted in front of the woman and held her palm.

“Well, I could feel better with medicine.” The woman replied.

“Do you have a drug you do take?” Jennifer asked. 

“Yes, I take one dose in the afternoon anytime I feel this way.”

“So, it’s okay if I go get the drug for you to use at noon?” Jennifer asked but the woman was no longer paying attention. She was now looking at Cole who was standing close to the door. Jennifer also looked in her direction and sighed as she saw him staring at them.

“Your… boyfriend?” the woman questioned as she looked at Jennifer’s face again.

“No,” Jennifer shook her head but the woman wasn’t listening again. She had turned her eyes to Cole again. “I’ll get you your breakfast now,” Jennifer said and then got up. She proceeded to the door and walked out, leaving Cole. 

“I don’t understand why you’re following me around,” Jennifer said as Cole followed her again to the kitchen.

He remained quiet and stayed at the entrance and watched her dish the woman’s breakfast. He followed her again to the woman’s room but stopped outside the room this time. She stepped out a minute after to find him still standing outside the room.

She stood in front of him and stared into his eyes. “What do you want from me?”

He blinked and then drew in a breath. “I’m sorry, you should forgive me.”

“If that’s all, please stop following me all around,” she said and walked away without saying any other thing. 

“You still haven’t forgiven me yet,” he followed after her to the sitting room.

She turned and gave him a cold stare. “What this madness, Cole?”

“Call it madness or anything you like?” Cole fired back. “I didn’t mean anything I said there, I was only trying to get back to you for what you said to me on our way back from Anthanna.”

She paused and squinted at him, trying to recall what he was referring to. A lot of things had happened during their short stay in Gege and on their way back. But nothing serious had happened. 

She finally remembered what she had said to him that could have hurt him. On their way from Gege to the airport, she had made a comment that changed his countenance but the others had all taken it for a joke and laughed at it. He was the only one who didn’t laugh at it. It had been said during a jovial time and she didn’t expect him to take it seriously.

“What are you talking about? You know I was joking that day, we said a lot of things and laughed about them.” 

“Yes, I’m sorry. But I just thought I could get back at you by talking that way at the hotel.”

She tried again to recall the exact words she said that day. There were: ‘I’m not sure Cole is a man, he ain’t got anything under his pants to impregnate a woman’. Other things had been said that day about her and the other two but they had all taken it as jokes. She wondered why he took it seriously. 

She shook her head and sighed and then turned to walk away. He followed her again.

“Believe me Jenny, I didn’t mean those words. I know we had to do what we did at the hotel to get what we wanted, but I was actually jealous knowing you will have to stay all night with him. I was wishing I was in his position.”

She stopped suddenly at the entrance of the hallway and turned to him. “Hey! What are you talking about?” She had a confused look on her face. ”It’s no longer funny.”

“Jenny, it hurts me seeing you talking mean to him. And I don’t feel peace knowing you’re mad at me.”

A confused smile appeared on her face.

“I don’t understand you again but I think I’m no longer angry with you,” with that, she turned and walked away.

“Are you serious?” he said, still following her but at a slower pace this time.

She didn’t answer him but walked straight into her room. She closed the door and noticed he didn’t follow her at this time. She heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to the drawer to pick her phone. 

Few minutes after entering the room, she stepped out to meet him still standing.

“Cole, what are you doing here?” She widened her eyes.

He moved closer to her and took in a deep breath.

“Jenny, I know this is awkward right but I actually like you and I think that’s the reason I acted that way.”

Jenny chuckled and stared at him amused.

“I wanted to tell you things on our way back to Bexford but you said during a conversation that you couldn’t date men like Dave and me, you said I espcially was so boring and I only knew how to use computers.”

“Oh! Was that what made you feel bad? I was thinking it was something else,” She laughed. “Maybe I would have changed my mind if you had spoken to me.”

“And is it too late now?” He asked. 

“No,” she chuckled. She took a step closer to him and looked straight into his eyes. “It’s not,” she drew closer and then met his lips with hers. 

She stepped back briefly and smiled. “I like you too and that’s why I was hurt when you spoke to me that way, I thought you saw me as cheap.”

“No, I’ve never thought of you like that,” he shook his head. 

She smiled again.

He drew closer this time and pulled her closer. He initiated the kiss and it was longer this time. 

They finally broke away from each other and smiled at themselves.

“I have to go back to Mrs. Kanwa now,” Jennifer said and then walked away, leaving Cole speechless. 

Mrs. Kanwa was already done with breakfast when Jennifer got back to the room. She took out some drugs from the drawer and brought it closer for the woman to take. After then, she asked for the name of the medicine the woman needed to buy and left with the plates.

07:55 AM

Cole was now sitting in the control room again. He had his hand on the mouse and his eyes fixed on the screen when he noticed someone had entered. He looked back and saw Jennifer walking to him.

“Did the boss call?” She asked.

“No, not yet,” he answered turning to her. “It’s still too early for them to need me. I believe I’m needed more when they are about to leave the place.”

“Where are they now?” She questioned again as she took the seat a few centimetres away from him. him.

“Close to Bexford already,” Cole answered. “They should be at the firm in the next fifty minutes.”

“Okay, so?”

“So?” He raised his brows and smiled.

She shrugged.

He leaned forward slowly and kissed her lips gently. They longed more for each other and both got up to kiss more passionately. They dragged each other slowly to the wall and soon began to take off their clothes. 

Jennifer was putting on a short skirt, so it was easy to roll up while he helped her take off her top and bra. She also helped him with his shirt and with the zip of his shorts. They soon dragged each other to a chair and Cole sat up while she sat on him.

Few minutes later, both were sweating and panting hard like they had been involved in a hectic race. They both let out a deep breath and stared at each other in satisfaction. They kissed for a few seconds more. 

“What if the boss walks in here and sees us this way?” Jennifer asked.

Cole chuckled. “He’s going to sack us immediately or probably give us to the Wolves.”

They both laughed and kissed again. 

“I should go now, I need to get some medicine for Mrs. Kanwa,” Jennifer said. 


They kissed for another minute before they disengaged from each other. 

>> 08:45 AM >>

“It’s all clear boss, they have no visitors and all twelve men have gotten in,” Cole said into his earpiece.

“Okay, keep me updated always.”


> 08:50 AM >

“Don’t make any mistakes here man,” Henry warned the driver of the car again as they waited for the gate to be opened. He had his gun carefully hidden behind the man’s cloth by the side of his belly. “We proceed in like nothing’s happening.”

The man agreed and nodded in fear. The security guard at the driver’s side check his face and greeted him. Henry looked away until the security man permitted them to drive in.

Immediately both cars drove in, the drivers pulled them to a halt without getting to the parking lot. Henry and Dave stepped out of the cars quickly and walked straight to meet the unsuspecting two security guards while Hannah and Samantha made use of tranquilizers to get the drivers asleep. Hannah and Samantha proceeded separately to the sides of the building to go in through the side entrance.

“Get down now!” Henry and Dave pointed their guns at the security men. 

In about a minute, both security guards were also put to sleep and dragged to a corner. Dave locked the gate to ensure no one else came in. Then, he followed quickly to join Henry who was already going into the building.

It was easy as they planned. The Wolves had chosen an unsophisticated place to carry out their evil plans. No one would ever think that they could be planning something against the FOX in a building as simple as that. But that was the pattern of the Wolves. They carried out their operations so easily in a way that is always unsuspicious. Even their explosives were always hidden in very simple items.

It was a one-story building with the upper floor unoccupied. The building had been recently completed for use by the new firm. They had only a few workers yet and only used a little space.

Even the ground floor was not well used. Only a few offices were occupied. There was a large open office at the center of the floor. That was where Henry expected the Wolves would meet with Hutton Ryker for their work.

>> 09:00 >>

“Hey! Are they in?” Jennifer asked, walking into the control room. She had just taken her bath and was dressed to go out.

“Yes, we are in.” Cole glanced at her. 

“I’ll go get the medicine now,” she said and placed a kiss on his lips. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

>>> 09: 10 AM >>

The room was well arranged with few computers and sophisticated tech tools around. There were seven men in the room; Hutton, Kahn, Daysman, and three others. Hutton, Kahn, and Daysman were sitting on a stool at the center of the room while the men were sitting at the walls, two at each side with computers in front of them. One of them using the computer was explaining as the three sitting at the center focused on the large screen on the wall.

“I thought I heard some noise outside,” Kahn remarked after a few seconds of distraction.

“I thought I heard it too,” Daysman put in.

Hutton looked at their faces. “I heard it but I don’t think it must be the guys that just arrived,” he said after checking his wristwatch.

They continued with what they were busy with until they heard a man pushed into the room from the main entrance. 

“Get down everyone,” Dave said as he walked in pointing his AK47.

“Don’t try to make any funny move, we’ve got you surrounded already,” Henry warned as he walked in behind Dave also pointing his gun.

Two other men were pushed in from the other two entrances into the room. All nine men were now at the center of the room. Hannah and Samantha were behind them with their guns.

The Wolves men were caught by surprise. They had been suddenly surrounded by four armed men without any form of notice. All of them including Hutton had their hands raised in the air, staring at the guns pointed at them.

Carl’s eyes met with Hutton’s in a moment of silence and they both stared at each other like kids who had a fight to settle among themselves. 

“What do you think you are doing, Carl?” Hutton asked. 

“Put your f***ing hands up,” Dave yelled at Hutton as he saw his hands being lowered.

Hutton raised his hands higher and so did other men standing with him.

“I’m not here for war, Hutton. I’ve come to offer you something better than terrorism.” Carl finally replied.

“What the f*** is going on here?” Someone among the men at the center shouted.

“Calm down, Daysman. It’s only Carl Winston who has chosen to visit us here, he says he has some offer for us,” Hutton replied Daysman who shouted. 

“I’m going to bring handcuffs for all other men here except you and we’re going to have a little discussion that would determine your fate,” Henry said to Hutton.

Hutton chuckled. “You got me so easily,” he scoffed and shook his head.

Henry stared at Hutton’s face for a moment. Then, he made an observation. 

Something was wrong.

“Before you put the cuffs on my men,” Hutton said as Samantha stepped forward with the handcuffs. He began to lower his hands slowly.

“Put up your hands,” Dave yelled again but made no impact this time. Hutton only glanced at him and kept his hands down.

“Maybe the cuffs are actually meant for you guys,” Hutton said boldly. 

Henry focused his gun on him to ensure he got him first if he tried to make a smart move.

“I was already thinking you were not going to fall for this trap but you see, you were too intelligent to fall for it,” Hutton continued. “Maybe too much intelligence sometimes could be bad.”

At that moment, about twenty men walked in from the different doors, all holding guns and pointing them at Henry and his men.

Hutton smirked as he saw the shock on Henry and his men’s face. “Looks like you’re the trapped one here Carl, I know you did not expect this. You came with four men, you had it well planned. But I also planned, I have twenty men here,” he stopped and gave an evil smile. “I know you don’t bother about your own life, but think about these men that you came with. If you open fire, you would probably ki*ll me and some of my men but all four of you will be dead. And guess what, the Red Wolves will continue to live. So, I advice that you drop your guns now and I won’t touch you or any of your men.”

Henry was at the moment totally confused. He had noticed something was wrong when he didn’t see Trip among the men. There were supposed to be ten men standing at the center but they had only nine men. 

It was well-planned. How could it have been a trap? Or did it mean Sheila led them into a trap?

“Tell your men to drop the weapons Carl,” Hutton said again.

Carl shook his head. He could see the fear on his men’s face. The confidence they had come into the place with had totally turned to fear. There was no way they could win in a shootout, all four of them would be dead. They were already outnumbered. The better option was hoping Hutton would let them live as he said.

>> 09:24 AM <<

Contrary to what Jennifer thought, she was able to get the medicine at a nearby pharmacy. She was walking back to their operating base when she noticed something strange. She stopped and quickly stepped to the side of a fence to hide herself.

Some men were walking in through the gate of the operation base. She watched about six men walk in and she couldn’t tell if more had gone in before she saw them.

She took out her phone quickly and dialed Cole’s number in order to inform him. 

>> 09: 33<<

The tables had turned suddenly. Henry and his men were now at the center, kneeling down and cuffed with the manacles they had brought to cuff the man. Hutton’s twenty men were still standing around with their guns. Kahn and Daysman were also with him. Only the developers had left.

“I know what you’re thinking, Carl,” Hutton continued. “It’s not about your plan, your plan was good but I had it all planned from the beginning.”

Henry’s eyes were filled with rage but there was nothing he could do. His hands were cuffed behind him and he had twenty men pointing guns at them.

“I had known Sheila Jack was an intelligent woman, I didn’t know she will escape death but I thought of the option, so I made a plan.” Hutton began to explain. “While she was with us, I brought out the code for her to see. I made sure she would think I exposed the codes by mistake. I knew she is intelligent and would be able to cram it easily and she did.”

“I also knew she was going to work on the codes if she got out, so I made Trip use the codes and it was traced to him. I knew you were tracing Trip, so I brought him to Bexford. He had to stay in a hotel because I knew you were going to get to him. But I was careful, I didn’t tell Trip about the plan because I wanted everything to look real. So, you got Trip, I don’t know how.”

“I continued to trap you with the truth. I released so much information to Trip which you extracted to him. Since you were getting the truths, you didn’t get suspicious of anything. So, not everything about today was part of the trap. They were my real plans but I had to let them become part of the trap because I knew if I set traps with unreal moves, you will become suspicious. And now, I have you here. But guess what?” Hutton stopped and smiled. 

He turned and then picked a tablet device from the table behind him. He unlocked it and turned the screen to Henry after a few seconds. He moved closer for Henry to see what was on the screen.

Hutton had his men in Henry’s operation base. They had retrieved Hutton’s mother. Cole was tied and made to kneel on the floor and was surrounded by men who pointed guns at him.

“You can hurt me, don’t hurt these men,” Henry said.

“You remind me of myself, Carl. I used to be like this until life taught me lessons,” Hutton laughed as he walked back to his previous position. “I won’t ki*ll or hurt you and your men as I said earlier, I have better plans for you. My plan is for the FOX to meet you here. You will be arrested with your men for being terrorists.”


Jennifer remained in her hiding place, hoping Cole was not in trouble. He did not answer her calls. She had also been trying to reach Henry but he did not answer too. She couldn’t go close to the gate. Some of the men were standing there. She had no weapons to use against them even if she went close.

She remained there, shaking in fear and praying silently. Her mind skipped a beat as she heard a gunshot.


Henry clenched his fist and teeth in anger. Hutton was planning to frame them up.

“The FOX will be here after I leave,” Hutton said and then turned to pick a key. “I hope you’ll think me as kind enough for sparing your life whenever you get to jail, Carl Winston.”

Hutton turned and spoke some words to Daysman and Kahn. They all proceeded towards the exit door and were about leaving when Hutton suddenly turned again.

He pulled out a gun and walked towards Henry and his men. 

“I said I wasn’t going to ki*ll you or any of your men, but I didn’t say I would not ki*ll any of my own men,” He said to Henry before he faced Hannah with his gun. He cocked it.

“Don’t, please.” Henry pleaded. “You don’t need to ki*ll her, she has a family that needs her.”

As if considering Henry’s word, Hutton withdrew his gun and stepped back. He smiled and Henry and turned to leave. 

“She’s a traitor and she deserves to die,” Kahn said angrily from behind and pulled out his gun. He walked towards them and without wasting time fired a bullet into Hannah’s forehead.

It looked like a dream to Henry as he watched Hannah fall to the ground dead. His eyes widened in horror and his mouth opened in shock. 

Samantha couldn’t hold it in. She cried with a loud voice and fell on the floor with tears rolling down her eyes.

Dave was also filled with horror. His body vibrated


Jennifer watched the men go into their cars and drive away with Mrs. Kanwa before she raced back into the operation base. 

“Cole,” she panted as she called his name, searching every corner of the house for him. 

She finally walked into the room where Mrs. Kanwa had been and met the shock of her life. Cole laid on the floor lifelessly in his pool of blood with a bullet hole in his heart.

She fell on her knees and screamed out in tears.