RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 123



Unnamed location,

United States.

“Are you really who you say you are?” John stared at Emery’s face in doubt. He couldn’t believe he was with one of the richest men in the African continent.

“Yeah, you can confirm online.” Emery replied him. “Just type Emery Jack into Google search box.”

John took out his small Android phone and carried out the search like Emery suggested. After reading some of the little excerpts displayed in the results by Google, he switched to the image results tab. He took a quick scan of all the images on the first page of the result and confirmed that they were all pictures of the same person. He then clicked on the first image, he looked at it and then stared at Emery’s face for some seconds.

“You’re truly Emery Jack,” he locked his phone and kept it aside. “We thought you were a black American like us, no one knew you were African.”

Emery stared at his face for a while. He seemed to doubt the intention behind the man’s last statement.

“No need to worry man,” John said when he saw the expression on Emery’s face. “We’re not racists here, not even when you’re black like us.”

Emery heaved a sigh of relief.

“So, how do I help you Mr Emery?” John asked.

“First, I need to get out of here, those men may return any time soon.” Emery began. “And then I’ll need you to join me capture the wife or daughter of my friend.”

“How do we do that?” John asked.

“I know her store and when she’ll be going there tomorrow morning, we can get her on her way back home tomorrow. All we need is a gun and a good car.”

“I don’t have a gun nor a car, how do we get those?”

“Isn’t there somewhere we can rent a car?” Emery asked.

“Do you have the money to pay?”

Emery searched his pockets quickly and brought out his international debit card. He raised it up and then frowned.

“We can use this,” John said, staring at the card.

“They’re gonna trace me once I use this,” Emery replied.

“How?” John was confused.

“They know I’m going to need money to stay alive, and they would be waiting for me to use it.” Emery explained.

John let out a breath.

“It will cost an average of twenty dollars to rent a car here,” John said.

“Can’t you get that for me? I promise to refund immediately I get things sorted out,” Emery pleaded.

John stared at his face again. “I will.”

“Thanks, then we’ve got the major problem solved.”

“What next?”

“Let’s make a good plan,” Emery replied. “We must ensure that we do not only abduct Gilbert’s relative but that he is forced to tell me all I need to know about the attacks.”




June 7


“Julius’ death has been confirmed,” Elvis Kahn announced as he walked into the computer room. He looked left and right, trying to spot which corner Hutton was.

“It confirms the reason Carl Winston isn’t here yet,” Hutton replied. He was sitting at the left corner of the room, behind a shelf containing computer items.

Kahn located him and proceeded towards the place.

“We should expect him anytime from now,” Hutton said.

Kahn came into his view. “What other arrangement do we need to make for his arrival?”

“We’ve made all necessary arrangements already,” Hutton replied. “We only need to warn the men to tighten security around the camps and let no intruder creep into their midst.”

“You think he can locate our camps?”

“He would comb every corner and secret places of Anthanna on his arrival here, there’s a high possibility that the camps would be discovered and that would be the best link he can get to us at this time.”

“You’re right, our men have to tighten the security.” Elvis Kahn sat on a seat not to far from Hutton. He pulled out his phone and began to type in a number.

“Who do you want to reach?” Hutton asked.

“Jafeek,” Kahn gazed at him.

“What are you telling him?”

Kahn squinted. “To be careful of course and constantly check the people in the camp to fish out intruders.”

“Wait, don’t call him yet.” Hutton said calmly. He looked away and stared blankly at the wall for a couple of seconds.

“You’re not sure about something?” Kahn asked.

“Yes,” Hutton turned his gaze to him again. “Carl Winston works with a few number of people and he wouldn’t be able to carry out a direct attack, this likely means he would be infiltrating the camp first and setting up structures in it before attacking.”

“So, what else are you confused about?”

Hutton looked away again. “He knows we know this fact about him, and he knows we would be taking security measures. It makes it possible for him to go about it in a different way.”

‘You’re right,” Kahn agreed in a calm tone.

They maintained silence for a few minutes.

“We’ve got no choice,” Hutton finally spoke. “Call and tell the Jafeek to tighten the security around the boundaries and also get men ready for any form of attack. At the same time, you make our men in town monitoring the satellites every second.”

“Right, but what about the main purpose? Killing Carl Winston,” Kahn asked.

“Our men have the orders to shoot on sight and not just to shoot, but to make sure every intruder dies.” Hutton answered. “If he escapes that however, Jafeek is going to lead him directly into our hands.”

Hutton glanced at Kahn after speaking and Kahn also glanced at him. They were confident that they had a good plan and nothing was going to stop them.

Hutton’s phone rang and he turned forward to pick it up.

“Tell me you’ve gotten the old man,” he said into the phone immediately he answered.

“No, I’m sorry, he escaped.” The caller replied in a sad tone.

“Have you stopped search for him already? Keep searching,” Hutton urged him.

“It’s 12:30AM already, we can’t keep roaming the streets in search for him. He got the search leader injured so bad.”

“Make sure you keep on with the search for him once the day breaks,” Hutton ordered.

“We’ll try boss.”

“Get it done!” Hutton snapped and ended the call immediately. He looked at Kahn’s face. “Our men in the United States seem so lazy, Emery Jack keeps escaping them.”

“Whether they get him or not, I think the important thing is ensuring he doesn’t return before we finish off Carl Winston. Emery Jack has the power to control all the security forces in search for his daughter and that would give us some more troubles.”

“We gotta get things done quickly,” Hutton said. “We’d probably make Carl’s search faster if we upload pictures or videos of Sheila Jack in pain.”

“You’re right,” Kahn nodded in agreement.



El Deols.

“They must not lay a single finger on her, I wouldn’t forgive myself.” Henry said aloud as their vehicle drove into the rented house.

He opened the door and stepped out even before Dave could park properly. He took out the building access card from his pocket as he advanced to the main door.

Dave stepped out after parking the car. He closed the door and rested his waist against the car, waiting for Cole who was walking to him from the other car parked behind.

“Boss is worried,” he said as Cole stared at his face. “We have to make sure this is done quickly and get back to our mission.”

He turned and walked to the boot without waiting for Cole to reply him. Cole followed to the boot, Samantha, Jennifer and Hannah joined them.

Dave took out the bags one after the other and gave to each of them to proceed into the house.

Thirty minutes later

The first thing the team did was to set up their computers and a surveillance around the house. After then, Cole and Hannah Kelvin sat behind a computer each and began to configure the networks. Dave and Henry sat behind them, Dave on a table and Henry on a chair, with his phone in his hands. Samantha had gone with Jennifer to the kitchen.

“We’ll have to visit the police Arsenal tonight and get more arms,” Henry said to Dave.

“How easy would that be? The place is not accessible, not to all policemen.”

“Very easy,” Henry replied. “I have a special access card to the place as a known world wide security agent, I used to go there if I was close to Anthanna and I needed a weapon.”

“I see, I hope your access hasn’t been revoked.”

“Whether it is revoked or not, we’d still get in. I’ve gone in more than once without the cards,” Henry replied.

“I trust you boss,” Dave said in a soft tone and smiled.

Henry looked away and took in a breath. “Hutton Ryker,” the name echoed in his mind.

He remembered the search carried out on the name the previous day. There was no match for his name among the list of past security officers, not in the police nor in the military.

It could only mean that Hutton Ryker was still in the force or a dismissed officer of the FOX. Henry chose to believe the former. If he was once in the FOX, there was no way Henry wouldn’t have heard his name at all.

“Sir, we’ve got the networks configured,” Cole announced to them.

Henry and Dave got up immediately and picked up their closed laptops. They opened it up and pulled their seats closer.

“Connected?” Henry asked Dave in whispers some seconds after he was able to connect his.

“Yes,” Dave answered him.

“We’re connected now, when do we begin transmission of data?” Henry asked Cole.

“In a couple of minutes,” Cole replied. “But I think I have something we need to check out first.”

Henry turned towards him and stared at his computer wondering what he wanted them to see.

“While configuring the connections, I was able to download the footages of the kidnap scene.” Cole explained.

Henry got up from his seat and advanced towards him, he stood behind him and bent over to watch the video. Dave also followed slowly while Hannah turned from her seat.

Cole played the footage and they watched how Sheila was driven by her bodyguard into the firm again. Henry was patient enough to watch every second of the footage and there was no action until the explosion. For a couple of minutes, nothing else could be seen apart from the huge fold of dust that covered the atmosphere. After that, some signs of struggle could be seen.

They watched how Sheila was dragged into the vehicle by the workers and how the vehicle drove out of the place. The bodyguard was seen lying unconscious on the floor after being beaten.

“We need to ask that bodyguard some questions,” Henry concluded as he walked back to his seat.