RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 114



Vincil, Bethanna.

The FOX vehicle stopped by the fence of the house. The engine was killed and the head and tail lights went off shortly after. Only the light in the car was left on.

Three people were sitting in the vehicle – Samantha, Hannah and Cole. Samantha was at the wheels and Hannah was beside her while Cole was at the backseat.

They were all dressed as FOX agents with their face slightly disguised with makeups, the female additionally with their wigs and Cole with added beards and moustache.

Samantha took out the car key and unbuckled her seat belt. Hannah followed suit. They both glanced back at Cole.

“We should go in now,” he looked up after staring at his device for some seconds. “I haven’t gotten further instructions from the boss, so we proceed with the plan.”

He locked his device and kept it in the inner pocket of his FOX jacket. He then opened a backpack beside him and took out three pistols and some cartridges. He shared with the others and they took their time to load their guns before stepping out of the car.

Cole led the way to the gate and pressed the door bell. They waited for some seconds and heard sounds of someone’s footsteps drawing closer.

A man dressed in the security uniform opened the gate and stepped out after some seconds. He had a long gun hung around his arm and he walked slowly to the car.

“Good evening agents,” he greeted after briefly observing them.. The expression on his face showed that he was surprised to see the FOX agents at the gate. “What brings you here?”

“Agent Steve, from the FOX.” Cole displayed an ID card to him. “We need to see Mr Taveo, we have some questions for him.”

“Ermm,” the man frowned a bit. He stood straight for a while and stared forth and back, trying to come up with a good response. “Dr Taveo just returned a couple of minutes ago and I’m sure he would be so tired, why don’t you guys return tomorrow?”

“We need to see him tonight, we have a warrant to be here.” Cole replied him as he took out a folded paper document. He unfolded it and opened it to the man to read.

“Okay,” the man sighed. “Please come in.”

He led them into the compound and stayed to lock the gate. Then he led them to the security building by the side and quickly climbed in to relay their message to another security man inside.

They stepped out together and the other man greeted the FOX Agent.

“I do hope there’s really no problem that warrants this visit?” He questioned the agents.

“No, we only have some few questions for Mr Taveo,” Cole responded.

The security guard took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, some FOX men are here to question Mr Taveo,” he said into the phone.

“This night? Did you tell them Mr Taveo does not receive visitors at night?”

“Yes, they were told, they claim it’s urgent and they’ve got the state’s permission to visit at this hour.”

“Okay, I’ll get back to you in a minute.”

The security man turned to the agents after ending the call. “Please hold on for a minute,” he said to keep them calm.

The security man’s phone rang seventy five seconds after.

“Have you confirmed that they are FOX officers?” The voice from the end asked.

“Yes, they’ve been confirmed.”

“You can lead them in now.”


The call ended and the man led the FOX agents into the house.

Taveo was just stepping out of his room to the living room when the FOX agents stepped in. He was dressed in a night gown and looked fresh like he had just taken a shower.

“Good evening sir,” the agents greeted after the man got to the sitting area.

“Good evening Agents,” the man greeted back with a confused look. “Please have your seats.”

He watched them sit on the three seater and sat directly opposite them.

“So, how may I help you?” the man asked, looking at the agent faces one after the other.

“We only have some few questions for you sir,” Cole spoke in low tones. He got up from his seat and moved to the sofa adjacent to the man but closer.

“You may proceed with your questions,” the man breathed out and rested his back.

“It’s concerning the kidnapped Pitt Raph who is your friend,” Cole began. He took a brief pause and looked around briefly, staring at the faces of all the men standing around at the different corners of the living room. He settled his gaze on the man’s face once again. “Are you sure you want all these men staying here and listening to us?”

Taveo stared down and thought for a moment. He then looked up and made a signal to his men. Three of the men walked away, leaving only the one standing at the entrance of the hallway.

“You can talk with him around us, he knows everything about me.” Taveo told Cole.

“Okay sir, let’s start straight away.” Cole adjusted his seating position and took out his device. “Sir, how close are you with Pitt Raph?”

Taveo delayed for some seconds before replying. “Well, not too close. We are just mere businessmen who took our relationship a little beyond business.”

“What kind of businesses have you been running with Pitt Raph?”

“Pitt Raph runs no other business apart from his security firm,” Taveo replied. “He provides my security, the security systems of my houses and hotels and security for all events planned by my event management company.”

“Is there any other business with you two apart from what you just mentioned?”

Taveo squinted at his face. “None, no other business.”

“Okay, what else have you done outside business with Mr Taveo?”

“Friendship, just friendship.”

Cole paused for a while and glanced at Samantha. He turned slowly back to Taveo.

“It appears like you two are very close friends,” Cole queried.

Taveo heaved a sigh.

The questions continued for twenty more minutes and Cole deliberately made the process slower, until he got a signal from Samantha.

Samantha also glanced at Hannah and made a sign. The message from the boss had just popped in and it meant the time had come for them to execute their main plan.

“Sir, we would be working with this information and getting back to you very soon.” Cole said in conclusion to the man. “Please expect our message soon, we hope you would honour an invitation to our office if we ever do invite you.”

“Oh sure! I’ll be willing to work with you in getting back my friend,” Taveo managed to put on a smile.

Cole took out a folded piece of paper and a pen from his jacket.

“You would have to sign this sir,” he said as he got up from his seat and stepped closer to him.

The man took the A4 paper from his hand and collected the pen slowly. He was about to start looking through the content of the document when he saw a gun pointed to his chest.

The bodyguard at the entrance of the hallway quickly attempted to take out his own gun but he got a bullet in his chest before he could do anything. The shot came from Samantha.

The ladies were up on their feet already and had their guns taken out.

“Get up quickly,” Cole said to Taveo and held him by the collar to pull him up.

Some of the other men rushed again into the living room but had bullets run into their bodies from Hannah and Samantha.

Outside the house

The car was parked just behind the FOX vehicle. Henry was at the driver’s side, reloading some pistols. Dave and Wilson were at the backseat.

“Have these,” he sent two of the pistols to Dave at the back and kept two for himself.

He unlocked his phone and confirmed that his message has been read.

He turned back and stared at Wilson.

“Don’t step out of the car, we’ll be back soon.” He said to Wilson and signaled with a nod to Dave. They both stepped out of the car at the same time and walked straight to the gate. They were yet to get to the gate when they heard the first shot.

They proceeded forward quickly and Henry fired two shots at the lock of the smaller entrance of the gate, it gave way for them immediately.

They walked in quickly and split in different directions, shooting and taking down the security men that came in sight.


Vincil, Bethanna.


The vehicles sped into the compound one after the other and pulled up at the parking spaces. Jenny closed the gate quickly and locked it with the keys.

Cole and Hannah stepped out from the backseat of the first car. Cole dragged their new captive out with them.

“Treat him with respect,” Henry warned from behind with a loud voice.

Wilson and Dave also stepped out from the car behind and they all walked into the house, Jenny stepped in last and locked the door behind them.

“Take him to the dark room and lock him in until tomorrow,” Henry said to Cole who proceeded further in with their captive. Henry turned and glanced at Wilson and then settled his gaze on Jenny’s face. “Complete arrangements for Wilson to join his sister and make sure it happens tomorrow,” he instructed her before walking away.

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Nexus, Bethanna.


Kahn was still wide awake and was sitting in the living room when Hutton arrived with Pitt. He heard sounds of the car returning and knew they had arrived.

Pitt and Ahmad stepped into the living room first. Kahn raised his gaze and his eyes met with Pitt. He got up to welcome him.

“Welcome back Pitt,” he said with a forced smile, extending a handshake.

“Thank you Chairman,” Pitt replied, taking his hands in his.

Ahmad proceeded further into the house through the hallway.

“I hope you were not hurt,” Kahn asked Pitt after offering him the sofa beside him.

“No, I wasn’t touched. All they demanded was I let them contact you,” Pitt replied after taking his seat.

Hutton walked in a minute later. He walked straight to the bar and took out a bottle of wine and a glass cup. He poured some of the liquid into the cup until it was almost filled to the brim. He took the cup with him to the sitting area and sat opposite Pitt.

Kahn followed his movements with his eyes and was waiting for him to say something but Hutton was calm and did not look bothered.

“Hutton, I suggest we stop all other operations and direct our efforts into tackling Carl Winston squarely,” Kahn could no longer keep quiet.

Hutton did not answer in a hurry. He took a sip from the glass cup and let out a breath. Then he stared at Kahn’s face like he did not hear what was said earlier.

“You need to say something, we need to stop Carl from going after our men.” Kahn voiced again.

“We need to do more than stopping him going after our men,” Hutton answered after whistling under his breath for a brief moment. He seemed not bothered like Kahn. “He’s a big threat to us and needs to be stopped completely,” he added and got up to his feet immediately, holding the glass cup in his hand. He walked slowly to the bar and sat on the stool there.

“We made a mistake by not making sure he died at the first opportunity we had,” Hutton spoke again after taking another sip. His voice made it seem he felt some regrets.

Kahn got up from his seat and turned to him. “We shouldn’t be taking steps backward now, those men did their bests but Carl survived somehow. Let’s talk about finishing him completely now.”

“We should talk about the past, we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that was made then.” Hutton retorted. “Those men shot him thrice but in the wrong places, a single bullet at the right place would have rendered him completely dead.”

“I agree with you Hutton, we should make use of our next opportunity rightly.” Kahn moved to another sofa where he could see and hear Hutton from. “So, how do we get this new opportunity?”

Hutton seemed thoughtful as he poured some more wine into his cup. Kahn waited over a minute for him to speak but he made no sound.

“Well, I suggest that we call back every of our men and agents around the world and direct our fight to Carl Winston for now.”

Hutton seemed surprised by his suggestion. “We’re on a course already, we shouldn’t get distracted now. We have the right tool against him.”

“What if he abducts more of our men before we get to use that?” Kahn questioned. He seemed to be more bothered about the safety of their men than getting Carl Winston.

“We can’t avoid that completely,” Hutton replied. He got up from his stool and took some steps towards Kahn. “If we go by your suggestion, there are chances Carl Winston survives even if we’re able to stop him from causing more damage to us. But if we can withstand the little damage he’s already causing and follow the path we are on already, we would destroy him completely.”

Kahn heaved a sigh and shook his head. He could not but agree with Hutton that destroying Carl Winston completely was the best option, even if it meant allowing him to cause more damage to their men.

“All you need to do is warn our men again to stay safe. In a short while, Carl Winston would be destroyed completely.” Hutton said confidently and then gulped down the remaining contents of the cup in his hand