Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 8


“Honey, remember what the chief priest said” Kate began looking at her husband who faced the door to leave with Alex in his arms. Ellen stood behind them wondering what Kate was talking about.

“What did he say?” Jimmy asked.

“Any attempt to break the curse will cost the life of the person” Kate replied. It’s true. The evidence could be seen in the life of the doctor and that of the pastor.

Jimmy reasoned all that and confirm it true too. He looked at Alex to see the image of the late Alex in him remembering the promise he made to him too.

“No, i rather die than to watch this boy die here” he used the exit but his wife grabbed his legs in tears.

“Honey, please, don’t go out!”

“Let me die!” he forcefully went out with Alex in his arms walking towards the main road. As he walked tears dropped from his eyes. He notice his wife and Ellen following him but remained focused neglecting the stare of people and cars passing by. How would people know the reason of his tears? How would they know why a young man like Alex was carried by a man in such a manner? How would they know the reason why he chose to trek than to take a cab? How would they know their history entirely?” So bad!

Consequently, after trekking for almost an hour, an up-coming vehicle loosed control. Jimmy, Kate, Ellen and people nearby saw it and all began to shout coz it was heading to Jimmy who tried to run away from it but found himself knocked down by the vehicle. Blood splashed!

“Jim!” Kate exclaimed running to him while Ellen ran to Alex crying seriously. People gathered around. Even the driver of the vehicle came out unharmed trying to help carry them to the hospital but Mr Ethen was spotted coming with his driver too. There were actually going to Jimmy’s house after hearing the condition of Alex before they witnessed the accident.

Without wasting time, the two victims were taken to the hospital. : Inside the hospital, Kate and co weren’t allowed to enter into the ward where Alex and Jimmy were being taken care of.

Nurses ran to and fro the hospital with stainless tray in their hands. Some were seen with blood stain too. Though there was a seat along the passage but none of the people sat down, even old Ethen. All wandered around praying earnestly for a good news.

After waiting for a long time, Mr Ethen took a seat due to his old age. He tried calling his house-help to know whether his wife had returned from wherever she had gone to, but the response was negative so he sighed heavily and glanced at his wrist witch: 6:35pm. Just then, the doctor came out.

“Doctor, how are they; my husband and my son?” Kate queried in anticipation of a good news.

“Calm down, madam. They are fine” the doctor replied.

“Doctor, are you sure of what you are saying?” Mr Ethen added.

“Yes, but..” the doctor touched his jaw in confusion.

“But what?” Kate and co asked at the same time.

“There is something strange about the young man. He’s not dead neither is he alive”

“How possible is that doctor?” Ellen asked having a medical idea coz that was her field of study.

“I don’t know. His lungs is functioning but his heart is inactive” the doctor replied.

“That’s impossible, doctor. When the heart stops pumping blood to other parts of the body to regulate temperature and circulate oxygen and other materials, the body is said to be dead” Ellen challenged then the doctor looked at her dressing to see the NYSC uniform.

Without being told, he understood that she must have studied part of his field of occupation. Therefore he said,

“Actually, you are right young girl but how can you explain the functioning lungs coz the boy is still breathing?”


“Yeah, i guess it’s beyond my scope. It’s a spiritual attack. Or better still, a miracle. Let’s wait to see what happens next”

“Doctor, can we see them?” Kate queried.


When they entered inside the ward, Kate looked around after seeing her husband and son’s condition. She saw the pastor whom Jimmy called and was reported dead lying on a sick bed. She became shocked and gradually moved closer.

Mrs Regina, the pastor’s wife was sitting beside the bed with tears in her eyes when Kate drew nearer and became surprise of what she saw: the pastor’s mouth was moving saying something that nobody knows.

“I thought, he was reported dead” Kate broke the silence.

“That was mare human perspective. He was rushed to the hospital after seeing his mouth moving involuntarily. Even the doctor can’t explain the phenomenon” Mrs Regina explained.

“That’s strange” Kate concluded. Knowing her son’s condition and that of the pastor which cannot be explained by doctors, she understood that something was really happening spiritually.


Only Mrs Nancy herself knew where she was. She was in Hezas, Dave’s hometown standing before Dave skeleton’s grave with a rose flower in her hand.